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Josh McDaniels looms big once again

Former Patriots executive Jack Easterby, that ironically was carried into the Houston company by O"Brien, has enormous influence in that organization right now and also is likely to straight both hires. That has fueled some speculation the a Nick Caserio/Josh McDaniels pairing in Houston, yet McDaniels still carries some baggage indigenous the Indianapolis fiasco that a couple of years ago.

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McDaniels is a guy on who you"d need to sell ownership if you want to hire him, which us aren"t also sure Easterby does. Easterby and McDaniels did have actually a relationship once in brand-new England together, for this reason the connection is precious watching. And also winning with camer Newton in ~ quarterback the season after ~ Tom Brady left would remind anyone why McDaniels is therefore well regarded as an offensive mind in the an initial place.


Hot seat in Detroit

Detroit is emotion the warm internally. World there recognize the coaching staff have to make a spirited push, v the mainly 6 victory over Jacksonville easing stress and anxiety temporarily. Lions brass wants to view the Matt Patricia era work, but Detroit"s propensity because that relinquishing leads has become a large concern.

Patricia and GM Bob Quinn entered this season knowing they likely had actually to victory to store their jobs, and they"re 2-3 therefore far. Quinn and also Patricia were a promise pair with new England"s championship pedigree. Quinn, the previous Patriots manager of pro scouting, assisted hire Patricia, then the Patriots" defensive coordinator, in 2018. That synergy has actually helped both sides remain united on personnel decisions, yet synergy doesn"t matter much once the record is 11-25-1 together. Maybe it will start to pay off in the next few weeks.


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Saving jobs in Chicago?

The Bears are 5-1, somehow, and also a run to the playoffs could spare not only coach Matt Nagy but likewise GM Ryan Pace, regardless of the terrible outcome of the Mitchell Trubisky pick. Most world with who we"ve talked think the Nagy/Pace pairing gets one more year in ~ least, which way another shot to shot to settle the quarterback case there.

The way the Bears space playing, lock aren"t going to have a an extremely high pick with which to perform it.


Is Anthony Lynn for sure in L.A.?

While the Chargers appear headed for another disappointing season, the feeling approximately the league is that Lynn will certainly get more time ... For now. The organization loves Lynn, and he hasn"t shed the locker room.

He"s 3-13 the past two year in games determined by 7 points or fewer, however. A 2nd consecutive season together a noncontender can force the organization"s hand, specifically as it tries to drum up attention from the Los Angeles fan base.

The appearance of rookie quarterback Justin Herbert might buy Lynn time. Herbert has actually flashed star potential through four starts and also has a great rhythm through offensive coordinator Shane Steichen. The Chargers can not want to disrupt that.


Could Joe Burrow be play for someone else in Cincy?

At 3-18-1 therefore far, second-year coach Zac Taylor hasn"t impressed, yet he came in with tiny experience and plenty of roster holes, and you have to think the historically patience Bengals are willing come live v his cultivation pains. That said, every little thing is about rookie quarterback Burrow now. And also if the franchise it s okay to the end of the season and decides Taylor isn"t the male to shepherd Burrow to permanent NFL success, it absolutely can look elsewhere.

The Bengals seem to it is in in every game, yet they don"t win countless of them. Taylor"s offense has helped Burrow put up solid counting stats (1,617 pass yards, sixth in the NFL), yet Burrow is on speed to it is in sacked 64 times and also his 50.1 complete QBR ranking 26th in the league. Taylor must obtain it addressed by season"s end.


There"s always a surprised ...

Everybody you speak to around this stuff says that every year. "There"s constantly a surprise." and if we knew where the surprises would certainly come from ... Well, lock wouldn"t it is in surprises. Yet look in ~ a situation such as Minnesota, where well-regarded coach Mike Zimmer is in his seventh season, winner a road playoff video game last season and just had actually his contract prolonged through 2023.

There"s no indication native anyone trustworthy that Zimmer is in any immediate trouble. Yet he is 1-5 through a team that had playoff aspirations and also has a ton that money sunk into its quarterback. If things continue to go this badly, the expansion isn"t most likely to keep him safe.

Put Minnesota on your back-burner clock list, together with long-shot possibilities such together the Cowboys providing up on Mike McCarthy after only one year, or bill Belichick retiring in new England. No concrete reason to suppose it together of now, various other than weird points happen.


Who"s gained next? Candidates for head-coach openings

OK, you desire to know who the candidates room going to be because that these openings? We"ve currently addressed Bieniemy, who seems the most likely hire. After that, there"s a good bit that buzz about Titans attack coordinator Arthur Smith, who"s most likely to acquire multiple interviews. One big reason why? He"s an excellent at what Kyle Shanahan is good at: developing explosive plays there is no a leading quarterback. Only Dallas is producing more yards per game than Tennessee"s 422, in spite of the Titans" ranking 11th in happen offense. Must Smith leave, invoice O"Brien, who provided Mike Vrabel his very first NFL coaching job, can be a favorite to join Vrabel"s staff as attack coordinator if that"s what that wants. O"Brien also could rotate out to it is in the head-coach apologize of part team"s eye, it is in it one NFL team or a university team.

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Others names we"ve heard incorporate Bills attack coordinator Brian Daboll, Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer (word is the Seattle society has been an excellent for him, and convincing Pete Carroll come "Let Russ Cook" has actually been no little accomplishment), Ravens attack coordinator Greg Roman, Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and, together usual, McDaniels.

The Seahawks have actually one that the NFL"s finest offenses under coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.AP Photo/Ted S. Warren