American Football organization game in between LA Bulldogs and Salinas Packers at Gilmore stadium in Los Angeles, 1937. Bulldogs winner 13-0.

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Photo from LA time Photographic Archive at UCLA Digital Library.

TeamPeriod the Playin/for Los AngelesLeague
Los Angeles Buccaneers 11926National football League
Los Angeles Wildcats 11926American Football organization I*
California Shamrocks1935American Legion soccer League
Hollywood Braves1935American Legion football League
Los Angeles (Southern California) Maroons1935American Legion football League
Westwood Cubs1935American Legion football League
Long coast Eagles1936No organization Affiliation?
Hollywood Stars1936-1938California agree Football League
Los Angeles Cardinals1936No league Affiliation?
San Pedro Longshoremen1936No organization Affiliation?
Los Angeles Bulldogs1937American Football organization II*
Los Angeles Bulldogs1940-1945Pacific coast Professional football League
Hollywood Bears1940-1942, 1946-1947Pacific coastline Professional football League
Los Angeles Mustangs1943-1944Pacific shore Professional football League,American Football league lll*
Hollywood Rangers1944American Football league lll*
Los Angeles Wildcats 21944American Football league lll*
Hollywood Wolves1944Pacific coastline Professional football League
Los Angeles Dons1946-1949All American soccer Conference
Los Angeles Rams 31947-1995National football League
Los Angeles Chargers 41960American Football organization lV*
Long beach Admirals1967Continental football League
Los Angeles Express1983-1985United states Football League
Los Angeles Raiders 51982-1995National soccer League
Los Angeles Cobras1988Arena soccer League
Los Angeles Dragons2000Spring soccer League
Los Angeles Avengers2000-2009Arena football League
Los Angeles Xtreme2001X Football league 7
Los Angeles Lynx 82007National at home Football League
Los Angeles dragons 92010United says Australian soccer League
Los Angeles Kiss 62014-2016Arena football League
Los Angeles Rams 32016-presentNational football League
Los Angeles Chargers 32017-presentNational football League
Los Angeles Wildcats 102019-presentX Football league 6

* there were 4 unrelated leagues over background named "American soccer League."1) view comment crate below.2) No relationship to 1926 team.3) established in Cleveland in 1936, the team relocated to Los Angeles and also L.A. Memorial Coliseum in 1946. It moved to Anaheim stadion in Orange county in 1980 and also to St. Luigi in 1995. The team went back to Los Angeles in 2016.4) In 1960, team relocated to mountain Diego and also the NFL after just one season in Los Angeles, then went back to Los Angeles in 2017 after ~ 57 years.5) founded in Oakland in 1960, the team moved to Los Angeles in 1982. It went back to Oakland in 1995.6) Team actually played in ~ Honda center in Anaheim, California (Orange County).7) League active in 2001. After that disbanded, yet relaunched in 2019.8) Team was dissolved midseason during its inaugural season.9) Australian rule football team. No affiliation through the L.A. Dragon of 2000.10) No relationship to Los Angeles Wildcats the 1926.

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Neither the Los Angeles Buccaneers nor the Los Angeles Wildcats from 1926 ever before actually played any kind of games in Los Angeles. Both teams were roadway teams (the Buccaneers played the end of Chicago and the Wildcats out of Moline, Illinois) yet were named for Los Angeles in order come showcase football talent native California and west shore colleges. According to historian Michael McCambridge in his 2005 publication "America"s game: the epic story of just how pro football caught a nation," the Buccaneers did actually desire to beat in your namesake city, yet could not do so because the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission at the time allowed no skilled games in that is stadium.


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