Riddick salutes Hightower because that opting the end (1:24)Louis Riddick applauds Dont"a Hightower and also other players for opting the end of the NFL season rather of placing others in ~ risk. (1:24)

Sixty-six players have actually opted the end of the 2020 NFL season since of concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif was the an initial to notice his intention come sit out the season, and the deadline come opt out has actually now passed.

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Players taken into consideration high hazard for COVID-19 can earn $350,000 and also an accrued NFL season by selecting to opt out of the season. Football player without risk earn $150,000 for opting out.

Here are the players opting out of the 2020 season, with the latest at the top:

Aug. 6


Shon Coleman, OT, mountain Francisco 49ers

Coleman informed the team that his decision top top Thursday, just prior to the deadline. Coleman joins large receiver Travis Benjamin as the just two Niners come opt out for the season. Coleman is a cancer survivor, who was diagnosed v acute lymphoblastic leukemia as soon as he was 18. The Niners have actually a bit less depth at offensive tackle now yet should be OK through Justin Skule, Daniel Brunskill and Colton McKivitz as depth.


Josh Doctson, WR, brand-new York Jets

Doctson, a first-round choose in 2016, signed through the jets in January. He has actually 81 catches and eight touchdowns in his career.


Malcolm Pridgeon, G, Cleveland Browns

Pridgeon is the third guard in Cleveland come opt out, ~ Colby Gossett and also Drew Forbes. He invested the final 15 mainly of critical season ~ above the Browns" practice squad.


Rashaan Melvin, CB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Melvin, who signed a one-year contract through the Jaguars worth $1.75 million in March, was expected to contend with third-year player Tre Herndon to begin opposite rookie first-round pick CJ Henderson. The 30-year-old Melvin has four interceptions and 41 happen breakups in seven seasons with Baltimore, Indianapolis, Detroit, new England and Oakland. His decision come opt out might open increase a clues on the roster because that rookie Luq Barcoo, among the most sought-after rookie undrafted complimentary agents.


Brad Seaton, OT, Tampa only Buccaneers

Seaton to be a seventh-round choose by the Titans in 2017. He join the Bucs" practice squad later on that year. Seaton began one game in 2019.


Lucas Niang, OT, Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs lost a member of your 2020 draft course after Niang told the team he would opt the end of the 2020 season. The third-round choose from TCU is an attack lineman. That figured in the playing photo at guard together a rookie however eventually can be moved to tackle. The Chiefs have several candidates to start at guard, consisting of veteran free-agent enhancements Kelechi Osemele and Mike Remmers and also Andrew Wylie, a part-time starter critical season.

Aug. 5


Albert Wilson, WR, Miami Dolphins

Wilson ended up being the second Dolphins receiver come opt the end of the 2020 season in as numerous days, following the notice of Allen Hurns top top Tuesday. Wilson, 28, had actually 43 receptions in 2019, i beg your pardon ranked 3rd on the team. The Dolphins have one recipient with an ext than 1,000 job receiving yards on their roster -- DeVante Parker -- i m sorry likely means they will be on the lookout for free-agent help.


Rolan Milligan, S, Indianapolis Colts

Milligan, 25, to be projected together a backup safety behind starters Khari Willis and Malik Hooker. He started the 2019 season top top the exercise squad and contributed 15 tackles in his an initial full NFL season.


Marvell Tell, CB, Indianapolis Colts

Tell, a fifth-round draft choose in 2019, was projected in a depth function in the protective backfield because that the Colts. He had actually 23 tackles and also five overcome defensed together a rookie last season.


Sam Beal, CB, brand-new York Giants

Beal, 23, was expected to be in the starting mix together with second-year cornerback Corey Ballentine for a starting spot the contrary offseason acquisition James Bradberry. Picked in the third round of the supplemental draft prior to the 2018 season, he missed his rookie year through a shoulder injury. Beal i do not care the third Giants player to take the opt-out route, joining attack tackle Nate Solder and wide receiver/kick returner Da"Mari Scott.


