A judge has finalized a $25 million dollar settlement in the Trump university class action lawsuit, paving the means for thousands of former students at the now-defunct actual estate seminar to acquire some of their money back.

Judge gunzo Curiel in the southerly District of California approved the negotiation in march 2017, but it to be delayed since one woman wanted to opt out and sue Donald trump card separately.

earlier this year, one appeals court rubbish the woman’s arguments. And also on Monday, Curiel finalized the settlement.

previous students who claim they were defrauded are now eligible for a refund of approximately 90% the the money they invested on courses.

In November 2016, just days ~ the election, Trump i agreeed to clear up three lawsuits filed against his genuine estate institution that said the regimen featured false advertisements and empty promises.

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Republican presedential candidate Donald Trump speaks during an occasion at the yearly Rolling Thunder "Ride because that Freedom" parade ahead of Memorial day in Washington, DC, on might 29, 2016. / AFP / Andrew Caballero-Reynolds (Photo credit have to read ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP/Getty Images)
trump card calls judge 'Mexican'

in spite of its name, trump card University, which ceased operations in 2010, was no a licensed university.

Trump continuously denied the fraud claims and also said the he could have won at trial, however he said that together President that did not have time due to the fact that he want to emphasis on the country.

Trump had once claimed Curiel might not it is in impartial in the situation due come his mexican heritage. In ~ the appeals hearing critical November, one of President Trump’s attorneys claimed the chairman had changed his opinion the Curiel, citing the “textbook instance of a district court properly administering a settlement.”

brand-new York Attorney general Eric Schneiderman, who office filed among the three lawsuits, claimed of the last settlement: “This settlement significant a stunning reversal by chairman Trump, who for years refused to compensate the victim of his sham university. “

audioeditorfree.com’s Patricia DiCarlo and Curt Devine contributed to this report.

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