Royal Caribbean has a track document of structure the largest cruise pearls in the world. In 2009, that was royal Caribbean’s Allure the the Seas. In 2015, it to be Allure’s sister ship, Harmony of the Seas. Now, it’s the Symphony that the Seas cruise ship, constructed in 2018.

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Symphony that the Seas Stats

Gross Tonnage:228,081Passenger Capacity:5,518Passenger Decks:16Crew Members:2,200Length:1,188 FeetEntered Service:2018

If you’re thinking of walking on a cruise in the close to future, even if it is you’re a first-time cruiser or one old pro, and you desire the biggest and also the best, girlfriend can’t walk wrong through a Symphony that the Seas cruise.

The ship is only a couple of years old, so it boasts several of the latest and also greatest tech, amenities and also other features, and, the course, with every one of that space, you can definitely find plenty come do and enjoy, no issue what sort of traveler you space or what type of entertainment catches your interest.

Intrigued? Here’s everything you should know about Royal Caribbean’s Symphony the the Seas.

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5. Suites and VIP Accommodations7. Specialty Dining Options

1. How huge is Symphony the the Seas?

When you’re talk the greatest cruise delivery in the world, how big are you talking, exactly?

With a pistol tonnage of 228,081 and also a length of 1,184.42 feet, Symphony that the Seas no that much bigger than sister ships Harmony the the Seas, Oasis that the Seas and also Allure the the Seas — but it’s much bigger 보다 the mega-ships that you’ll uncover outside that the royal Caribbean family.

The next-biggest ship, ranking 5th in the world, is Costa Smeralda from Costa Cruises, i beg your pardon debuted in 2019 in ~ 185,010 GT, a whopping near 50,000 GT less than Symphony the the Seas.

Broken down, what does all of that median for you, the cruiser?

On the ship, you’ll discover 18 decks, practically 2,800 staterooms, and a capacity for 6,680 passengers at maximum capacity or 5,518 passenger at twin occupancy (alongside much more than 2,000 crew members). Imperial Caribbean put it all with each other for a price of $1.35 billion.

2. What course ship is Symphony of the Seas?

When it comes to cruise ships, the course of ship that your vessel is in have the right to really adjust up your experience.

All cruise pearls in a details class re-publishing a handful of amenities and stylings, so you deserve to expect a reasonably similar experience throughout all the the ships in one class (while acknowledging that newer ships within a course will likely have newer amenities and also tech).


You can, of course, uncover plenty that ever-changing daily activities arranged by the enthusiastic crew, from run classes to map games.

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At night, the indoor funny becomes a little an ext adult-oriented, v deck parties and also abundant bars and lounges. Friend can pick to visit any kind of of 17 different watering holes, every of which feature their very own vibe. Discover lively run clubs through live music, or a quieter spot come sip on a refined cocktail and also enjoy your other cruisers’ company.