What taken place after the last rose? We break down how plenty of Bachelor couples room still with each other today.

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The Bachelor franchise has chronicled countless relationships in the 19 year on air. V over 30 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, as well as a variety of spin-off shows, the alphabet reality collection has developed quite a couple of love stories—though not all of them proceed once the camera stops rolling. When it may seem like long-lasting relationship are couple of and far in between in the Bachelor mansion, the show has prospered for part lucky contestants. It deserve to be difficult to keep up v all the Bachelor couples that room still together—after all, virtually two decades of television has actually resulted in many of engagements and also marriages (and a few love triangle too). When the franchise is well known for explosive fights, tearful breakups, and also meme-worthy moments, there have been many of lasting romances together well.So, how many Bachelor couples are still together today? Here, us round up that all remained together after the last rose.

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1. Trista Rehn and also Ryan Sutter

Arguably the franchise"s best success story, Bachelorette Trista Rehn and also final pick Ryan Sutter room still married today. After coming to be the runner-up on Season 1 of The Bachelor, Rehn was the very first Bachelorette in 2003. The previous NBA dancer gave Sutter her final rose top top the finale, which was complied with by a proposal. The couple"s wedding to be chronicled on a three-part TV special later on that year. Today, they have two kids together and also live in Colorado.

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2. Jason Mesnick and also Molly Malaney

Bachelor host Chris Harrison traditionally calls each season the many dramatic yet, yet that accolade likely belongs come Jason Mesnick. The genuine estate agent first appeared on Deanna Pappas" Bachelorette season, going for this reason far regarding propose throughout the finale prior to he to be rejected. Mesnick was later on named the Season 13 lead in 2009, when he fell in love with Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney. The Bachelor proposed to Rycroft and also sent Malaney home—but during the bombshell After the final Rose finale special, Mesnick revealed he changed his mind. He broke up v Rycroft ~ above camera prior to bringing Malaney back for a second chance. She accepted, and they got involved in October 2009. Your February 27, 2010 wedding was documented on ABC. Malaney currently shares custody with Mesnick"s son, Ty, indigenous a previous relationship, and in 2013 the pair had a daughter of their own. Today, the entire family stays in Washington, where Mesnick proceeds to job-related as a actual estate agent and also Malaney is a radio talk display host.

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3. Holly Durst and Blake Julian

After showing up on different seasons of The Bachelor and also The Bachelorette, Holly Durst and Blake Julian eventually uncovered love through each other. Durst lasted a couple of weeks on Matt Grant"s season the The Bachelor, while Julian was a contestant ~ above Ashley Hebert"s Bachelorette season. Lock both went on to compete on Season 2 that Bachelor Pad, a short-lived spin-off series featuring rubbish contestants from previous seasons. Durst got involved to contestant Michael Stagliano, and together they won the season. They finished their engagement prior to the finale, though, and also Stagliano to be blindsided on camera once he learned Durst got involved to Julian. In spite of their complicated start, Durst and also Julian are still married today. After publicly chronicling your infertility struggle, the couple adopted a daughter in 2019.

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4. Sean Lowe and also Catherine Giudici

Sean Lowe ended up being an instant fan-favorite when he vied for Emily Maynard"s final rose on The Bachelorette. He placed 3rd and later ended up being the Season 17 Bachelor lead. Lowe"s faith played a pivotal function in the season, and he infamously used the overnight fantasy suite days to check out his emotional relations with the women—not physical. Lowe proposed to Catherine Giudici on the finale, and they got married during a live TV special on January 26, 2014. After a variety of TV appearances on shows favor Celebrity family Feud, Who wants to be a Millionaire and Celebrity mam Swap (with Jason Mesnick and also Molly Malaney), the couple now resides in Dallas, Texas v their three kids.

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5. Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried

After placing fourth on Sean Lowe"s season, bridal stylist Desiree Hartsock obtained a 2nd chance as soon as she came to be The Bachelorette. The nine season aired in 2013 and also ended through Hartsock getting involved to kris Siegfried. Regardless of finding love on nationwide television, the couple kept their nuptials private. They gained married on January 18, 2015 in Palos Verdes, California. The couple has since related to Seattle, where they live v their 2 kids.

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6. Jade Roper and also Tanner Tolbert

Which Bachelor in Paradise couples are still together? Of every the romances from the spin-off series, Jade Roper and also Tanner Tolbert have one of the most memorable love stories. Together the an initial major success story indigenous Paradise, Roper and Tolbert offer as catalyst for contestants who take trip to Mexico to compete for a 2nd shot at love. Roper first appeared on kris Soules" Bachelor season, when Tolbert had actually a quick stint top top Kaitlyn Bristowe"s. The duo conveniently paired up on Paradise, and also Tolbert proposed during the final episode. They gained married in early on 2016, and also their nuptials were recorded on Season 20 the The Bachelor. They"ve due to the fact that welcomed three youngsters together: Emmy, Brooks and also Reed.

