Dick Higgins has actually made that a allude to honor a promise that Pearl harbor survivors hold close to their hearts: to remember what taken place that day and also those who passed away in the hail of death yielded by Japanese warplanes on an otherwise quiet Sunday morning in Hawaii.

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The room in the quiet residence on Harvard place in bend is complete of memories, but when prick Higgins needs aid bringing the oldest ones right into focus, he’ll regularly grab a magnifying glass.

At 100, Higgins won’t let himself forget exactly how he made it through the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. He has surrounded himself with handwritten notes, books and black-and-white photographs at a table in the home he shares v his granddaughter and also her family.

His hand shakes as he stop the magnifying glass come a logbook he used as a 20-year-old navy radio operator in Pearl Harbor. He turns his attention to a adjacent stack of background books around the assault full the his written descriptions in the margins. One note reminds Higgins of just how he sought cover under a airplane filled v 1,500 gallons the fuel. The airplane could have quickly exploded.

Higgins has actually made the a suggest to respect a promise that Pearl harbor survivors host close to their hearts: to remember what happened that day and those who passed away in the hail the death yielded by Japanese warplanes on one otherwise quiet Sunday morning in Hawaii.

As long as his household can remember, Higgins has worn the cap the identifies his naval squadron, VP-22, and is embroidered with the native “Pearl harbor Survivor.” over there are seven pins top top the cap, consisting of one the reads, “Remember Pearl Harbor.”

People an alert the ballcap when they check out Higgins in a grocery store store, in ~ a restaurant or top top the streets of Bend. He constantly stops come share his story, simply as the did 15 years earlier when he was president of the Pearl port Survivors Association chapter in Orange County, California. Ago then, he regularly spoke to schoolchildren around the attack.

The critical time Higgins was at Pearl Harbor was on Dec. 7, 2016, once there to be three well-known survivors living in Bend. Now he is the only one.

The various other survivor in main Oregon is 99-year-old Marvin Emmarson, that Sisters, who served in the Navy during the attack.

Ever because his expedition in 2016, Higgins has actually vowed to to visit Tuesday’s awareness honoring the 80th anniversary that the attack. The great-grandfather isn’t planning an additional trip. His family knows he has actually longevity in his veins, yet the fact is that if Higgins lives to watch the 85th anniversary, he will certainly be too frail to travel.

For the centenarian to stand on the edge of the harbor this week, in ~ the location where his life was cemented into history, is a minute that will never take place again.

“I want to reminisce and see the beach down there again,” Higgins said. “I’ll try to number the details of the day and honor the human being who shed their lives.”

Going earlier to Pearl port honors the dead that never acquired a opportunity to live the kind of complete life survivors did. In the year after the attack, Higgins sought a job in radio engineering, got married and also raised 2 children. In the 1960s, he briefly ran a Winchell’s Donut residence in southern California. Today, he has actually two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, who are all accompanying the on the expedition back.

All the males in Higgins’ barracks survived the attack. But Higgins still experienced the damage that killed 2,390 Americans.

Higgins offered in a 130-member squadron and also was assigned come a trip crew together a 2nd class radioman ~ above Ford Island in the facility of Pearl Harbor. He often flew on objectives in PBY Catalina amphibious aircraft.

The devastation sticks through the survivors. Part have even returned after ~ death, their ashes interred through divers top top the sunken hull the the battleship USS Arizona, i m sorry lies ~ above the port bottom listed below a gleaming white memorial. An ext than 900 Arizona crewmen stay entombed in the ship.

Emily Pruett, a spokesperson for the Pearl Harbor national Memorial, whose great-uncle survived the attack, stated the survivors room living links to that era.

Their an ideas to return inspired the national Park organization to hold an 80th anniversary event, despite the complications created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pruett said. Critical year’s anniversary was done virtually as result of the virus.

Pruett expects Tuesday’s ceremony to host between 150 come 250 civilization War II veterans, including around 40 Pearl harbor survivors. Their visibility is particularly meaningful because for many, it will certainly be their last visit. The youngest Pearl harbor survivors today space 98.

