Posted: Mar 16, 2021 / 08:31 am CDT / Updated: Mar 16, 2021 / 08:31 am CDT

Oreo chocolate sandwich cookie line save shelves in ~ a grocery store in Southlake, Texas. (Nexstar Media Wire)

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(NEXSTAR) — prior to I destruction in, allow me say ns absolutely love Oreos. I have actually fond memories of dipping the chocolate and icing treats in a cup of milk because that a post-dinner dessert or ordering cookies and cream ice cream cream ~ above a warm summer day.

And ns think it’s same to say I’m no alone. America loves Oreo cookies. In 2019, The Oreo brand apparently surpassed $3 exchange rate in net revenue.

Clearly, the folks at Oreo know specifically what they’re act — and also the empty spots on the shelves in the picture below show their strategy is working. But 20 species of Oreos? C’mon man!

I actually stopped to count during a recent expedition to the grocery store. After ~ noticing Oreos filled increase the aisles, I stopped to see simply how many varieties to be on shelves. At this particular Kroger location, there to be 20. And that doesn’t include the recent announcements the NBA team logos will show up on special-edition snacks and also Lady Gaga gained her very own pink and green-themed treats.

Store shelves packed through Oreo cookies at a grocery store in Southlake, Texas. (Nexstar Media Wire)

Look, I’m not against a limited-edition cookie or two. In fact, I newly bought your Christmas-themed gingerbread cookies and also enjoyed castle in former of the fire when listening to the reassuring sounds the Nat King Cole. However there room so many varieties to select from these days that i can’t also tell i beg your pardon ones space the constant Oreos I appreciated as a kid.

if I’m no alone in this opinion, I showed up to open up a bag of worms once I posted a photo of an Oreo-packed aisle on Facebook.

“As usual, seems they can’t stick to a great thing, have to start dispersing onto nasty ones,” composed one user.

“It does seem favor too countless choices,” wrote one more use.

However, not everyone agreed. In fact, lot of of people think I’m in the wrong because that this one.

“I prefer some. I carry out try new ones, constantly go earlier to originals,” composed anothe responder.

“Be thankful the you have actually choices. Variety is the spice of life,” responded another.

A quick poll post to Twitter showed America is undoubtedly mixed on even if it is this is Oreo overload or just around perfect.

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Oreo,20 arrays at my regional store?you’ve gone also far. What to speak you, Twitter?

— Austin Kellerman (

Most human being agreed through my assessment the 20 arrays on keep shelves is also many. Perhaps the greatest surprise that all? 6 percent of world said they’ve never had actually an Oreo!

We all need Oreos. Us all love Oreos. Not just 20 types of Oreos.