4 Engine Alliance GP7200 engines strength each Airbus A380, offering the speed, power and efficiency essential to paris commercial aviation’s longest legs with ease.

A380 specs – history and details that the world’s biggest airliner.

Ten years ago, Emirates catapulted Airbus and Engine Alliance right into the global spotlight v the maiden trip of its first GP7200-powered A380. The 14-hour flight from Dubai to new York marked the launch of Emirates’ A380 fleet – shortly be the world’s biggest fleet that its kind. Emirates’ massive initial bespeak of 55 A380s meant Airbus had sudden need for 220 GP7200 engines. Engine Alliance facilities an international leapt right into action, racing to manufacture and also assemble engines to complement the hefty A380 specs.After more than a decade building the GP7200, Engine Alliance announced a bold new strategy: lock would transition their focus from creating the GP7200 to sustaining it. The adjust would offer impressive benefits to EA client – Engine Alliance’s global network of field business engineers and overhaul shops would now be center stage.

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Unprecedented capacity

First looks at the A380 astonished citizens and thrilled airline executives. They were looking at a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine passenger aircraft that was 40 percent bigger than the next largest airliner, the Boeing 747-8, capable of moving from 525 three-class up to 853 all-economy customers.

Remarkable scale

International airports completed to change runways and also gates come accommodate the sizable A380 specs. The connection between significant airports completes a an international circuit that will certainly bear ever-increasing commercial traffic.

Emirates owns by much the lion’s re-superstructure of the fleet, v well over fifty percent of the A380s flying. Waiting France, Etihad Airways, korean Air and Qatar Airways additionally equip your A380s through the GP7200.

Engine Alliance – the engine manufacturer behind the A380.

Before entering company on Emirates’ A380s in 2008, the GP7200 required more than a te of engineering. Occurring an engine to take care of the A380’s dimension and complex aerodynamics demanded volumes of initial research.

Quiet power

Power enough to lift together an aircraft was just one consideration. To be viable for airports, the A380 to be going to be hosted to stringent noise standards, along with high maneuverability on the ground.

Consistent durability

Because the mass of the company was focused in the middle East, the needs on the engine to resist unrelenting heat and also the devastating forces the wind and also sand to be unprecedented.

Affordable efficiency

Fuel burn would certainly be among the most crucial measurements of the engine’s success. Fractions of percentages that efficiency could swing millions in operating expenses one means or the other.

Incredible size

Then there to be the “simple” trouble of transferring an engine because that assembly. As there was only one plane in the world large enough to carry a completely assembled GP7200 indigenous engine manufacturer come assembly site, a cost-effective modular shipping system would need to be devised.

See how Engine Alliance fixed all these difficulties to become the leading manufacturer with the best-performing engine for the A380.


Dubai to Auckland.

The A380 functions an 8,200 nautical-mile variety (15,200 km), permitting it to company some the the longest courses in advertisement aviation.


approaching the rate of sound

With a cruise speed of .85 Mach and also a height speed the 634 mph, the A380 ranks amongst the top five fastest airliners.


Powerfully economical

A fuel volume of virtually 82,000 gallons, a fuel intake rate the 10 g/nm and space for approximately 853 passengers makes the A380 more fuel efficient per passenger 보다 an average economic climate car.

The Engine to paris a World.

Engine Alliance customers about the civilization depend top top the GP7200-powered A380 to lug tens of hundreds of passengers in ~ today’s highest standard of worldwide air travel.

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Some routes might be seasonal or not available every work of the week.

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Select any Engine Alliance operator customer and see the the furthest reaches the the world’s largest airliner.