Their attendance is exceptional for another reason. No more than 75 survivors room thought to it is in alive, claimed Kathleen Farley, the California thing president with Sons and also Daughters the Pearl harbor Survivors.

Farley said the an initial ceremony at Pearl port was hosted in 1966 to mark the 25th anniversary the the attack. Prior to then, the Pearl harbor Survivors Association developed in 1958 and held a reunion Dec. 7, 1960, in ~ Disneyland. The association disbanded in 2011, because of the survivors getting older, leave Sons and also Daughters chapters to save the memory alive. Today, there room 13 chapters in 12 states.

Farley, a retired high college teacher indigenous Concord, California, has worked with the Sons and also Daughters group for more than 30 years. She has committed her life to preserving the heritage of those who fought and died the day. She father, John. J. Farley, was aboard the USS California during the attack. He endured for one reason.

Farley went ago to Pearl Harbor v her father because that the 50th anniversary in 1991, and again every 5 years till her father’s fatality in 2007. She has actually gone earlier every year because to honor him.

“I have heard from countless survivors the they will go back to Pearl harbor on Dec. 7 to be the voice that the survivors that didn’t do it,” Farley said.

For many of the critical 80 years, the Pearl harbor survivors have returned to mark each anniversary. They joined diplomats, admirals and presidents. They lugged memories to share and also children — and later, grandchildren — come share lock with.

The 50th anniversary drew much more than 2,000 survivors, that were feted through a parade with the streets of Waikiki. Time has thinned their ranks, however.

By 2016, an estimated 300 survivors went back for the 75th anniversary. Around 15 arrived in 2018 and a dozen the following year.

Their annual pilgrimage has been called a last hurrah for numerous decades, yet it may ultimately be true in 2021.


Dick Higgins (left) v a friend at marine training camp in 1939.

His an initial trip ago was in 1991 through his so late wife, Winnie Ruth Higgins, to note the 50th anniversary of the attack.

He went ago five years later, and also he to be there for the 60th anniversary, much less than 3 months after the terrorist strikes on Sept. 11, 2001. Around 800 Pearl port Survivors changed that year and the existence of an approximated 600 brand-new Yorkers — police, firefighters and their families — connected both surprised attacks.

“When the planes entered the towers i was really ticked off,” Higgins recalled. “Very familiar feeling to Pearl Harbor.”

When he traveled to Hawaii to mark the 65th anniversary in 2006, he wanted to see where he to be stationed ~ above Ford Island. It have the right to be got to by bridge yet is not open up to civilian traffic.

Higgins and other survivors were invited to the island because that a tour of the freshly opened Pearl port Aviation Museum. He went through his granddaughter’s husband, Ryan Norton.

The 2 strayed away from the tourism to visit the website of a hangar provided by Higgins’ squadron that was destroyed in the attack. Yet they wandered too much from the tour and missed the bus earlier to their hotel.

At the moment, one officer stepped the end of a adjacent building, reasoning Higgins and Norton to be trespassing.

“He looks at grandpa and says, ‘Stay there,’” stated Norton, a 46-year-old loan officer in Bend. “He went ago inside and we assumed we to be in trouble.”

Instead, having actually realized Higgins was a Pearl harbor survivor, the officer lugged six seafarers to accomplish him. The sailors were no older 보다 Higgins was when he to be serving in Hawaii. Castle gathered roughly to hear Higgins’ story.

“It was really so cool to watch these men listen and also grandpa describing exactly what happened,” Norton said. “They stayed with us for an hour.”

Every trip ago to Pearl Harbor renders Higgins feel prefer royalty. On other trips, Higgins was quit for photographs v people, has actually signed autographs and also met strangers who offered to pay because that his dinner.

He accepts the attention, but only as lot as his humble nature will allow. After ~ all, he and the various other survivors didn’t choose their role in history.

“It felt nice that they to be honoring us,” Higgins recalled. “We were just doing what we were an alleged to be doing.”

