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Amy Coney Barrett, center, alumna that the year because that St. Mary"s Dominican High school in brand-new Orleans, is checked out with Kathleen McGlone ’98, left, outgoing president of the Dominican Alumnae Association; and Dominican president Cynthia A. Thomas, right.

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This 2017 photo detailed by the university of Notre Dame legislation School in southern Bend, Ind., mirrors Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett is on president Donald Trump"s perform of potential supreme Court justice candidates. (University of Notre Dame law School via AP)

Stop me if i’m going too much too fast, but the reality that Amy Coney Barrett is a faithful Catholic has little to carry out with whether she should serve as the newest U.S. Can be fried Court justice.

For those who are amongst the dedicated faithful, our religious beliefs and practices are component of who are, possibly even crucial part of who we are. However it’s definitely not all of who us are.

It’s only been a few days and I’m exhausted of hearing the Barrett is Catholic. That might be sending smoke signal to some who desire to rule in or dominion out assistance for her, however when ns hear people say things choose “It’ll be nice to have actually someone Catholic on the nation’s highest court” or “We’ve got to know whether she’ll let she Catholic ideas determine her judicial opinions” it’s disturbing.

Seems this Catholic nonsense is breaking follow me political lines, with mostly liberal and also progressive human being bringing that up as a caution, a concern and also a worry, and mostly moderate and also conservative world saying that a an excellent strength.


Amy Coney Barrett"s Catholic faith, people of praise ties most likely to get scrutiny in supreme Court confirmation

I don’t know Barrett. She was elevated in Metairie, attend St. Catherine the Siena Catholic school in Old Metairie and graduated native St. Mary"s Dominican High School.

A circuit referee on the U.S. Court that Appeals because that the seventh Circuit, she was nominated by chairman Donald trump card to take it the seat organized by justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Charles Camosy, a professor the theological and social ethics at Fordham University, said The Los Angeles Times the Catholics are quite a diverse lot, and also there shouldn’t be any type of concern that simply being Catholic way a specific set of dogmatic views and opinions.

“Catholics uncover themselves ~ above the far left, ~ above the far right, and also everywhere else,” the said. “No one should worry that Catholics ~ above the supreme Court will all agree with each other about matters of legal interpretation.”


WASHINGTON (AP) — chairman Donald Trump’s nominee because that the U.S. Can be fried Court has close ties come a charismatic Christian spiritual group the h…

The can be fried Court currently has five Catholic justices. I’m not concerned about Roman Catholic representation. Chief Justice man Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh room Catholic. Barrett would be Catholic No. 6. Judge Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan space Jewish.

Sotomayor and also Thomas can not be much more different Catholic justices. Justice Neil Gorsuch was elevated Catholic but attends a protestant church this days. Ns count that as a diversity win. Go this court really reflect our nation?

Would we accept this if our U.S. Home of Representatives had actually so little diversity? would certainly we accept this if our U.S. Senate had actually so little diversity? Oh, i guess those body aren’t as diverse as they must be either.

No offense against Catholics, but the country is 65% Christian; 43% of Americans space Protestant when 20% room Catholic. If we’re spring at belief as a more main issue, we need to attend to an imbalance ~ above the can be fried Court.

Metairie native attended St. Catherine the Siena Catholic college in Old Metairie, graduated from St. Mary’s Dominican High in new Orleans

It’s far more important to consider Barrett’s professional background and judicial competence than whereby she goes come mass and also how faithful she is to Catholic doctrine.

Look at her regulation review writings. Watch at she judicial opinions and also rationales. If we’re going come talk around the role faith plays on the supreme Court, let’s talk around how and when we’ll think about Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists and others if we’re yes, really serious around diversity and also inclusion in every branches of our government.

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Elections have consequences and decades-long affect in the case of the U.S. Can be fried Court. Us don’t pick justices v a vote of the people. We execute elect presidents.