Dozens the students in ~ the university of Notre Dame walked the end of their commencement ceremony Sunday once Vice president Mike Pence took the stage — in protest of the administration and policies he represents.

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Notre Dame students walk the end of the start ceremony as Vice president Mike Pence is presented at Notre Dame stadion on might 21, 2017, in south Bend, Indiana.Santiago Flores / southern Bend Tribune via AP
Dozens that students in ~ the college of Notre Dame walked out of their commencement ceremony Sunday once Vice chairman Mike Pence take it the phase — in protest that the management and plans he represents.

Some members that the bigger crowd cheered the walk-outs on, while rather booed the students that marched the end of gates 27 and 28 that Notre Dame Stadium during the school"s 172nd commencement. The walk-out came prior to the students obtained their degrees, and they were no allowed back in, public representative said.

The move was not entirely unexpected, because the student organization WeStaNDFor had shared your plans front of time. They think that the politics Pence, the former Indiana governor who was raised Catholic, represented contradicted the Catholic society virtues Notre Dame extols.


"He has actually supported plans that have targeted the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us," stated graduate student luis Miranda, a member that the group, called NBC affiliate WNDU before the protest. "These space my classmates; these are my friends; these are our family members members together well. We’re was standing up for them. We’re standing up for your dignity."

South bending Equality, a group participating in the event, expanded further on the details issues that they to be protesting.

Notre Dame students walk out of the start ceremony together Vice chairman Mike Pence is presented at Notre Dame stadium on may 21, 2017, in south Bend, Indiana.Santiago Flores / southern Bend Tribune via AP

"Our members resided in South Bend once Mike Pence to be governor,” the group said in a statement. “We know all too well just how his policies endangered or caused straight harm to public education, wellness care, women’s rights, the environment, LGBTQ individuals, immigrants and also refugees, reproductive rights, regional infrastructure, the economy of our state, and also more.”

Instructions were quite simple: "Sit through a friend in your college," review an invitation titled "Taking earlier Our Commencement."

"Stand up and also walk out when Mike Pence starts to speak," that directed. "Respectfully and also quietly exit the stadium."

Only 50 were intended to take component in the quiet gesture, however reports approximated that an ext than 100 student headed for the exit when Pence, that earned one honorary degree from Notre Dame, walked towards the podium.

There were likewise demonstrators unaffiliated through the graduation ceremony that gathered near the Notre Dame campus to protest the vice president"s presence.

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With 100+ attendees #WalkoutND to be a exorbitant success. Thank you all for the support!

— us StaND for (

Pence"s remarks began as students walked out, but he go not attend to the elephant leaving the room — rather addressing spiritual liberty, chairman Donald Trump’s Sunday morning decided in Saudi Arabia and encouraging management in broad strokes terms.

"University that Notre Dame class of 2017, this is her day," Pence said in closing. "So go, ireland — the future is yours."