Cotton Flower and Little Snow, the infant panda pair at ZooParc de Beauval, will certainly be celebrating your 2 month date of birth! Not only are they energetic and moving, but... Lock are starting to open up their eyes! Little through little, their eyelids are ultimately opening. Your bodies are currently abundantly extended in black and white fur.

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Their weight is perfect on track: that has an ext than double in 1 month: 2.8 kg and 2.7 kg. Still a little method to go before getting here at the 105 kg of their mom Huan Huan!

The setting is always calm and also apart from every the hustle and also bustle behind the scene of the pandas. Beauval's teams of healers and also veterinarians as well as the 2 healers indigenous China take treatment of that as lot as feasible because Huan Huan is quite sensitive at the moment: nothing have the right to distract her from her role as a mother.

Babies spend approximately 3 to 4 hrs on their mommy in turns and also nurse double a day. A everyday bottle was included because Huan Huan does not have enough milk for she 2 tiny ones. It have to be remembered that in nature, the mom panda would certainly probably have abandoned she weakest baby.

Mother and young space not clearly shows to the public, only via display screens in the ZooParc. The babies room still much too delicate to go out right into the out enclosure. Us will need to wait a few months.

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The Neonatal Check-Up of The Spanish Panda pair Confirms Their an excellent Health

September 08, 2021

Madrid, September 7, 2021 - ~ the twin birth that pandas yesterday at Spain’s Zoo Aquarium Madrid, the technical and veterinary team that Zoo Aquarium Madrid in close collaboration with the two reproduction technicians that the Chengdu large Panda Base, have lugged out the an initial neonatal examination in i beg your pardon the umbilical cord was tied and disinfected and they were weighed, v 171.4 and also 137.4 grams, respectively. Together for sex, that is tho unknown since the sexual qualities are not very marked yet. In the comes days, Chengdu technicians will be able to confirm it with better confidence.


The very first eight weeks will certainly be critical for these delicate babies that will be exchanged in one incubator to ensure, individually, the breastfeeding that both in a an are where they will certainly enjoy higher tranquility and well-being that will certainly facilitate your development tiny by little, hence ensuring your survival. Till they open their eyes, begin to pigment their skin in around 20 days and replace the hair through the white lanugo that covers lock in these first days.

It will certainly not be until roughly two and also a half months, once they space usually solid enough, when you can see them and choose a name through Spanish-Chinese symbolism that will be it is registered to a vote with the social networks of the Madrid Zoo.

The conservation of the large Panda in the world

The preservation program, outside its location of origin, lugged out at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium is of vital importance for the survival of this varieties (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) which, thanks to the initiatives of breeding centers and zoological organizations of anyone has controlled to mitigate their threat classification from peril to Vulnerable, follow to the IUCN.

Through the Parques Reunidos Foundation, the Madrid Zoo collaborates with the national Forest organization of China and also the China huge Panda conservation Office in the conservation and reforestation the panda habitat. This task contributes directly to the protection of 67 nature reserves through a total habitat of more than 1.3 million hectares.

The long-awaited happy occasion at ZooParc de Beauval has ultimately arrived!

After long hours of waiting, female Panda Huan Huan, provided birth to pair on Monday, august 2.

The first was born at 1:03am, the second at 1:10am. They are an extremely bright, pink and plump.

The first weighs 149 g. The 2nd weighs 129 g. Everything happened really quickly: the birth take it place about thirty minutes Huan Huan’s water broke. Huan Huan is taking good care of her cubs. She take it them in her mouth to lick them and also clean them. Little cries could be heard! After 8 hours of job for Huan Huan, the ZooParc team erupted with joy at the sight of these little bears.

This dual birth is the happy outcome of a gestation that began last March, complying with the contact between Yuan Zi and also Huan Huan complied with by synthetic insemination brought out by animal reproduction experts from Leibniz-IZW cutting board Hildebrandt and Frank Goeritz and also by Jella Wauters, Belgian veterinarian indigenous Ghent University and Leibniz-IZW.

At 5 p.m., set up in her farrowing lodge, Huan Huan started going right into labor. Then begins the setting up of groups to ensure the finest calving problems for the female. In a corridor, in prior of the lodge, the two Chinese carers constantly watch over her and scrutinize her every gesture and attitude. They speak Chinese to her, and gently encourage her. Mao Min took treatment of Huan Huan and Yuan Zi when they were 6 months old. Both closely note all observations on a statement. At the same time, they examine all the equipment and also incubators that will accommodate the little ones.

The veterinarians, Baptiste M and also Antoine L, are additionally at the bedside the Huan Huan to analysis the progression of the labor. They analyze signs and also changes in posture. Some healers native the panda sector and an ethologist are likewise present to note in genuine time all the attitudes: back versus the wall, rolling in a ball, placing on the back ... In the screening room, concentration and tension room palpable as the bear approaches. All eyes are on the monitors. Calm is felt. Only whispers rest the silence.

“Everyone is focused and also knows precisely what come do. You don't always need to speak to recognize each other in between caretakers and also veterinarians,” declares Delphine Delord, associate director the ZooParc de Beauval, in ~ peace learning birth deserve to mean waiting long hours.

But suddenly, Huan Huan's habits changes. The very first contractions appear. They intensify over the hours. The female stays in a sit position most of the time with her head between her paws. The hrs pass then, suddenly, the the an initial baby is born takes place!

Huan Huan reacts very quickly and also immediately takes treatment of her an initial baby. Her gestures space sure. 

“More skilled than 4 year ago, she knows exactly how to go about it, she protects him. Moreover, we check out that she walk not want to allow go,” rejoices Rodolphe Delord, really moved through this double birth. Then ~ a few minutes, the second is likewise born really quickly, so lot so the it is difficult to check out it ~ above the screens. 

How numerous does Huan Huan have in her mouth?!

Finally, the doubt is easily removed: Huan Huan has 2 babies! 

A round of applause climate arose. 

“We have actually just proficient a moment of rarely intensity. These births are still exceptional, yet they also have their share that surprises! We rejoice in the liveliness the babies, felt native their first moments. These births are additionally the fruit of the efforts of all our teams, who execute their utmost to administer the pets with preferably welfare,” describes Delphine Delord, combine director the the Zooparc de Beauval.

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Now the night is fine under way. A couple of cries of nocturnal animals can it is in heard in the distance. It is now time to let Huan Huan rest and also let the small ones suffer their very first moments… under the watchful eye of the teams.