Here is a list of all the host cities that the Summer Olympic Games due to the fact that the first modern Olympics in Athens 1896. The current Olympic games host city is Tokyo in 2021. The complying with Olympic gamings will it is in in Paris in 2024, and Los Angeles in 2028. See also the discussion about the hold cities.

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London is the just city to hold the Summer games three times: 1908, 1948 and 2012. In 2024, Paris will host the summer Olympics because that the 3rd time, and also in 2028 LA will host the games for the third time too. The 2028 games will likewise be the fifth time the gamings have been held in the USA, despite in three various cities.

See also the list of bidding urban for each Olympics. We also have a perform of the time zones and also latitude for each gamings host city.

OlympiadYear hold City, Country
I1896Athens, Greece
II1900Paris, France
III1904St Louis, USA
1906Athens, Greece
IV1908London, England, UK
V1912Stockholm, Sweden
VI1916Berlin, Germany (not held)
VII1920Antwerp, Belgium
VIII1924Paris, France
IX1928Amsterdam, Holland
X1932Los Angeles, USA
XI1936Berlin, Germany
XII1940Tokyo, Japan /Helsinki, Finland(not held)
XIII1944London, England, UK(not held)
XIV1948London, England, UK
XV1952Helsinki, Finland
XVI1956Melbourne, Australia
XVII1960Rome, Italy
XVIII1964Tokyo, Japan
XIX1968Mexico City, Mexico
XX1972Munich, Germany
XXI1976Montreal, Canada
XXII1980Moscow, USSR
XXIII1984Los Angeles, USA
XXIV1988Seoul, south Korea
XXV1992Barcelona, Spain
XXVI1996Atlanta, USA
XXVII2000Sydney, Australia
XXVIII2004Athens, Greece
XXIX2008Beijing, China
XXX2012London, England, UK
XXXI2016Rio, Brazil
XXXII2021Tokyo, Japan
XXXIII2024Paris, France
XXXIV2028Los Angeles, USA
XXXV2032Brisbane, Australia

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Olympics Extra

The following Olympic gamings are the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022, complied with by the Summer variation in Paris 2024. Check out the list of Olympic games sports, and discontinued and demonstration sports.

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The biggest sporting occasion in the human being is the Olympic Games, but there are numerous other multi-sport games. In terms of single sport events, nothing to win the FIFA human being Cup. To view what"s coming up, check out the calendar of major sporting events.