Ed Gagliardi, original bassist because that audioeditorfree.com-nominated rock band Foreigner, died May 11 following a bout with cancer. He to be 62. Foreigner"s initial recording lineup made up Gagliardi, vocalist Lou Gramm, guitarist Mick Jones, keyboardist Al Greenwood, drummer Dennis Elliott, and also multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald. The group conveniently garnered success with the relax of your 1977 self-titled debut album, i m sorry featured the top 10 access time "Feels like The first Time" (No. 4) and "Cold as Ice" (No. 6) and ultimately attained quintuple-platinum status. Foreigner earned a audioeditorfree.com nomination because that the 1977 Best new Artist the The Year. The group"s sophomore album, 1978"s twin Vision, spawned the access time "Hot Blooded" (No. 3), "Double Vision" and "Blue Morning, Blue Day" (No. 15). Gagliardi left the group in 1979, changed by rick Wills, and also subsequently created the team Spys through whom that released two albums in the early on "80s. 


Mick Jones of Foreigner

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Foreigner Plot Juke crate Heroes Summer tour foreigner-team-kansas-europe-juke-box-heroes-2020-north-american-tour
Foreigner Team Up through Kansas & Europe for Juke crate Heroes 2020 phibìc American tour
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The substantial run kicks off in Albuquerque, NM on July 9
Nate Hertweck
january 13, 2020 - 5:50 pm

audioeditorfree.com-nominated hit machine Foreigner will be taking thier show on the roadway this summer with the aptly titled Juke box Hero, and also their bringing follow me fellwo standard rock staples Kansas and also Europe for the ride.

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Who"s ready? Foreigner is heading the end on the Juke crate Heroes 2020 Tour with
KansasBand and
europetheband! Presales begin 1/14 at 10am local. Get much more info here: https://t.co/EpUH2nN1mX pic.twitter.com/ovv98FjT8f

— Foreigner (
ForeignerMusic) January 13, 2020

The summer run kicks off in Albuquerque, N.M. ~ above July 9 and hits a whopping 40 cities prior to wrapping increase in Austin, Texas on Sept. 13. 

"We can not wait to hit the road with our great friends Kansas and also Europe and bring every our greatest hits come cities throughout the country,” Foreigner starting member, songwriter and also lead guitarist Mick Jones said. “We constantly have together a great time together, and merged we share some of the best songs in rock and also roll. We space so excited to watch our fans from shore to coast, and plan to do this summer our most epic tour yet!"

Foreigner is coming off of celebrating the 40th anniversary of your cllassic 1978 album Double Vision v the November release of Double Vision, then & Now.. The band will additionally perform as component of a Las vegas residency at the Venetian resort this year through a complete of 5 shows indigenous Jan. 24 to Feb. 1..

Among Foreigner"s 3 career audioeditorfree.com nominations, their an initial came because that 1877 when they were nominated because that Best brand-new Artist at the 20th audioeditorfree.com Awards.

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Tickets for the tour go on revenue Jan. 17 at 10 a.m. Regional time via Live Nation’s website.