It’s difficult to think about man’s best friend might ever pose a risk to anyone you love. However, if you dig right into the study of dog bite statistics, the alarming number tell a complicated but clean story.

Dog bites can selection from friendly, playful nips to gnarly and also unexpected attacks and also often an outcome in hospital visits. 

These bites have the right to be traumatic because that young children and also deadly because that the elderly. Plus, dogs bring diseases and also infections that can make it daunting for wounds to heal properly. So, being mindful of the risk is important. 

Fortunately, dog injuries room neither the biggest reason of hospitalizations in the united state nor a far-ranging cause the deaths. Top top the other hand, with the growing number of dogs in household households, our role in avoiding potential strikes is a crucial component. Knowing the statistics and also facts gives us the tools we require to face the issue head one. 

So, if you have actually been bitten through a dog or merely want the answers to few of your dog bite questions, we’ve compiled the many recent information for you. 

Top 10 Dog Bite Statistics

1. 1 in 118,776 Odds of dice from a Dog Bite

The odds of dice from a dog assault in the United says are much more likely 보다 from a lightning strike or flying on one airplane. You’re much more likely to die from a automobile accident, choking, an inadvertently firearm discharge, or, surprisingly, a hornet, wasp, or bee sting. (1) 

2. Fourth Deadliest creature on Earth

Dogs are the fourth deadliest creature on earth. Looking in ~ the median annual number of worldwide deaths, a Statista report shows dogs reason 35,000 person deaths annually (behind #1 mosquitoes, #2 humans, and also #3 snakes). (2) 

3. 89.7 Million Dogs as Pets

The variety of dogs retained as pets in the us as that 2017-2018 (3)

4. 4.7 Million Suffer

The number of individuals who experienced from dog bites annually. This is the last and most quoted counting from a 1994 CDC report (4). More recently, according to a randomized survey performed from 2001-2003, an approximated 4.521 million experienced from dog bites each year. (5)

5. 885,000 Dog Bite victim Requiring clinical Attention

The variety of dog bite victim from the exact same 2001-2003 research cited above that required medical attention. (5)

6. 344,202 Emergency Room Visits

The many recent 2018 yearly count of emergency room visits for dog bites. The bulk of those (31,552 or ) were experienced by 5 to 9-year-olds. (6) 

7. 9,415 extended Hospital stays for Dog Bite Injuries

 The 2018 counting of hospitalized victims of dog bite injuries. Nobody of the people requiring extended hospitalization to be younger 보다 25 year old. (6)

8. 26% that Dog Bite Fatalities Were kids 0-2

 The highest percent of deadly dog assaults were victims aged 0-2 years according to a 13-year period. This study from DogsBite.org is a inspection of reported united state dog fatalities (2005-2017). (7)

9. 900+ day-to-day ER Visits

 The average number of daily emergency room visits due to dog bite injuries. (8)

10. 30-50 us Deaths

Dog Bite Statistics 2020 by Breed, Bites, Attacks, and More 

11. 46+ Breeds connected with deadly Attacks

Over 46 breeds are linked with fatal strikes since 2016, consisting of Akita, Boxer, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, gigantic Schnauzer, Husky, Labrador Retriever, Mastiff, Pitbull-Type, Rottweiler, and also many various other breeds and also mixes. (10)

Top 10 many Fatal Dog each other Table
BreedDeaths% of Total
Pit bull28465.6%
German shepherd204.6%
American bulldog153.5%
Labrador retriever92.1%

Based on 2005-2017 data – data source

Which dog breeds space the many dangerous? 

A typical question once it pertains to dog bites is:

Which breeds space the many dangerous?

The AVMA or American Veterinary clinical Association conducted an detailed literature review to analysis existing researches on dog bites and serious injuries. Their findings suggest that over there is no solitary breed that stands out as the most dangerous

According to your review, studies suggest breed is not a reputable marker or predictor of dangerous behavior in dogs. Much better and much more reliable indicators encompass owner behavior, training, sex, neuter status, dog’s place (urban vs. Rural), and also even varying ownership trends over the pass of time or geographical location. 

For example, they note that regularly pit bull-type dogs room reported in severe and fatal attacks. However, the factor is likely not pertained to the breed. Instead, that is likely because they are kept in certain high-risk neighborhoods and also likely owned by people who might use them because that dog fights or have involvement in criminal or violent acts. 

Therefore, pit bulls with aggressive habits are a reflection of their experiences.

Which dog each other bite the most? 

According to research released in February 2019 analyzing dog bite injuries to the face, dog from 66-100 pounds with short, broad heads space most most likely to bite. 