Russell Bodine, C, Detroit Lions

The Lions had their 3rd player opt out of the 2020 season as veteran attack lineman Bodine has decided to not play this season. The 28-year-old signed through the Lions in the offseason after being out of the organization last year ~ being cut by brand-new England on Sept. 6. Prior to last season, Bodine had been a starter yearly in the organization at center, playing four seasons with the Bengals and also one through the Bills. A fourth-round choose in 2014, Bodine was intended to contend for what was most likely the back-up center spot behind starter open minded Ragnow.

Aug. 4


Travis Benjamin, WR, mountain Francisco 49ers

Benjamin opted out of the 2020 NFL season, announcing his decision Tuesday night on Twitter. Benjamin is the an initial member of the 49ers to opt the end for the season and his notice comes someday after general manager man Lynch said he hadn"t yet had actually a conversation v a player who had actually planned to opt out. Benjamin, 30, was meant to complete for a roster spot at wide receiver and, likely, as a returner in what would have actually been his first season with the 49ers. He had previously played for san Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan as soon as Shanahan to be the Cleveland Browns" offensive coordinator in 2014.


Colby Gossett, G, Cleveland Browns

Gossett, 25, spent lot of last season ~ above the practice squad because that the Browns, together he was supported to the energetic roster right prior to Cleveland"s season finale. The played 5 games together a rookie because that the Cardinals in 2018 after gift drafted by the Vikings in the sixth round out of Appalachian State. The Browns have actually lost a pair the back-up guards come the opt-out in Forbes and now Gossett. Cleveland is all of sudden thin on the inside of the offensive line, particularly at right guard behind Wyatt Teller, who just started the back-half of last season.


Ukeme Eligwe, LB, ras Vegas Raiders

Eligwe join the Raiders as a complimentary agent ~ above Dec. 19, and also though he was on the 53-man roster critical season"s final two games, that was never active. Eligwe, that played in a an unified 24 gamings for the Chiefs and Giants in 2017 and 2018, was an i can not qualify candidate to make las Vegas" roster this season.


Marcus Gilbert, OT, Arizona Cardinals

Gilbert, 32, became the an initial Cardinals player come opt the end of the season. Gilbert endured a torn ACL just before Week 1 and also missed the 2019 season after ~ he was traded from the Steelers come the Cardinals in march 2019. He agreed to a one-year resolve Arizona this March.


Allen Hurns, WR, Miami Dolphins

Hurns is the first Dolphins player come opt the end so far. Hurns, 28, had 32 catches, 426 yards and also two touchdowns critical season. The was intended to do the roster as the Dolphins" No. 4 or No. 5 receiver this season.


Skai Moore, LB, Indianapolis Colts

Moore is the first Colts player to opt the end of the season. One undrafted totally free agent in 2018, he invested the bulk of his two periods on the team"s exercise squad and was going to have a difficult time making the roster this season due to a invited linebacker position.


Andrew Billings, DT, Cleveland Browns

The Browns signed Billings this offseason on a one-year deal to combat their absence of depth increase front critical year. The would"ve been Cleveland"s top reserve defensive tackle, behind starters Sheldon Richardson and Larry Ogunjobi.

Aug. 3


D.J. Killings, DB, ras Vegas Raiders

Killings spent the 2019 season on injured reserve after suffering a take it pectoral early on in cultivate camp. Valoaga go not authorize with the Raiders till the season"s last week and also was inactive for the season finale.


Jeremiah Valoaga, DE, las Vegas Raiders

While both Killings and also Valoaga opted out, neither was intended to make the Raiders" roster this season. In fact, no played because that the Raiders last season. Valoaga go not sign with the Raiders until the season"s last week and was inactive because that the season finale.


Jordan Lucas, S, Chicago Bears

Lucas, that the bears signed come a one-year deal, was supposed to contend for among the club"s backup safety spots. Chicago guarantee Lucas $340,000 because that the 2020 season at the moment of his signing, a clean indication the Bears considered the veteran a solid contender to make the final 53-man roster. The bear signed several safeties in totally free agency, including Lucas, after critical year"s starter Ha Ha Clinton-Dix left because that the Cowboys.