Higgins smiles whenever the calls self a survivor. And he’s not always referring come Pearl Harbor. He’s gone to the head of other major moments in American History. In the 1930s, he overcame a childhood in the Dust bowl and good Depression. Last year, that beat COVID-19 once he to be 99.

And 3 weeks prior to the trip, Higgins to be briefly hospitalized in Bend, suffering from pneumonia symptoms.

He to be born July 24, 1921, near the tiny town of Mangum, Oklahoma. His parents, Ernest and Lula Elizabeth Higgins, were farmers who grew cotton, corn, and grain and also often struggled to do ends meet.

“The dust come rolling in top top the ground,” Higgins said. “Street lights came on roughly noontime since it was so dark.”

Higgins saw high college in a course of 13 students. After school, he operated in a cap factory and also dreamed that a better life. In December 1939, Higgins enlisted in the Navy and was assigned to an air station in san Diego, wherein he witnessed the ocean for the very first time. He was 18.

Higgins couldn’t believe his luck as soon as he to be assigned to Pearl port in October 1940. Life in Honolulu was like visiting a remote paradise. He spent his cost-free time bodysurfing turn off the coast of Waikiki, laying ~ above the coast to acquire a suntan and flirting with girls in ~ a regional malt shop. He even tried surfing once.

“Those points would revolve you every method but loose,” Higgins stated of speak a surfboard. “I make the efforts that and I couldn’t execute it. I was no a good swimmer.”

Higgins made friends through the men in his squadron, and also they would remain out late exploring the island. But they had actually to be earlier by midnight. They dubbed it your “Cinderella liberty.”

One evening, Higgins and a girlfriend took the end a watercraft in the harbor and also invited some girls to join them.

The strike on Pearl Harbor began when Japanese plane dropped out of the skies over Oahu in ~ 7:55 a.m., the exact same moment yearly that the base falls silent and those gathered there pause to reflect ~ above the rage unleashed the day.

For virtually two hrs that Sunday, Japanese bombers and also torpedo planes yielded blow after blow, and also not only at Pearl Harbor, but throughout Oahu. When they had finished, boils that fire and black smoke increased over the harbor, and also the U.S. Pacific fleet had actually been severely crippled.

Higgins wake up up that morning come the sound of Japanese warplanes overhead. He to be ordered to continue to be in his barracks during the very first wave of the attack. Higgins’ commanders then sent out his squadron come the airfield to salvage as countless airplanes together possible.

“We finally got down to the hangar and also started moving planes around to obtain them away from the ones the were ~ above fire,” Higgins said. “When they explode, they litter gas end the others.”

Higgins was spanned in ash and oil as he relocated planes top top the airfield. He worked nonstop and didn’t return to his barracks for three days.

He to be assigned to conserving planes rather than people, so he was spared the trauma of watching his partner die. Other survivors room left through the unstable memories of seeing friends disappear into the water.

“They observed it all day,” said Angela Norton, Higgins’ granddaughter. “He was the end there working and trying to get everything back to rather normal for them to have the ability to get out and start a war.”

Norton, 44, is her grandfather’s primary caregiver since he relocated in v her family members in 2015. She watches end him together with her 7-year-old son, Josiah, and 2-year-old daughter, Noelle. She listens to she grandfather’s stories and takes videos the him for his Instagram account, whereby he shares the history of his life.

In recent years, on the anniversary the the Pearl harbor attack, Norton leads her grand to the frozen coast of the Deschutes flow for the yearly ceremony in ~ Brooks Park in Bend. Norton has actually made it she mission to satisfy Higgins’ dream of returning for the 80th anniversary.

At some suggest on Tuesday, probably after the ceremony in ~ Kilo Pier, Higgins and also his family will make the quick walk come the shore of Pearl harbor and adopt the storage one more time.

It is heritage to litter a flower lei right into the water close to the USS Arizona Memorial. Fifty percent of the dead in ~ Pearl Harbor to be on the battleship.

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