The study contains a testimonial of literature from 1970 to the current day. Your research indicates that the peak 6 breeds that space reported together with bite injuries are:

“Unknown” Pit BullMixed BreedGerman ShepherdTerrierRottweiler

It’s worth noting the these are based on reported biting. Frequently victims are much less likely to report bites or assaults by smaller or medium-sized dogs due to the fact that the damage isn’t as severe. 

However, that doesn’t average smaller breeds are much less likely come bite. 

So take care and also watch out for indications of aggression nevertheless of the dog’s breed! 

In fact: 

12. 75.5% that Dog Bite Fatalities accomplish 4 of 7 characterized Criteria

According come an analysis of data indigenous 2000-2015 by the national Canine research Council, there space 7 controllable factors pertained to dog bite fatalities. In dog bite fatalities reported over the 15 year period, 75.5% were discovered to have 4 or an ext of the adhering to criteria (11):

No various other person roughly to interference → 86.9%The victim had no relationship with the dog → 83.7%The dog was not neutered or spayed → 77.9%The endangered physical ability of victim → 68.7%The dog is retained as a resides dog rather than a household pet → 70.4%Mismanagement of the dog → 39.3%Owner’s abuse or disregard of dog → 20.6%

13. 70.4% of Dog Bite Fatalities to be Not household Pets

Along with the national Canine research Council’s data examine cited above, 70.4% of dog bite-related fatalities indigenous 2000-2015 were not family pets. (11)

14. 243 Bites in Indianapolis by Police dogs Alone

A national analysis of police dog bites indigenous 2017-2019 discovered that Indianapolis police dogs have a higher incidence that biting. 

Of the 243 bites, IndyStar reported the 159 to be unarmed or non-violent, if 84 were likely armed and also considered violent.

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For comparison, over there are about 28.3 bites because that each 100,000 city inhabitants in Indianapolis, while in Los Angeles, over there are around 5.3 police dog strikes for every 100,000 residents. (12)

15. 5,803 USPS Employees attacked in 2019

Every year the USPS releases a report detailing the number of attacks report by their letter carriers.

The great news is the numbers have actually consistently fallen in the previous two years, meaning that dog security precautions room increasing.

The report includes the top 20 cities v the most attacks. Number one is Houston, TX, v 85 yearly mail transport attacks. In the 2nd place, Los Angeles with 74 yearly attacks in 2019.

16. 66% of deadly Dog Bite Deaths caused by Pit Bulls

Dogsbite.org conducted a review of complete deaths caused by dog in the critical 15 years. From their data collection, they discovered 346 that 521 deaths to be from pit bull attacks.

Rottweilers comprised 10%, followed by German Shepherds, mixed-breed, American Bulldog, Mastiffs, and also Huskies.

It’s worth noting, fatal assaults only represent a small section of dog injuries to humans. (13)

17. 87.4% that Pit Bulls happen the American Temperament Test

According to the American Temperament tests Society, countless of the top breeds frequently thought of together dangerous regularly consistently do well in your testing. Even those considered dangerous or wild by most civilization often perform incredibly well.

The Temperament test observes and measures temperament indicators such as stability, friendliness, protectiveness, shyness, and aggressiveness.

87.4% of the 931 American Pit Bull Terriers the tested pass the test. Their outcomes are comparable to Collies (80.8% the 896 dogs), German Shepherds (85.3% that 3383), and even greater than gold Retrievers (85.6% of 813). (14)

According to the existing testing data available, the lowest scoring each other is the bearded Collie v a 56.9% pass rate. It’s worth noting that only 51 mustache Collies have actually taken the test.

18. Dog Bites cause 26% that Animal-Related Injuries

According to data taken native a 5-year period of 6,457,534 emergency room visits brought about by animal-related injuries, 26% were brought about by dog bites. This examine looked in ~ data indigenous the us population.

Dog bites were second only come bites indigenous non-venomous arthropods (41%). (15)

19. 50 says Prohibit arranged Dog Fighting

In all 50 us states, arranged dogfighting is thought about a felony, and also even being a spectator in ~ a dogfight is illegal.

Dogfighting is a violent and also very rewarding underground market. That is a sad life for a dog. Dogs are raised isolated and chained. Their ears are often cropped, and tails cut off. If you suspect that someone is illegally raising dogs because that dog fighting purposes, it’s vital to report this type of activity. 

The fact is that also though dogfighting is illegal in many countries roughly the world, there is tho a dogfighting society that thrives. Pet cruelty is specifically what leads to wild dogs and even human fatalities. 

20. 1960 – risk of Dogs delivering Rabies drastically Decreases

The CDC’s Morbidity and also Mortality Weekly Report accumulated rabies reports native an 81 year period: 1938-2018. 

Their job-related uncovered the while rabies make a an excellent risk because that the US population for plenty of years, after ~ 1960, this risk substantially decreased. 