Josh Harvey-Clemons, LB, Washington football Team

Harvey-Clemons was going to need to fight to knife a roster spot this season. He to be a backup linebacker in his first three seasons, playing mostly in below packages in a coverage role. However with Washington switching to a 4-3 and having drafted one linebacker and also signed two others -- plus perhaps getting earlier Reuben Foster -- Harvey-Clemons challenged a difficult battle.


Ja"Wuan James, OT, Denver Broncos

James has actually informed the team the he will opt out of the 2020 season. James, 28, to be entering the second year the a four-year, $51 million address Denver. The was limited to three gamings last season since of take it ligaments in his knee. That tweeted a statement Monday, speak it was "tough, yet the appropriate decision" and cited "too lot unknown about this virus & about plans managing it going forward."


Christian Miller, OLB, Carolina Panthers

Miller believes the he is in ~ a high threat for COVID-19. The 24-year-old was drafted come play outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme, but with the Panthers moving ago to a 4-3 this season he was thought about a back-up edge rusher.

Aug. 2


Geronimo Allison, WR, Detroit Lions

Allison, who signed v Detroit this offseason, was intended to compete for a depth roster spot on the exterior behind Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones. With Allison out, one more free-agent signee, Geremy Davis, and also third-year pro Chris Lacy could have great shots at a spot. The could additionally open increase a bigger role for rookie Quintez Cephus. Allison is the 2nd Detroit player to opt out, joining protective tackle man Atkins.


Da"Mari Scott, WR, brand-new York Giants

Scott, a vast receiver and also kick returner, became the second Giants player to opt the end of the season.


Jamize Olawale, FB, Dallas Cowboys

Olawale became the 3rd Cowboy to opt out of the season, involvement cornerback Maurice Canady and large receiver Stephen Guidry. Olawale has actually been the Cowboys" starting fullback the past two seasons, and also the team choose up his 2020 option earlier in the offseason.


Matt LaCosse, TE, brand-new England Patriots

LaCosse raises the Patriots" full of opt-out football player to eight, i beg your pardon is quickly the many of any team in the league. He was entering his second year with the Patriots and also sixth in the NFL. LaCosse played in 11 gamings last season in new England, totaling 13 receptions because that 131 yards and one touchdown. He to be projected to be on the roster again this year, complementing rookie tight end Devin Asiasi and also Dalton Keene, both of whom the Patriots traded increase to select in the 3rd round the the NFL draft.


E.J. Gaines, CB, Buffalo Bills

Gaines, 28, missed every one of last season as result of a main point muscle injury. The receipt re-signed Gaines to a one-year transaction in March and also were expecting the five-year veteran to provide depth in your secondary.

Aug. 1


Lerentee McCray, DE/LB, Jacksonville Jaguars

McCray came to be the 2nd Jaguars player to opt out through his announcement on Saturday. McCray, who signed a one-year contract worth $1.047 million in March, is among the Jaguars" main point special-teams players. He has actually 2.5 sacks in minimal defensive reps through the Jaguars end the past two seasons.


C.J. Mosley, LB, brand-new York Jets

The Jets middle linebacker hasn"t commented publicly, however a source said Mosley was opting the end of the season since of family health reasons. In a expectancy of a week, the Jets have actually lost their height two football player on defense because that the season. Castle traded All-Pro safety and security Jamal Adams come the Seahawks top top July 25, and now Mosley is gone. Mosley let go 14 gamings last season since of a groin injury that compelled surgery.


Marqise Lee, WR, new England Patriots

Lee claimed Saturday the he has determined to opt the end of the 2020 season, becoming the seventh Patriots player to do so. No NFL team has actually had more players opt the end of the season. Lee, 28, became a first-time father in February, and also said protecting his child daughter, Alia, and also family was at the main point of his decision. "This is a large sit-down procedure I had, through me and also my far-ranging other, as far as family goes. The risk variable in i beg your pardon we believe that"s going out there, it simply wasn"t precious it in a sense. Just too countless unknowns," Lee said audioeditorfree.com.

