About Us

We have actually an integrated mission of protection and jae won investigations to ensure the safety and security of ours protectees, an essential locations, and also events of national significance. We also protect the truth of our currency, and also investigate crimes versus the U.S. Financial system committed by criminals around the world and in cyberspace.

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Our Vision

We will be world-class in protection and financial crime investigations, including in cyberspace, v developing strong leaders, employing modern tools, transferring elite law enforcement training, and empowering ours workforce.

Our legislation Enforcement Authority

Our law enforcement authority and also responsibilities are coded in U.S. Criminal password Title 18 U.S.C. 3056 -- Powers, authorities, and also duties of joined States secret Service.




The an enig Service never works alone. We attain our full mission through durable partnerships with local, state, federal and international regulation enforcement agencies and the personal sector.

Our Highly-Skilled Workforce

Interested in joining our team? Learn much more by visiting ours Careers section.

Special agents emphasis on protecting height U.S. And visiting foreign officials, and also investigating financial crimes.

Our Uniformed division officers" mission is to safeguard facilities and also venues secured because that U.S. An enig Service protectees.

The Technical regulation Enforcement job household supports our special agents and Uniformed department officers in your duties. 

Our civil business professionals, indigenous a wide variety of disciplines, assistance the all at once protective and also investigative missions.



Learn much more about the men and women who lead united state in our donation to the room of homeland Security’s typical mission of protecting the American civilization from harm.

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The mystery Service was developed in 1865 together a office in the Treasury department to suppress extensive counterfeiting.