From Marlet pair of shoes to Christian Dior – this is the great and the poor of the shoe arsenal Imelda Marcos left behind

The museum has 720 bag of Imelda’s pair of shoes – 253 room displayed, while 467 space in storage. According to the PCGG, climate Marikina market Bayani F Fernando requested that the shoes be moved to the city in 1996. Imelda herself created in 1998 that she had no objection.

The museum opened up in 2001.

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Where are the rest of the 3,000 pair of shoes sized 8 1/2? The PCGG and the Marikina shoe Museum didn’t specify, but a 2010 report from the connected Press (AP) released in The Guardian said that more than 150 boxes of the Marcoses’ clothes, accessories, and also shoes have actually been damaged by termites, storms, and neglect.

These, AP said, to be in the possession of the Presidential Museum and also were later on transferred to the Philippine nationwide Museum. Both establishments directed to the Marikina shoe Museum once we inquired around the shoes.

Made in Marikina

Where other civilization had donated a pair native their very own closets or had replicas produced display, Imelda’s shoes take up the museum’s entire 2nd floor.

Her shoes, went to by students and also foreign tourists regularly, room arranged by color and also are largely black. Many are heels v a pointed toe, however there were a few knee-high boots too. The rows of shoes space interrupted by image of Imelda with international officials.


Brands native the department store Rustan’s were mainly from the Philippines throughout the Marcos regime and also so were most likely Philippine-made, claimed Box.

The owners of Rustan’s, Bienvenido and also Gliceria Tantoco, to be close to the Marcoses, and were established as among their cronies back then. (READ: search for Marcos’ wealth: Compromising v cronies)

Marikina shoe manufacturers decline

During the ‘70 to ‘80s, there were about 1,000 registered shoes manufacturers in Marikina, follow to Box. Today, they number only roughly 260.

Box himself thrived up in Marikina and earned his very first wages together a young errand boy for professional workers in the area. He later on learned the trade v observation.

Later, United nations Industrial advancement Organization sponsored his and also many others’ research studies on shoes engineering. Yet their research studies were as well much around macro equipment that they were complicated to use when it involved the little manufacturing companies of Marikina.

Today, box blames the downward development of the Philippine shoe market on the lack of innovation and China opened up that doors to trade in the ‘80s. The city’s expert trade has actually been left behind by makers that can create more, faster.

‘Mixed emotions’

The Marikina shoes Museum’s first venue manager, Sally Manuel, still works in the Marikina tourism Office today as an bureaucratic aide. Manuel cleaned Imelda’s pair of shoes herself, met the former an initial lady, heard her talk around her shoes, and walked through the museum v her once it opened in 2001. In ~ the time, Manuel was 36.

Before that, she saw the rallies external Malacañang versus the Marcos administration, indigenous the safety of La Consolacion College, wherein she studied. Together a young girl growing up in Marikina, she believed of Imelda together a celebrity – among the many, she said, who would visit the city for its shoe profession fairs.

Today, she admits to having “mixed emotions” around the Marcoses. “Parang hanga ako sa kanya , kasi talagang ‘pag nakita mo naman siya, ang ganda-ganda niya talaga, ang puti-puti, ang kinis-kinis, tapos talagang mapapatingin ka talaga sa kanya. True, sa mga kuwento naman might maiisip ka rin,” she said, recounting the demonstrations she would check out from school.

(It’s favor I admire her due to the fact that if you check out her, she’s really so beautiful, therefore fair, for this reason smooth-complexioned, you’ll yes, really be compelled come look in ~ her. True, since of the stories, you will do it have 2nd thoughts too.)

Manuel no alone.

Marikina tourism Office head Poncialito “Ponchie” Santos stated that older Marikeños to be awed at any time Imelda went to the city. Human being would i cry to her each time she came. 

“And they also felt really proud once they see Imelda, they would take a look in ~ the shoes if they to be made indigenous Marikina,” Santos said.

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Santos and Box, choose Manuel, are conscious of the atrocities the Martial Law, yet neither deserve to discredit the aid that Imelda provided to your shoe industry.

“Sometimes people would ask exactly how the shoes affect us, or what us think around the pair of shoes of a personality that was thrown the end of power would certainly be uncovered here in the museum,” Santos said.

“So I simply say we just look in ~ it in a positive method or in a positive light. Because they had actually done something wrong in the past, yet still, we recognize her effort to aid us make our shoes well-known in the whole Philippines and even external the Philippines.”

In a different conversation, crate stressed the prestige of background and of acknowledging both the an excellent and the bad parts.

“Like i said, that’s component of ours history. It needs to be there,” he claimed in Filipino. “But what we don’t want, ours museum, us don’t want it come be dubbed the ‘Imelda Marcos Museum.’ that’s what we don’t want to happen; our museum is dubbed the Marikina Museum.” –