If you’re gearing up for your very an initial skydiving adventure, you probably have actually a couple of concerns around how for sure it is to freefall. That could be why you stumbled ~ above this write-up on skydiving statistics, after Googling things choose “how many civilization die when skydiving” or “how often parachutes fail.”

In this article, we desire to display you the genuine numbers to calm her fears! You’ll more than likely be surprised to discover skydiving is much safer 보다 you imagined.

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Here space four exciting skydiving statistics that every first-time tandem skydiver need to know:


1. 2.8 Million Skydives taken place in 2020

To first-time jumpers, skydiving deserve to feel like a reasonably uncommon sport. After ~ all, some human being only skydive once or twice in their entire life (if at all!)— for this reason how can our nation make almost three million annual jumps? while this statistic might seem large, it’s straight from The United claims Parachute association (USPA).

To boot, that number only reflects skydives make in 2020: the year the COVID-19 pandemic struck America and also many skydiving centers shut under for month on end. Throughout the previous “normal” year in 2019, jumps were even higher: in ~ 3.3 million.

This skydiving stat proves that freefalling is a well-loved sport, sure to increase as COVID-19 is much better controlled. Ours team at Chicagoland Skydiving center is proud come be one of the few skydiving centers to continue observing strictly COVID safety actions as vaccines still role out. Click here to learn more about our COVID-19 procedures.

2. Just .000045% of Skydives result in death in 2020

Skydiving have the right to be scary because that first-time free fallers. Often, this stems from are afraid of fallout’s to their death, however skydiving is a surprisingly for sure sport contrasted to other adrenaline rushes.

In 2020, The USPA recorded simply 11 skydiving deaths the end of 2.8 million who jumped — a fatality price of just 0.39 every 100,000 jumps. Even in 2019, just 15 shed their stays out of the 3.3 million that jumped.

That means more people died together a an outcome of high-altitude absent climbing or white water rafting, and far an ext from motor car crashes. Surprisingly, this makes skydiving much safer than most people’s morning commutes!

Take a look at the USPA’s statistics ~ above skydiving deaths, called their “fatality index rate.”


Source: https://uspa.org/Discover/FAQs/Safety

With evolving safety an innovation and procedures, skydiving is acquiring safer and also safer through each pass year. This is specifically true because that tandem skydiving, which is overseen through a licensed skydiving instructor that is trained, certified, and also re-certified to ensure the safest possible jump every time.

3. Skydiving devices Must Be replaced Every twenty years (CSC’s Is replaced Every 3 Years)

Often, first-time tandem skydivers room concerned around the security of your jump harness and parachutes. That’s understandable since without effectively fitted and prepared equipment, you hazard your safety!

In order come prevent breakdown or failure, all technical Standard assignment (TSO)-approved skydiving tools must be typically inspected and replaced. While some dropzones will use equipment for 15-20+ years prior to retiring the equipment, numerous often room due for a swap much sooner.

Technology typically evolves and also improves through each year and it’s an important to continue to be up to day with it all. It is why at CSC, you will do it never discover a rig that’s been in use for longer than 3 years.

Some things are even replaced much more frequently. Ours reserve parachutes, which room inspected and also repacked every 180 job by an FAA-certified parachute rigger come ensure they are safe as deserve to be.

Our dedication to safe tools plays a role in contributing come our perfect college student safety document — we’ve never had a fatality at our dropzone.

4. Parachutes properly Deploy 99.9% of the Time

Even when skydiving devices is commonly assessed and replaced, the unexpected can happen. Even seemingly properly packed parachutes deserve to fail, with one in every 1,000 parachutes not always operating at 100% efficiency.

With this stats in mind, skydiving experts know far better to never trust simply one chute with their life. That’s why tandem skydivers commonly descend with three parachutes.

The very first is referred to as the drogue. This chute inflates ideal after jumping and also helps to sluggish the descent rate and also keep you and also your instructor in the best orientation: belly-to-earth. The drogue also helps to deploy the huge rectangular canopy recognized as your key parachute, once you fight 5,000 feet above the ground.

In the occasion that your key chute is acting funky, every tandem skydiving mechanism is likewise equipped v a reserve parachute the acts together a back-up canopy.

With one extra parachute that’s generally inspected on your back, also if your very first line the defense fails, you can rest assured knowing you have actually a second!

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