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7. JoJo Fletcher and also Jordan Rogers

Was the love at an initial impression rose? Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher gave Jordan Rogers the very first rose of Season 12, and the former pro-football player was a front-runner for the rest of the show. Fletcher accepted Rogers" proposal throughout the finale, and also the couple embarked top top a irreversible engagement. They speak openly about their decision to not rush marriage, instead concentrating on their foundation off-camera. The pair were collection to wed in 2020, but have postponed lot of times because of the coronavirus pandemic. They"ve because rescheduled your tentative date to 2022.

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8. Rachel Lindsay and also Bryan Abasolo

Despite receiving Nick Viall"s very first impression increased on Season 21 that The Bachelor, Rachel Lindsay was eliminated just prior to the finale. Provided her fan-favorite status, the attorney climate landed the Bachelorette role on Season 13. Like some of the leads before her, Lindsay"s first impression rose recipient later came to be her fiancé. Practically immediately, Lindsay sparked a connection with chiropractor Bryan Abasolo. He received the first and critical roses the the season and proposed during the finale in 2017. 2 years later, the duo obtained married in Mexico—and now, castle reside in Miami, Abasolo"s hometown.

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9. Arie Luyendyk Jr. And Lauren Burnham

In a dramatic twist, Arie Luyendyk Jr."s Bachelor season was reminiscent that Jason Mesnick"s. The racecar driver join the franchise in 2012 as soon as he vied for Emily Maynard"s heart. He changed six years later on as the lead, and an initial proposed to Becca Kufrin. In spite of getting engaged, Luyendyk had a readjust of heart and ended his engagement on-camera ~ revealing his feelings for runner-up Lauren Burnham. That asked Burnham for a 2nd chance, and also the two dated discreetly as the season aired. The proposed during the After the final Rose recap special, and also the two got married in Hawaii in January 2019. Five months later, Burnham provided birth to their daughter. Later on that year, the pair renewed their vows in ras Vegas together a family members of three. In late 2020, they announced their family was expanding once again v twins as result of arrive in summer 2021.

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10. Crow Gates and also Adam Gottschalk

After unsuccessful runs on The Bachelor and also The Bachelorette, crow Gates and also Adam Gottschalk dropped in love top top Bachelor in Paradise. The two won the fourth season by leaving the show in a relationship, though Gottschalk didn"t propose. The couple dated because that two more years prior to getting engaged in may 2019. While they planned to obtain married in 2020, they postponed their date three times due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pair finally claimed "I do" in April 2021 in ~ a minimony in Dallas, Texas.

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11. Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon

It took a couple of tries, however Ashley Iaconetti obtained the happy finishing she dreamy of with Jared Haibon. After an unsuccessful stint on chris Soules" Bachelor season, Iaconetti had her sights collection on Haibon, who was previously on Kaitlyn Bristowe"s season. The 2 crossed paths on Season 2 that Bachelor in Paradise, and also it was love at an initial sight because that Iaconetti… however not for she beau. The pair go on dates off-screen, and also reunited again top top Season 3 that the spin-off. After another failed try, Iaconetti started dating Kevin Wendt on Bachelor Winter Games in 2018 if Haibon filmed Bachelor in Paradise: Australia. Finally, it to be on a trip with Jade Roper and also Tanner Tolbert when Haibon realized his feelings because that Iaconetti. They went public with their connection in may 2018, and also Haibon propose one month later in Mexico. Iaconetti ultimately got the wedding she dreamy of when they got married on august 11, 2019.

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12. Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch

Shortly ~ his breakup v Ashley Iaconetti, Kevin Wendt gave love another shot on Season 5 that Bachelor in Paradise. (The Canadian formerly won the very first season of The Bachelorette Canada, despite his engagement finished shortly after ~ the display aired.) In Mexico, Wendt met Astrid Loch, who was briefly on Nick Viall"s season. In spite of their strong connection in Mexico, the two broke up just prior to the show"s culmination. Lock reconnected off-screen, though, and got involved on august 28, 2019. Like other Bachelorcouples, the pair planned to wed in 2020 yet have due to the fact that rescheduled due to COVID-19. The pair then announced that they to be expecting a infant in might 2021.

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13. Dean Unglert and also Caelynn Miller-Keyes

After a tumultuous operation on Bachelor in Paradise, Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes have since reconciled. Unglert, who very first appeared ~ above Rachel Lindsay"s season, discovered a quick connection with Miller-Keyes, who completed on Colton Underwood"s season. The two hit it off on a day in Mexico and also become among the strongest pairings. A couple of weeks into the season, Unglert shockingly ended the relationship and left paradise. He came earlier a few weeks later to reconnect through Miller-Keyes, and also they left the show together there is no an engagement. The pair climate traveled the world in Unglert"s infamous van while teasing a mystery proposal. The couple hasn"t officially confirmed the status of your relationship, however sources say the two held a commitment consciousness in early 2020. Later that year, the pair opened up to Chris Harrison about their promise rings, v Unglert saying he didn"t require the "husband" location to be cursed to the relationship.

