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On April 19, 2017, 27-year-old Aaron Hernandez was uncovered hanging in his prison cell. The suicide of the former brand-new England Patriots star shocked the people of sports.

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The death of Aaron Hernandez isn"t the just suicide to affect the world of sports. Researchers have actually looked right into the link between suicide and athletic mind trauma, especially chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as well together other factors like depression, together The American newspaper of Sports medicine reported.

Here"s 6 other sports stars the took their very own lives.


Retired soccer player small Seau shot himself in the chest in might 2012. His self-destruction made headlines when the 43-year-old"s brain was tested post-mortem at the behest the his family. Doctors found out the he had degenerative brain disease, CTE, together reported by The Los Angeles Times.

“The finding underscores the recognized need for additional research to advice a fuller expertise of CTE. The NFL, both directly and also in partnership v the NIH, Centers for an illness Control and also other leading organizations, is cursed to supporting a wide variety of elevation medical and also scientific research study that will certainly both deal with CTE and promote the long-term health and safety of athletes at every levels," said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello after ~ the report.


Like Seau, previous NFL lineman Shane Dronett was uncovered to have actually CTE once he killed himself. In 2009, the committed suicide at the period of 38. His family members shared that he had displayed strange behavioral and personality alters leading up to the suicide, follow to CNN. 

"He woke up in the center of the night and also started screaming and also told everyone to run out the the house," stated his wife about one together incident. "He thought that someone was blowing up our house. The was really frightening."


In respectable 2011, Winnipeg jets forward stack Rypien was found dead in his residence in Canada. The 27-year-old was reportedly struggling with depression because that a decade prior to his death and tried come conceal his suffering, follow to the Winnipeg free Press.


Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley was discovered dead in his home in September 2010. The 23-year-old was found by a mrs friend v a self-inflicted gunshot wound come the chest as ESPN reported. Later, news surfaced that McKinley had significant gambling debts and asked previous teammate Tom Brandstater to loan the money, common The Denver Post. The gun he offered in the self-destruction was to buy from an additional teammate, Jaffar Gaffney.

“Kenny saw Vegas a lot. Sometimes he won, yet mostly he lost lots the money,” Brandstater said investigators. “Kenny took the end a heat of credit transaction in Vegas, and they are trying to collect from him.”

In December 2012, linebacker Jovan Belcher fired a bullet right into his right temple. His final statements were about trying to settle his strained partnership with his fiance, together USA this particular day reported.

"You recognize that I"ve been having actually some significant problems in ~ home and with mine girlfriend. I require help! i wasn"t able to get sufficient help. Ns appreciate whatever you all have done because that me through trying to aid … yet it wasn"t enough. I have actually hurt my girl currently and ns can"t go earlier now," he reportedly told Kansas Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli. Before killing self in front of Pioli, the 25-year-old fatally shoot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins.

In September 2011, depression supposedly drove hockey player wade Belak to take it his very own life. The 31-year-old was found in the 1 King West Hotel and Residence in Toronto, report the CBC. Belak"s fatality came around the very same time together hockey players Derek Boogaard and also Rick Rypien.

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“While the situations of each case are unique, this tragic occasions cannot it is in ignored,” N.H.L. Commissioner, Gary Bettman, and the N.H.L. Players Association’s executive, management director, Don Fehr, said in a statement, according to The brand-new York Times. “We room committed to examining, in detail, the factors that may have added to these events, and also to determining whether concrete steps deserve to be taken to boost player welfare and minimize the likelihood of such events taking place.”

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