July 31


Chandler Brewer, OT, Los Angeles Rams

Rams tackle Chandler Brewer has actually opted out for the 2020 NFL season, according to an main team release. "With my background with non-Hodgkin"s lymphoma, i am in ~ high risk and will opt the end of play in the NFL this season," Brewer said, per the Rams website. "I would choose to give thanks to the Rams for their support and also I look front to getting ago on the ar in 2021 and also beyond."


Al Woods, DT, Jacksonville Jaguars

The run-stuffing defensive tackle signed a one-year contract v the Jaguars in March after spending the 2019 season through Seattle. The Jaguars struggled against the run in 2019 (139 yards per game allowed), particularly after Marcell Dareus went down with a sporting activities hernia. Woods was going to take it Dareus" clues in the center of the protective line, a spot that will most likely now it is in manned by Abry Jones and rookie Davon Hamilton, that was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list previously this week.


Isaiah Prince, OT, Cincinnati Bengals

Prince showed up in four games v the dolphin in 2019 before he was at some point released. The Bengals picked him up toward the end of the season with hopes of having actually him together a depth option relocating forward. He to be inactive because that Cincinnati"s final four games of last season. Prince to be slotted to it is in a back-up tackle in 2020.


Josh Tupou, DT, Cincinnati Bengals

Tupou signed a one-year attend to the Bengals after the team made the a restricted cost-free agent in the offseason. Tupou showed up in all 16 gamings last season and made 7 starts. The third year-veteran"s role increased in 2019 as the Bengals dealt with injuries and also a lack of depth in the interior defensive line. If Tupou had actually played this year, he can have listed more depth come a unit that added D.J. Reader during free agency. Tupou was set to earn $2.1 million this season.

July 29


John Atkins, DT, Detroit Lions

Atkins has actually opted out of the 2020 season, the an initial Lions player to do so. The 6-foot-3, 322-pound Atkins, 27, has played in 14 career games for the Lions. The Georgia product started six games for Detroit last season, making 20 tackles. Atkins was a candidate for a backup spot ~ above the roster this season, one of the couple of holdovers from a revamped inner of the Lions" protective line.


Damien Williams, RB, Kansas City Chiefs

Williams has opted the end of the 2020 season, general manager Brett Veach stated Wednesday. Williams, 28, led the Chiefs in rushing critical season v 498 yards and five touchdowns. That scored two touchdowns in Kansas City"s super Bowl success over the san Francisco 49ers.


Drew Forbes, G, Cleveland Browns

Forbes, a 2019 sixth-round pick, was intended to contend for the back-up spot at ideal guard this season behind Wyatt Teller, who started the back half of the 2019 season.


Drake Dorbeck, OT, Cleveland Browns

Dorbeck is one undrafted complimentary agent from southerly Miss. He began 34 gamings in college.


Nate Solder, OT, new York Giants

In a statement post to Twitter, the 32-year-old Solder cited household concerns, including his son dealing with cancer and also his very own bout with cancer. Solder also has a newborn son. He said he "will deeply miss out on my teammates, coaches and also everyone in the Giants organization." Solder, that won two Super Bowls with the Patriots, signed a four-year, $62 million contract v the Giants, through $35 million guaranteed, in march 2018. At the time, the made the the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

July 28


Jason Vander Laan, TE, brand-new Orleans Saints

Vander Laan, 27, was set to fight for a backup/special teams job on the Saints" roster after showing up in two gamings with them critical season and also spending time ~ above their practice squad. The fifth-year journeyman also appeared in 4 games v the Colts in 2017.

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Devin Funchess, WR, eco-friendly Bay Packers

Funchess, who had actually first-hand suffer with COVID-19 this offseason if caring for family members members that contracted the virus, has opted the end of the 2020 season. The 26-year-old veteran to be the just experienced addition the Packers made to their receiving corps, which was perceived as one of the couple of weaknesses top top a team that reached the NFC Championship game last season.