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14. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick are among the most unexpected Bachelor country pairings. Bristowe originally uncovered love on her season the The Bachelorette. The Canadian got involved to Shawn Booth, who obtained her an initial impression climbed on the very first night. The 2 were involved for three years before their loss 2018 breakup. Adhering to the split, Bristowe took she podcast, Off the Vine, on the road to Seattle, whereby she interviewed franchise favorite Olivia Caridi and Tartick. (Caridi appeared on Ben Higgins" season, when Tartick was on Becca Kufrin"s.) in ~ the time, Tartick recently shed the opportunity to end up being The Bachelor come Colton Underwood. Bristowe even campaigned because that Tartick to acquire the function too, however their friendship turned romantic quickly after meeting. The couple went public with their relationship in January 2019. Tartick at some point proposed in may 2021 throughout a disguised podcast taping (where the presented her a chuck 5-carat engagement ring, the biggest in Bachelor country history).

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15. Hannah Godwin and also Dylan Barbour

Dylan Barbour started pursuing Hannah Godwin practically immediately on Season 6 that Bachelor in Paradise. The model, that finished second on Colton Underwood"s season, ended up in a love triangle with Barbour and also Blake Horstmann. ~ multiple dramatic dates, Godwin chose Barbour (who previously showed up on Hannah Brown"s season). They obtained engaged during the finale, which aired in September 2019. Though they paused your wedding planning procedure due to the coronavirus pandemic, they arrangement to relocate in together in san Diego.

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16. Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark

Tayshia Adams made she long-awaited debut asThe Bachelorette after instead of Clare Crawley in so late 2020. The fan-favorite an initial appeared ~ above Colton Underwood"s Bachelor season in 2019. Regardless of making it come the last three, their link didn"t last, and also Adams later appeared on season six of Bachelor in Paradise. She had actually a short-lived partnership with franchisealum john Paul Jones before landing the desire Bachelorette title. Despite falling because that multiple suitors, Adams at some point gave her final rose come Zac Clark. The two had actually a solid connection native the start, and also Clark"s proposal featured a sweet nod to his makeshift hometown day weeks prior. "I love you, Zac Clark," Adams claimed during the emotionally engagement. "And I"ll perform absolutely noþeles to save that substantial smile on your face."

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17. Clare Crawley and Dale Moss

Are Clare Crawley and also Dale Moss together? despite a blatant romance, the two are still an item. The couple left The Bachelorette just a couple of weeks into the season ~ Moss propose in record time. A couple of months later, though, Moss announced their separation on Instagram. The couple sparked rumors of a reconciliation after being spotted travel together, and also eagle-eyed fans also noticed Crawley wearing her engagement ring again in a couple of social media posts. In might 2021, both common photos of each various other on society media, describe their relationship was once again Instagram-official. As of July 2021, sources shown they"re involved once again.

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18. Matt James and also Rachael Kirkconnell

After being actors on Clare Crawley"s season before it was postponed as result of COVID-19 complications, Matt James was tapped together the first-ever black color Bachelor command in in march 2021. He ultimately fell for Rachael Kirkconnell, though photos of her past participation in antebellum parties—themed celebrations of the Antebellum-era south and also of the Confederacy—sparked debate as the season played out. While the 2 left the display in a relationship, differences in worths led lock to separate by the After the last Rose finale special. ~ above the show, Kirkconnell apologized for her actions and also spoke around her anti-racism work. ~ time apart, the 2 have due to the fact that gotten earlier together, as confirmed in multiple interviews. "I think the best way to placed it is that we have the right to have an essential conversations around being in this relationship and also what I require in a partner—especially if that woman isn"t Black—to recognize what comes v me and also my life and being Black," James toldWSJ Magazinein May. "It"s on human being who care about being allies to execute the occupational to be important antiracist.And ns think it"s unfair come leave world without the ability to unlearn and also be better."

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19. Katie Thurston and also Blake Moynes

It was a happy ending for Bachelorette Katie Thurston, who got involved to Blake Moynes ~ above the final episode of she summer 2021 season. Part say it to be fate that lugged the 2 together, together Moynes was formerly a contestant vying because that both Clare Crawley and also Tayshia Adams. Despite showing up midway v Katie"s season, she permitted him come stay and their connection quickly strengthened. And, after ~ an emotional goodbye with fellow contestant Greg Grippo, Katie eventually said "yes" come Moynes" proposal. "My ideal friend. Mine confidant," Thurston composed on their an initial Instagram write-up together. "We are just two weirdos laughing our means through life together. Cheers come the upcoming adventures!" she added, noting the the two arrangement on moving to Moynes" aboriginal Canada in the coming months.