I'm confused around nuclear weapons. A Ted talk I watched, along with several various other sources, every say "a hundreds or therefore nukes will be enough to reason a nuclear winter and also wipeout humanity". But, according to google, there have been end 1000 atom detonations. Why such a discrepancy between these numbers?


A atom winter would be caused, primarily, by the fires that followed a substantial thermonuclear exchange between the atom powers. China, US, Russia, France, an excellent Britain, Israel, India, Pakistan and also a couple of others. Countless of this fires would be brushed up up come actual fire storms and the smoke and ash that would be fed into the top atmosphere. Blocking the sunlight and creating the problems for a nuclear winter. You have the right to not create the conditions for a atom winter by simply detonating also a single huge atom weapon. It has to be a big number that weapons spread out over a big geographic area.

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Not only that, it has to be a big exchange in the right places to begin fires. The US and USSR go out up hundreds of nukes throughout the Cold War. Wikipedia says 520 atmospheric detonations have happened together of 1993 so add a couple more to that and also that's the current number. Plainly they didn't bring about nuclear winter.

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Think the 100 is introduce to if the nukes where spread out across the world in crucial areas. The 1000 past detonations space usually in trial and error sites. Likewise at some suggest atmospheric nuclear experimentation was banned and also only underground tests allowed. This reduce the spread due to the fact that repeated strikes on the same site or secret helps reduce the effects

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The 1815 eruption that Mt Tambora in Indonesia was likely the most an effective in tape-recorded history. This eruption ejected about 40 cubic kilometers of material overall, with number of cubic kilometers of really fine ash lofted right into the stratosphere. Likely several hundred million loads of sulfur dioxide gas was ejected together well. In the atmosphere this is easily converted into really fine sulfuric mountain droplets the travel roughly the globe. If the eruption developed over numerous days, the largest explosion has been approximated to have had actually a strength of 100-200 megatons, based upon reports that rumbling noises in various places of south-east asia. To compare this to the biggest nuclear weapon ever tested, the so-called "Tsar Bomba" with a strength of 50 megatons.

Overall the dust and sulfuric aerosols diminished the average global temperatures about 1 degree C by mirroring incoming sunlight back into space. Mean temperatures in higher latitudes in the northern hemisphere diminished by as lot as 3 degrees. This was well-known as the "Year there is no a Summer." 1-3 degrees may no seem favor much, however it was sufficient to reason frost and snowfall in May and also June, destroying plants in many areas of the world.

A nuclear war in which numerous megatons were detonated might not have actually this type of effect, (or at least not directly.)

Nuclear weapons are usually unify to detonate number of thousand meters over the target zone, therefore maximizing the devastating effect that the heat and also shockwave. Yet this doesn't cause much dust and particulates to be brought into the stratosphere contrasted to a an equipment detonated in ~ or listed below ground level, or contrasted to a volcano eruption.

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However this would most likely ignite extensive fires, and the society chaos that adhered to would stop these fires from gift contained. This could easily wrap the globe in a veil of acting that would certainly lower worldwide temperature sufficient to cause major weather changes and also crop failures.