15 years ago, as soon as Peter Jackson an initial set out to do a movie adaptation that J.R.R. Tolkien"s standard fantasy series The mr of the Rings, the director could barely get a two-movie version approved. In fact, in ~ one point Bob Weinstein (originally that Miramax, currently The Weinstein Company) wanted Jackson to shrink the huge three-book story right into onemeaslytwo-hour movie.

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Luckily, Jackson and also the prescient persons at new Line worked out a transaction to turn what was a trilogy on record into a trilogy at package office. Logic won the day—and a boatload the Academy Awards.

Since then, however, Hollywood has actually taken notification of the enormous earning potential that sequels. V multi-film adaptations proving to be permanent money-makers that keep drawing in viewers (a phenomenon one could give part credit to Jackson"s occupational on The mr of the Rings), executives realized that if they can stretch out popular publications into 2 movies, they can actually twin their money.

First, Warner Brothers break-up the saturday Harry Potter book into The Deathly Hallows part 1 and Part 2. Sure, the book is long and the additional screen time allowed the studio to fill the end details they can have skipped in one movie. However it to be still a turoulend cash grab—albeit one that worked. Meanwhile, the folks at Lionsgate do the same relocate with the fourth and also final Twilight novel, turning it right into Breaking Dawn component 1 and also Part 2. The 2nd movie will certainly be released in November and also will undoubtedly be a substantial blockbuster. Currently Lionsgate is applying the same logic to their Hunger Games trilogy, i beg your pardon will, the course, be a four-parter.

More movies = an ext money. I obtain it, and also I"m not wholly averse come the process. After ~ all, I put out for a HP7 part 2 ticket , similar to I walk for all the previous movies (although count me the end of Twilight). Yet there need to be limits.

In recent days, reports have arised that Peter Jackson is in talks with Warner brothers to break-up his adaptation of The lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit, right into three movies. Jackson was already planning to take it the one book and turn it into two films—An unanticipated Journey and also There and ago Again. It"s such standard exercise at this point that ns didn"t provide it lot thought. Of food they would certainly stretch the cash cow into two movies. And also with Jackson"s penchant for directing movies the blow past three hrs in length, maybe giving him two different canvases to job-related with wouldn"t be together a negative thing.

But 3 movies out of one book? Let"s shot to put this in context. I own paperback editions of every three publications in The lord of the Rings series, and The Hobbit. Here"s exactly how long lock each are (excludingappendices):

The Hobbit: 304 pages The Fellowship the the Ring: 479 The two Towers: 415 The Return that the King: 347

For those keeping score at home, that"s 1,241 pages for the main trilogy (#2-4) versus simply 304 because that the prequel. Individually, every of those books is much longer than The Hobbit, and also yet they each just received a solitary film treatment. Just how isJackson going to revolve the prequel, i m sorry is actually less than one-fourth the complete length of main trilogy (and consists of many fewer separate plot lines), right into a movies collection just together long?

It"s the illogical however inevitable conclusion of Hollywood"s never-ending quest for an ext dollars, at the expense of story and original creative intent. And it"s going to turn among the world"s finest fantasy novels into a big screen farce. Still, ns wouldn"t bet against it at package office.

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Brian Solomon to be a audioeditorfree.com employee writer from 2011 come 2017. He many recently covered modern technology startups, with a special emphasis on the on-demand economic situation of Uber, Airbnb, and also more. Formerly at audioeditorfree.com he wrote about everything from little business to billionaires to wall surface Street.Find me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.