Here’s a running perform of the football player who have said they won’t attend. For this reason far, no one has said castle will.

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The sporting activities franchise most willing to associate itself through President Donald trump is top top top once again. The new England Patriots to win the Los Angeles Rams through a boring 13-3 success in Super bowl 53 — making it the sixth Lombardi Trophy because that the team because Tom Brady took the reins at quarterback in 2001.

A year ago, the Philadelphia Eagles were disinvited native the White house after a laughably tiny contingent of players planned to make the quick trip come Washington. The golden State Warriors have skipped the classic trip come the White home after their wins in the NBA Finals the last 2 seasons.

You should expect to view the Patriots there, though. Many of them, at least.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has dubbed Trump a friend. Coach bill Belichick created a letter come Trump in 2016 that claimed he hope the “election outcomes will provide the opportunity to make America good again.” A “Make America great Again” hat was spotted in Brady’s locker —although, the quarterback didn’t attend the White home trip in 2017 due to “personal family matters,” or in 2015 once President Barack Obama was still in office.

The Patriots didn’t hesitate come visit the White home when they winner Super key 51, and Trump has currently said that expects them ago again this year. Yet not every Patriots player do the trip two years ago, and also there are already a couple of members that the team who have said lock bowing out.

We’ll save updating the list of the football player who have said they will and won’t to the White House.

Patriots football player who have actually said they won’t attend

Feb. 4: security Duron Harmon

Free safety and security Duron Harmon hadn’t even left the parking lot at Mercedes-Benz Stadium as soon as he was approached by a TMZ reporter and also asked around a visit come the White House.

“Nah, they don’t desire me in the White House,” Harmon said.

Harmon stated he’d quite follow the Warriors’ lead and also visit Obama instead.

Feb. 4: defensive backs Jason McCourty and also Devin McCourty

Devin McCourty was among the first to announce he wouldn’t visit the White home after the Patriots’ super Bowl success in 2017.

“Basic factor for me is ns don’t feel embraced in the White House,” McCourty told Time magazine two years ago. “With the president having so many solid opinions and also prejudices ns believe specific people can feel welcomed there while others won’t.

So it’s no surprising that he no going in 2019 either.

According to the Associated Press, both of the pair brothers who play in the brand-new England an additional have opted versus the visit.

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Jason McCourty to be traded to the Patriots in march 2018 after ~ spending the 2017 season through the Browns and also the an initial eight periods of his career through the Titans. Super key 53 was his very first Super bowl appearance.