One of the most famous athletes the the 1970s, Bruce jenner (born 1949) winner the gold medal in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympic Games. Jenner was married three times and also had several children in the decades that followed. After a long and successful job in sports and also entertainment, in 2015 Jenner came out publically as a transgender woman and adjusted her name to Caitlyn Jenner. Later, she underwent sex reassignment surgery.

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Jenner was supposed to victory at the 1976 Olympics, hosted in Montreal, and also he didn"t disappointed his fans. His strategy to be to continue to be within 200 point out of the leader"s score through the finish of the an initial day, when the 100-meter dash, lengthy jump, shot put, high jump, and 400-meter dash to be held. After these events, Jenner had actually amassed a total of 4,298 points— just 35 point out behind the leader, West Germany"s Guido Kratschmer. On the second day, Jenner"s strongest occasions were held: the 110-meter hurdles, discus, pole vault, javelin, and also 1500-meter run. Through the eighth event, he had actually an unshakable lead; there was no way any various other athlete could capture up through his score. He collection a an individual record in the 1500 meter run, the final event of the decathlon, and also overall, collection a decathlon world record of 8,618 points because that the ten events.

After the yellow medal win, zener didn"t plan to contend anymore and, in fact, left his vaulting poles in the Olympic stadium since he knew he was done through his track career. He told Garber, "I retired that day. I had actually to provide up too much to acquire there, lifewise. I knew it was the critical hurrah." for Bruce Jenner, medals ceased to become his focal suggest after the 1976 Olympics.

In enhancement to his Olympic accolades, zener was named connected Press Athlete the the Year and received the Sullivan Award for the ideal amateur athlete in the unified States. Fellow decathlete, bill Toomey had actually won the gold at the 1968 Olympics. He was quoted through Whalen as saying, "It take away a decathlon athlete to truly evaluate what Jenner has actually done. That was total artistry, a beautiful composition. He was hungry, extremely motivated."

Earned a "Spectacular Living"

After the Olympics jenner was the most well-known athlete in the unified States. Capitalizing top top his fame, and also his good looks, that made much more money native winning a solitary event than any other athlete had before him, as he was widely sought after for commercials, promotions, and public appearances. Together Garber commented, he "has made a spectacular living simply being Bruce Jenner." Jenner appeared in movies, top top television, to be a sportscaster through ABC-TV, and also co-authored two books, Decathlon Challenge: Bruce Jenner"s Story (1977) and also Bruce Jenner"s guide to family Fitness (1978). That later explained to Garber, "I looked in ~ it choose a business. Ns made decisions based on the long term. Ns didn"t want to be up there just until the next name come along."

Jenner and his wife, Chrystie, were taken into consideration the "All-American couple," according to Ralph Hickok in A Who"s that of sports Champions. regularly in the public eye, they to be both connected in Jenner"s promotional activities and appearances, and also were featured in a publication titled Lifestyles that the Rich and Famous. Unfortunately, the couple"s high profile came at also high a cost to their relationship. When they divorce in 1980 lock received nearly as lot publicity together Jenner had for win the decathlon. They had two children.

In 1981 jenner married Linda Thompson, a former beauty-pageant winner and also ex-girlfriend the singer Elvis Presley. Jenner and his second wife also had two children, and also divorced after five years.

Price of Fame

By the late 1980s Jenner"s success and also fame had caught up with him. He told an interviewer top top the Longevity Network net site the his sudden exposure come the public had unnerved him. "I was surrounding by tele-prompters together a TV sportscaster, and also I uncovered myself unexpectedly thrown into a glass fishbowl together a celebrity and American hero. What ns was hiding was the I had the same perspective as the nervous dyslexic schoolboy hiding from mine teacher." return he preserved his upbeat public persona, his exclusive life was in disarray. "In 1990, you would certainly have found me living in a one-bedroom Los Angeles bungalow, my sink piled high v dirty dishes and my living room decorated v a dried-out Christmas tree. My main resource of income was indigenous public speak jobs—at i beg your pardon I constantly wore my best attire—an out-of-style 1976 tuxedo." In one interview for, zener summed up that duration by saying, "I was drifting. Ns had operated really hard and also didn"t have actually much to display for it. However everything turned about the day i met Kris."

