Easter is practically here, and that method Peeps, those small marshmallow chicks and bunnies, will be adorning Easter baskets everywhere. Here are some fun facts about these well-known Easter treats.

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10 fun Facts around Marshmallow Peeps

1. Peeps were when made through hand, and also it took about 27 hrs to develop (because the marshmallow had to cool). Now, with modern-day equipment, that takes around six minutes.

2. The an initial Peeps had wings! The candy’s manufacturer wanted to update their look, however, for this reason the wings were “clipped.”

3. The very first color was yellow—and yellow is still the most renowned color. Yellow was followed by orange, pink, lavender, green, and blue.

4. According to the just Born liquid Company, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the device of Peeps, enough are developed each year the if lock were all lined up, the line would certainly circle the earth twice.

5. They also come in all sorts that shapes, including bunnies, Valentine’s hearts, and Halloween pumpkins. Also though various other shapes are available, the timeless chick is by far the most popular.

6. The machine that renders Peeps, the Depositor, has remained the same for much more than 50 years—and the recipe there is no changed, either. They room still made simply as they always were, through a mixture of liquid and granulated sugars, corn syrup, gelatin, and vanilla.

7. They space the most famous non-chocolate Easter candy—and they’ve sat at the height of the list for more than twenty years. Every spring, an ext than 1.5 exchange rate marshmallow Peeps room eaten.

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8. Every chick has actually just 28 calories and is fat-free.

9. In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, wherein Peeps to be born, the tradition is so big that for brand-new Year’s Eve, the locals drop a huge Peep instead of a ball!

10. Surveys display that nearly two-thirds of civilization who eat Peeps bite the heads off first — yet that’s not the only way to eat one. Other means to eat them encompass letting them gain stale first, microwaving them, freezing them, or placing them top top pizza!

Fun Fact: the simply Born liquid Company, device of Peeps, additionally invented “Jimmies” (some call them sprinkles), called after the employee who made them!

Not anyone is a fan of Peeps

Not anyone likes Peeps, however. “Haters” to speak they’re too sweet and also have an uncomfortable texture. There are Facebook groups specialized to hating them, and also the hashtag #PeepsMassacre deserve to be uncovered on Instagram, tagging picture of Peeps conference their demise. It’s a hotly debated topic. What around you? Love ’em or loathe ’em? Tell us in the comments below!