Updated at 9 p.m.: Revised to present that the can be fried Court has actually blocked the execution the Patrick Murphy.

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The second-to-last enduring member that the Texas 7 prison escapees that murdered one Irving police officer won a reprieve indigenous his execution Thursday night.


Aubrey Hawkins(Hawkins family)

The U.S. Supreme Court clogged the lethal injection the Patrick Murphy, 57, ~ his attorneys said a buddhist priest was not permitted to be with Murphy in the death chamber together he was being put to death.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in one opinion Thursday night, claimed inmates of other religious denominations who want their religious adviser come be current can have the adviser current only in the city hall room and also not in the execution room itself for their executions.

Kavanaugh stated that, in his view, the structure prohibits such denominational discrimination.

Murphy, who became a Buddhist almost a te ago, said he isn"t claiming innocence yet said he shouldn"t it is in executed because that killing police officer Aubrey Hawkins throughout a Christmas night 2000 robbery if he and also six other felons were on the lam after escaping indigenous a south Texas prison.

Murphy to be convicted based on the controversial "law the parties," which means Murphy to be responsible for Hawkins" murder because he participated in the armed robbery even if that wasn"t among the shooters. He to be the getaway driver.

"I don"t think sentencing and also culpability about law of next is around justice. I think it"s about vengeance," the told KTVT-TV (Channel 11) from death row in Livingston. "

"I"m sorry. Ns regret what occurred," Murphy said.

Murphy was serving a 50-year sentence because that sexual assault with a deadly weapon as soon as the escapees broke out of the Connally Unit of the Texas prison device on Dec. 13, 2000. The seven guys overpowered civilian workers and a security in the maintenance shop and also then fooled a guard in the prison tower. Castle stole clothing, a pickup, 16 weapons and ammunition.


Patrick Murphy(Texas department of Criminal Justice)

The prosecution at Murphy"s trial stated he radioed Hawkins" location to the other members of the gang while that waited external the Oshman"s SuperSports USA store, armed with four loaded guns.

"You don"t have to pull the create to kill someone," then-Dallas ar prosecutor invoice Wirskye stated at his 2003 trial. "He"s obtained Aubrey Hawkins" blood top top his hands."

But the defense fought versus that notion.

"You cannot convict someone of something castle didn"t want to happen," Murphy"s attorney, Juan Sanchez, called the jury. "You simply can"t uncover somebody guilty by association. If he"s guilty of anything, he"s guilty of robbery."

A jury convicted Murphy of funding murder in an hour and also a half.

Killing Aubrey Hawkins

Murphy was serving a 50-year sentence because that sexual attack with a deadly weapon when the escapees damaged out that the Connally Unit of the Texas prison device on Dec. 13, 2000.

The seven men overpowered civilian workers and also a safety in the maintain shop and also then fooled a security in the prison tower. Lock stole clothing, a pickup, 16 weapons and ammunition.


Prison inmates Joseph C. Garcia, Randy Ethan Halprin, Larry James Harper, Patrick Henry Murphy Jr., Donald Keith Newbury, George Rivas, and also Michael Anthony Rodriguez, in these undated Texas prison handout photos, escaped Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2000, indigenous the prison near Kenedy, They eliminated Irving Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins, 29, during a sporting goods store robbery. This photos to be released prior to the guys were captured.(The associated Press)

The men committed a range of robberies that culminated in the holdup of Oshman"s in Irving where Hawkins to be murdered.


Patrick Murphy quietly reacts in November 2003 ~ a jury uncovered him guilty of resources murder in connection with the Christmas eve 2000 shooting fatality of Irving Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins. Murphy and six various other violent jail escaped from prison and killed Hawkins throughout a robbery.(FILE PHOTO)

The 7 escapees make as protection guards and tied up employees throughout the Oshman"s holdup. They to be in the last moments the the heist as soon as Hawkins pulled up behind the store.

Hawkins had actually just left a Christmas night dinner in ~ Olive Garden through his wife, son, mother and also grandmother. He was responding to a suspicious-person speak to at the store.

The escapees shot Hawkins before he can get the end of his patrol car. They then pulled the from his vehicle and shot him again, before driving over him.

They shot Hawkins 11 times.

After realizing the following day the Hawkins to be dead, the corridor fled towards Colorado and into a snowstorm. Nearly a month after ~ Hawkins" murder, police to be tipped off the the men were in ~ an RV Park in woodland Park close to Colorado Springs, posing as missionaries.

Three of the men, consisting of ringleader George Rivas, were captured in a auto nearby. Two were surrounding at the RV park, yet Larry Harper committed suicide fairly than be captured. Murphy and also another escapee were captured at a Colorado Springs hotel.

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Murphy to be the sixth and also final member of the Texas 7 sentenced to death in Hawkins’ murder.