Found stamin to Bounce Back


Jenner met Kris Kardashian in 1990, and five months later they were husband and also wife. Due to the fact that that time castle have included several children to the zener family, because that a complete of ten -"kind of a Brady Bunch deal," Jenner defined to Garber. Kris Jenner came to be the moving pressure behind a brand-new family conglomerate that contained their infomercials ("Super Fit v Bruce and Kris Jenner"), practice machines, and also Jenner"s aircraft sales company. They likewise produced a video, Women"s Self-Defense and Fitness Program. Meanwhile, Jenner continued to work as a motivational speaker because that corporate audiences, dispersing his article on "How to complete Successfully in Life and also in Business." follow to promotion literature, the Jenners sold much more than $450 million the fitness-related commodities by the so late 1990s.

Sports-Related Spotlight

Jenner"s business tasks allowed that to remain in the general public eye long after his Olympic moment. The topic of a CD-ROM video game titled Bruce Jenner"s World-Class Decathlon, he also authored the publication Finding the Champion Within (1997). As he admitted come Garber, "Nobody has milked one performance far better than me—and I"m damned proud the it. It totally amazes me just how this whole thing turned out." back he retired from running after his success in 1976, Jenner ongoing to be active and involved in a range of sports. The was frequently seen riding his hill bike in the hills close to his California residence or ~ above the golf course. A commercially ranked pilot, zener piloted his very own jet and also raced cars in grand Prix events.

Despite the many opportunities he gone after in his adult life, Jenner has actually remained a well-respected athlete. Inducted right into the nationwide Track and also Field room of Fame, that is additionally represented in the Olympic hall of Fame. ~ above the Sports Stars USA internet site, jenner commented: "I love life, and I desire to live it! Activity, variety and the next difficulty around the bend and my ten kids—keep me excited and inspired. Ns wouldn"t have it any type of other way."

Keeping Up v the Kardashians

That an obstacle took the form of a long-running tv show around Jenner"s distinctive family and also lifestyle. In 2007, the truth television series Keeping Up v the Kardashians aired because that the first time. The present focused ~ above the lives, relationships and also adventures of the blended family members headed increase by Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian, together with their friends, significant others and also colleagues. An prompt reality-show sensation, the show continued airing for many years. The show is slated to end after a 20-episode 2021 series. Jenner and also Kardashian separated in 2013 and divorced in 2014.

Coming Out together Caitlyn Jenner

In 2015, Bruce Jenner come out to the public as a transgender mrs at the period of 65. The world first met Caitlyn Jenner during the summer the 2015. She appeared on the June 2015 Vanity Fair cover and also discussed her identification as a transgender woman in a televised 2020 interview. Before the finish of that year, she legally readjusted her name and also gender, in ready for sex reassignment surgery, i beg your pardon took place in 2017. In 2015, Caitlyn zener was well-known at the ESPY awards through the Arthur Ashe courage Award.

From 2015-2016, she starred in an E! network reality display focused top top her sex transition. Quite than gift a high-drama show, together was the case with Keeping Up v the Kardashians, this program concentrated on how Caitlyn"s large family changed to her sex transition, and Caitlyn"s very own experiences loved one to her gender identity. Throughout this time, she emerged as a spokesperson for the transgender community. In 2017, Caitlyn Jenner published her, The secrets of my Life.

Speaking out for Transgender Rights

Following her sex reassignment surgery, Caitlyn jenner quietly became connected in the politics arena, lobbying because that transgender rights. In particular, she spent time lobbying Washington, D.C. Legislators to put a avoid to the military"s half on transgender organization members while likewise putting protections in location for members that the transgender community who offer the country.

Caitlyn zener Net Worth

Caitlyn Jenner"s net worth is estimated to be approximately $100 million. Of course, this is based upon wealth built up throughout her entire career, not just her earnings due to the fact that publically coming out as a transgender woman.

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