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The RLS surveys much more than 35,000 american from all 50 states about their spiritual affiliations, beliefs and practices, and social and political views.User guide | Report around demographics | Report about beliefs and attitudes

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Explore spiritual groups in the U.S. By tradition, family and also denomination

Evangelical Protestant25.4%Baptist family (Evangelical Trad.)9.2%Missionary Baptist (Evangelical Trad.)Conservative Baptist combination of AmericaFree will BaptistGeneral combination of continuous Baptist ChurchesOther Baptist (Evangelical Trad.)1.0%Methodist family (Evangelical Trad.)Nondenominational family members (Evangelical Trad.)4.9%Nondenominational Christian (Evangelical Trad.)Community Church (Evangelical Trad.)Other Nondenominational (Evangelical Trad.)1.2%Lutheran family (Evangelical Trad.)1.5%Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran SynodOther Lutheran (Evangelical Trad.)0.3%Presbyterian household (Evangelical Trad.)0.8%Other Presbyterian (Evangelical Trad.)0.4%Pentecostal family (Evangelical Trad.)3.6%Foursquare ChurchPentecostal Church of GodPentecostal Holiness ChurchCalvary ChapelApostolic Pentecostal (Evangelical Trad.)Nondenominational Pentecostal (Evangelical Trad.)Church the God that the Apostolic FaithOther Pentecostal (Evangelical Trad.)1.1%Episcopalian/Anglican household (Evangelical Trad.)Restorationist family (Evangelical Trad.)1.6%Christian Churches and Churches of ChristOther Restorationist (Evangelical Trad.)Congregationalist family (Evangelical Trad.)Conservative Congregational Christian ConferenceOther Congregationalist (Evangelical Trad.)Holiness household (Evangelical Trad.)0.7%Wesleyan ChurchFree Methodist ChurchChristian and also Missionary AllianceChurch the God (Anderson, Indiana)Other Holiness (Evangelical Trad.)Reformed household (Evangelical Trad.)Christian Reformed ChurchOther Reformed (Evangelical Trad.)Adventist household (Evangelical Trad.)0.6%Other Adventist (Evangelical Trad.)Anabaptist family (Evangelical Trad.)0.3%Pietist family (Evangelical Trad.)Other evangelical/fundamentalist family (Evangelical Trad.)0.3%Nonspecific Protestant household (Evangelical Trad.)1.5%Mainline Protestant14.7%Baptist household (Mainline Trad.)2.1%Other Baptist (Mainline Trad.)0.6%Methodist family members (Mainline Trad.)3.9%Other Methodist (Mainline Trad.)0.3%Nondenominational family (Mainline Trad.)1.0%Other Nondenominational (Mainline Trad.)0.7%Lutheran family members (Mainline Trad.)2.1%Other Lutheran (Mainline Trad.)0.7%Presbyterian family members (Mainline Trad.)1.4%Other Presbyterian (Mainline Trad.)0.5%Episcopalian/Anglican household (Mainline Trad.)1.2%Other Episcopalian/Anglican (Mainline Trad.)Restorationist family members (Mainline Trad.)0.3%Disciples that ChristOther Restorationist (Mainline Trad.)Congregationalist family members (Mainline Trad.)0.5%Other Congregationalist (Mainline Trad.)Reformed family (Mainline Trad.)Reformed Church in AmericaOther Reformed (Mainline Trad.)Anabaptist family members (Mainline Trad.)Friends family members (Mainline Trad.)Nonspecific Protestant family (Mainline Trad.)1.9%Historically black Protestant6.5%Baptist family (Historically black color Protestant Trad.)4.0%Progressive Baptist Convention0.3%Independent Baptist (Historically black color Protestant Trad.)Missionary Baptist (Historically black Protestant Trad.)0.3%Other Baptist (Historically black Protestant Trad.)1.8%Methodist household (Historically black color Protestant Trad.)0.5%African Methodist Episcopal Zion ChurchChristian Methodist Episcopal ChurchOther Methodist (Historically black Protestant Trad.)Pentecostal family (Historically black color Protestant Trad.)1.0%Apostolic Pentecostal (Historically black Protestant Trad.)United Pentecostal Church InternationalOther Pentecostal (Historically black color Protestant Trad.)0.3%Holiness family (Historically black Protestant Trad.)Nonspecific Protestant family members (Historically black Protestant Trad.)0.4%Mormon1.6%Other MormonOrthodox Christian0.5%Greek OrthodoxRussian OrthodoxOrthodox Church in AmericaOther Orthodox ChristianOther Christian0.4%Metaphysical FamilySpiritualistUnity ChurchOther Metaphysical Christian ("Other Christian" Trad.)Others in the "Other Christian" TraditionNon-Christian Faiths 5.9%Other world Religions0.3%Other Faiths1.5%Unitarians and also other liberal faiths in the "Other Faiths" Tradition1.0%HumanistDeistEclectic, a little bit of everything, "I have actually my very own beliefs"Other in the "Unitarian and other for free faiths" familyNew Age0.4%Pagan or Wiccan0.3%Other in the new Age familyNative American ReligionsNothing in particular15.8%Don"t recognize 0.6%