Evangeline Lilly attends the human being premiere of “The Hobbit: The battle of the 5 Armies” in ~ Odeon Leicester Square on Dec. 1 in London.Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

The 3rd and final installment that “The Hobbit” series hits theatre Wednesday, and also it’ll mark the last time pan will get the opportunity to check out Middle earth for the conceivable future.

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The trilogy of films — 474 minute of orcs and also elves — is based upon a solitary novel through J.R.R. Tolkien that, according to my paperback copy, number 293 pages. In various other words, the filmmakers have actually wrung all they can out of the source material.

Take, for instance, a sequence from the very first film — “The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey” (2012) — in which the travel party is beset by rock giants having actually an elaborate, and also presumably very expensive, CGI rock ’em sock ’em robots battle.

Based on my estimation, the step runs about 2 minutes, 12 seconds. It’s based upon this little of text:

“Bilbo … witnessed that across the valley the stone-giants to be out, and also were hurling rocks in ~ one an additional for a game, and also catching them, and tossing them down into the darkness whereby they smashed along the trees much below, or splintered into little bits v a bang … they can hear the giants guffawing and also shouting almost everywhere the mountainsides.”

One sentence! and also the stone giants were never ever heard from again!

Indeed, contrasted with other recent films adapted from functions of fiction, “The Hobbit” movies room outliers. Ns pulled the run time, follow to IMDb, the 54 popular films released because 2000 that were based on novels. I then discovered the page count for each publication using the top-selling execution on Amazon. Page counts aren’t constantly the same amongst editions, yet we’re just looking for an estimate of length. It’s tricky to discover an authoritative indigenous count, which would be ideal.

For publications that were break-up into two films — think “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay,” “The Hobbit,” and “Twilight: break Dawn” — I found the critical chapter offered in the very first film and split the publications there.

Here’s what film lengths plotted against page counting looks favor for the 54 films in my sample (this no a super rigorous sample; ns tried to obtain a great mix of the more popular young adult series, high fantasy novels, a few classics and several modern-day thrillers. Check out the end of this piece for a table v all the films.):

The conclusion? “The Hobbit” movies room the only films with an ext minutes of movie than publication pages. There to be 1 minute, 41 seconds of film per resource page in the first film; 1 minute, 20 secs per web page in the second; and an unprecedented two minute per web page in the last film, which clocks in in ~ 144 minutes and is based upon only 72 pages of source material.

The closest runner up is “The an excellent Gatsby” (2013), which was 143 minute long and also based ~ above 180 pages of source material. Even then, there to be 48 seconds of film because that each page.

What around the movies that take a lot of source material and compress it into a comparatively short film? The most reliable film ns pulled to be “The Bourne Ultimatum” (2007), a 115-minute movie based on a sprawling, 752-page Robert Ludlum novel, leaving it about nine secs of film per page. Next in line because that brevity is “Harry Potter and the bespeak of the Phoenix” (2007), which to be the longest publication in the series yet had actually the second-shortest film. The first three “Twilight” films and also the other “Bourne” movies were additionally comparatively brief.

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So, if you record “The Hobbit: The battle of the 5 Armies” this weekend and are fatigued by minute 20 of the eponymous battle, take heart in the truth that Peter Jackson in ~ least had the courtesy of do the Hollywood adaptation shorter than the audiobook.