1. About $11 billion from the City’s budget plan are allocated come the NYPD.

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In budget year 2020 new York City’s expenses for the brand-new York City Police room (NYPD) will complete $10.9 billion, comprised of the $5.6 billion NYPD operation budget and also $5.3 billion of expenses “centrally allocated,” consisting of $2.3 billion because that fringe benefits, $2.8 billion for pensions, and $215 million for blame service. (See figure 1.) Centrally allocated costs for the NYPD are specifically high since uniformed wellness insurance and pension benefits are an ext generous than for various other City employees.


2. The NYPD has actually the 3rd largest firm operating budget.

The NYPD’s operating budget is 5.7 percent of the City’s $97.8 billion budget, with just the departments of education (DOE) and also Social services (DSS) commanding a bigger share that resources.1 (See figure 2.) not included the City’s $5.9 exchange rate in required Medicaid payments, the DSS budget plan would it is in $4.4 billion, relocating the NYPD up to second place.2 including centrally allocated expenses, the $10.9 billion invested on the NYPD amounts to 11.1 percent that the full City budget.


3. Many of the NYPD budget is for salaries and also wages, and the biggest share accumulation street patrol.

Spending on an individual service (salaries and wages, including overtime) is 88 percent of the NYPD’s budget, with various other than an individual service security (including items such together contract costs, operating costs for equipment, and vehicle maintenance costs) spend the remaining 12 percent.3 These numbers exclude capital spending, i beg your pardon includes auto purchases among other items.

Funding sources of the NYPD Budget

Most the the NYPD’s spending plan is sponsor by City tax dollars:

92 percent, or $5.2 billion, is City funded6 percent, or $349 million, is commonwealth funded2 percent, or $82 million, is State fundedLess 보다 1 percent is from various other categorical grants

The NYPD’s budget plan is allocated come functions roughly corresponding come the agency’s bureaus and offices. The largest share of the operation budget, 27 percent, is because that patrol and also general emergency response. Administration and interactions is the 2nd largest function representing 17 percent the the budget, and also includes bureaucratic employees and also 9-1-1 operators. Thirteen percent the the spending plan supports the chief of department to straight daily operations and also coordinate between the NYPD’s bureaus. The chief of room budget also contains many of the NYPD’s overtime and added gross salary (such together differentials and holiday pay). In budget year 2020 overtime spending in ~ the NYPD totaled $635 million, or 44 percent of every overtime security Citywide.4 (See figure 3.)



4. Around one-third that NYPD employees room civilians.

The NYPD budget year 2020 headcount is 54,003 employees. Of those, 36,178 are uniformed employees and 17,825 room civilian employees. In addition to administrative positions, civilian employees include 9-1-1 speak to responders, school safety and security agents, and also transportation enforcement agents. (See figure 4.)


5. Typical pay because that police officers was an ext than $90,000 and also as high as $190,000 because that captains, consisting of overtime.

In budget year 2019, the most recent year of available data, the average full-time NYPD employee earn $96,072 in full pay, which is the sum of base pay plus overtime and supplemental salary (such as holiday salary or shift differentials). Among height 10 titles, average complete pay for a civilian employee was $55,236 a year, whereas the average complete pay for a uniformed employee was $113,240. (See Table 1.)


6. The NYPD spending plan has get an impression by one-third since fiscal year 2010.

From budget year 2010 come 2020 the NYPD’s operating budget grew $1.2 billion, boost of 27 percent, or 2.7 percent annually. This is slower 보다 the 5.1 percent full City budget annual growth rate.5 Centrally allocated prices for the NYPD flourished $1.6 billion, happen the full increase in City spending on the NYPD to $2.8 billion, or 34 percent, in between fiscal year 2010 and 2020.

Most that the NYPD’s operating budget plan growth was as result of increased spending on management and communications, patrol, and intelligence and also counterterrorism. Together, these account for 61 percent of the operating budget increase from budget year 2010 to 2020. (See number 5.) Overall, higher personal business spending accounted for 71 percent of the NYPD’s operating budget plan growth, through the remaining 29 percent due to higher other than an individual service spending.


7. NYPD headcount flourished by an ext than 3,000 employees due to the fact that fiscal year 2010.

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Between fiscal year 2010 and 2020 NYPD headcount prospered by 3,288 employees, from 50,715 come 54,003, a 6.5 percent increase. Of these, 1,749 to be civilian and also 1,542 to be uniformed. The agency’s prior peak in headcount, prior to reductions started as a solution to the an excellent Recession, to be 52,304 in fiscal year 2009.7 most of the expansion in NYPD headcount started after budget year 2014, through 1,300 police policemans being hired in 2015 as part of the City’s neighborhood policing initiative and to expand counterterrorism solution capacity. (See number 6.)

By Adrian Pietrzak


CBC adjusted all-funds spending growth excludes interfund agreements, deposits to the retiree Health advantage Trust, and adjusts because that the affect of prepayments.CBC changed all-funds spending development excludes interfund agreements, deposits to the pensioner Health benefit Trust, and also adjusts because that the impact of prepayments.