Thanks to rabies vaccinations, the hazard of rabies infections in human beings from dog (in the US) has all yet vanished. 

At present, the risk of rabies as a cause of death, particularly human death, is primarily from rabid bats or dog imported from nations with a high danger for rabies. (16)

21. 20,000 come 40,000 year of domestic Dogs

In July 2019, Stony Brook University published a study giving insight right into the beginning of our modern dogs. 

Their occupational revealed the DNA results of primitive dogs native Germany. The findings? 

The ancestors the our modern-day dogs likely were gray wolves. 

Scientists supplied the genomes of an ancient European dog, the oldest known remains. Just how old? 7,000 years old! 

Their work-related “narrowed” the exact duration of domestication come somewhere in between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago. (17)

Dog Bite insurance claims Statistics indigenous 2019-2020

Since we space approaching the 90 million number for pet dogs in the US, it’s no surprise that countless individuals invest in insurance allowance coverage for your canine pets. Because that many, dog are additional family members!

While insurance involves for pet owners are often based upon pet health, it’s vital to take into consideration the damage dogs can cause. Insurance carriers are well aware of these varieties of damages. That’s due to the fact that they experience great losses if master they cover have a dog that bites.

While homeowners and also renters insurance policies do commonly cover dog bite liability, dog bite injury insurance claims can be costly for them. So, more and an ext insurance providers uncover loopholes to evade these situations or also require individuals to authorize “dog bite waivers.”

Insurance info Institute and also State Farm recently released your 2019 report. Right here are the huge numbers come know:

22. $796.8 Million Paid

In 2019, homeowner insurers paid out $797 million come cover dog bite and also dog-related injury claims.

That’s a most money. It’s a lot of money specialized to just 17,802 dog bite claims nationwide.

To placed it in perspective, 796,800,000 million dollars might buy anyone in the us (about 328.2 million) a high brewed Starbucks coffee.

23 $44,760: Average cost per insurance claim Nationwide.

Dog bites can cause severe clinical injuries and disabilities. They can also cause emotional and also economic distress because that the individual and the family.

Courts keep countless factors in mind once determining the loss incurred. The truth is, dog bites are really traumatic events and can easily price victims innumerable losses, consisting of medical, physical, economic, psychological, and also more.

In California, the average price per insurance claim is contempt more: $51,264.

The state through the highest possible average expense per claim is brand-new York State in ~ $55,801.

24. 2,396 insurance claims in California in 2019

California is the us state through the highest number of dog bite cases in 2019.

While the gold State might not be the location with the greatest percentage the dog owners (according come this data survey, Arkansas ranking #1 for family members with dogs), that does have a city with more dogs than children.

According come a 2016 survey, there were an estimated 150,000 dog in mountain Francisco and also only 120,000 youngsters (under 18).

25. Past Claims: 2002 California Murder and Manslaughter Conviction

In 2002 a young mrs was attacked and killed in her very own apartment hallway by she neighbor’s dogs.

The sad truth is that even within close proximity of our homes, others’ pets deserve to pose a threat.

California court tried and also convicted the dog owners, a woman, and also her husband. They to be charged with murder and manslaughter, respectively.

Coronavirus & Dog Bites

26. 300% rise in Dog Bites Injuries per 1000 Emergency room Patients

According come a recent report, dog bites in youngsters surged during and following the Coronavirus Stay-at-Home stimulate in Colorado.

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This is likely because of increased emotional household tensions. Not just are human being pet-owners stressed, however the dogs pick up on that stress.

How to defend yourself native dog bites?

Dog actions is regularly predicted through the dog owner or the experiences the the dog has actually lived through. Numerous dogs have been abused or neglected in part way. These room the types of dogs the bite or attack. 

We can’t prevent stressing the prestige of always exercising caution roughly dogs you nothing know. 

If a dog seems threatening, stop eye contact, and also remain calm. Don’t encourage dog to attack. Dog that are startled, sick, or injured are more likely to attack. Rather of approaching castle or relocating them, it’s better to contact someone that can administer the suitable care. 

Luckily, our local governments frequently have constraints in ar to keep inhabitants safe. 

Some city laws have prohibited, or limited ownership of specific breeds, an especially pit bulls or other dogs bred for weapons. Plus, certain codes such as 17 California code of regulations 2606 requires doctors to report dog bites. So, if any kind of dog bites you, make certain you watch a doctor—that way, the event is documented and also properly reported. 

While specific statistics may indicate that one breed is an ext dangerous than another, the fact is that it really simply depends. When it involves an unfamiliar dog, how can you know if they’ve been abused or space untrained?

The bottom line is that any dog has actually the potential to attack and also cause major injuries. 

So, if you’ve been bitten by a dog and also have significant injuries, make certain to gain the suitable medical treatment as quickly as possible.