Nine nations in the people possess a total of 13,082 nuclear weapons. The unified States and Russia account because that 90 percent the them. Since their height in the mid-1980’s, an international arsenals have shrunk by over three-fourths. An ext countries have given up weapons and programs in the past 30 year than have tried to acquire them. The direction is positive, but when you room fleeing a woodland fire the is not just direction yet speed that matters. money is committed to reducing nuclear threats prior to it is also late.

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The hazard of nuclear weapons or fissile products falling right into the wrong hands has greatly increased in the 21st century. Stockpiles the nuclear materials are often loosely guarded abroad, and even the most secure nuclear infrastructure at home have proven to be vulnerable. Over the last two decades plenty of attempts at nuclear theft have actually been documented. Some have come dangerously close come succeeding. The best way to reduce the probability of nuclear terror is come steadily remove the weapons and also the materials used to make them.


People talk around “states favor Iran and also North Korea.” but there are no states prefer Iran and also North Korea. These nations are the last of your kind. Except the eight nations with developed nuclear weapons programs, there room no other nations racing to establish the capability to construct nuclear bombs. If phibìc Korea"s program can be contained, curtailed and also ultimately rolled back, and also the Iran nuclear commitment holds, it would certainly then become possible to talk around the finish of proliferation, the end of the tide that started 76 years earlier with Hiroshima. money grantees are working diligently towards that goal.


The Cold war is long gone, but the nuclear risk remains. Though the possibility of any nation intentionally launching its atom arsenal is low, “the actual nuclear threat to America is one accident,” says the deputy commander of united state nuclear forces. Since inventing the atom bomb, the us alone has had dozens of nuclear close to misses, including dropping two live bombs on north Carolina. In 1995, Russia practically launched that is missiles at the US once it assumed it was under attack. The much longer we keep thousands the nuclear tools in fallible human hands, the better the hazard becomes of a catastrophe past historical experience. 


The questioned Kashmir valley between India and also Pakistan is among the many dangerous places on earth. Deadly skirmishes in between the two sides are frequent occurrences, and also both countries possess nuclear weapons. In a crisis, control of this weapons may be turned over to battlefield commanders, substantially increasing the odds the a nuclear war. Such an exchange would have worldwide impact. The detonation of just one hundred nuclear tools would engulf the earth in a cloud that dust and smoke that would certainly block sunlight. The following nuclear winter could kill food crops, starving a billion people. To protect against this nightmare script we should resolve these conflicts before it is too late.

Total atom Weapons: 13,082

RUSSIA 6,257 | Download report
USA 5,550 | Download report
CHINA 350 | Download report
FRANCE 300 | Download report
UK 225 | Download report
PAKISTAN 150 | Download report
INDIA 150 | Download report
ISRAEL 80 | Download report
NORTH KOREA 20 | Download report
Global nuclear Arsenals over Time
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About the civilization Nuclear tools Stockpile Report

Thirty one years after the end of the Cold War, the world’s an unified stockpiles of nuclear weapons continue to be at unacceptably high levels.

Hans Kristensen and Matt Korda of the Federation that American Scientists are the leading professionals in estimating the dimension of worldwide nuclear weapons inventories. The table is a compilation of your estimates and also analyses, with links to their full reports. These reports are published in The Bulletin the the atomic Scientists" Nuclear Notebook and discussed further at the FAS Strategic defense Blog.

As the writer of these approximates note, the above numbers may not add up due to rounding and also uncertainty about the work statuses and size that the complete inventories. For a full evaluation of how the authors landed on their estimates, please view the noted links for the finish reports.

Current info from these same authors on united state ballistic missile defense is now likewise available.

Updated June 15, 2021.

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