At Newport Creamery, we think food need to be as fun as the dining experience. We market a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere and also tasty traditions - choose our big Beef Burgers, our very own locally made ice cream cream, and also the classic Awful Awful. Generations have involved love our an excellent Mood Food, superior value and attentive customer service. We space the place where families, friends and memories meet. Newport Creamery is whereby we make the tasty traditions and also you do the memories.

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The Newport Creamery has a wealthy history. The company's roots date back to 1928 as soon as Samuel Rector, that was currently in the milk business, took over a dairy products on valve Zandt path in Newport, Rhode Island and became a wholesale milk distributor. 4 years later, in 1932, Mason Rector (Samuel's son) join the business. In this year, the company also entered the retail service when it started to supply milk house-to-house ~ above Acquidneck Island. The business grew and also prospered as the company focused on offering quality service to the customers.

In 1940, the Rectors opened what was defined as a "Milk Bar", serving ice cream. The location of this "Milk Bar" is the specific location of the Company's flagship restaurant and plant - 208 West key Road in Middletown, Rhode Island. With the opened of this an initial store, the Newport Creamery's ice cream business was currently beginning.

Due to the battle years and also rationing, the Rectors were no in a place to thrive the organization until the late 1940's. In 1948, the agency opened its 2nd restaurant in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The Company's third restaurant, which featured, for the first time, a broader menu giving food, was opened in 1953 in Providence.

Under the leadership of Mason Rector and also his boy Peter Rector, the company expanded restaurants transparent Rhode Island and surrounding locations including parts of Massachusetts and also Connecticut.

Eventually, the Rectors offered the Newport Creamery's restaurant and also operations. ~ a few tough years because that the Company, the entire company was offered at auction after ~ the previous owner filed bankruptcy.

The Jan service providers purchased the company in December 2001, and also have owned and operated it since. There are at this time 10 places (8 in Rhode Island and 2 in Massachusetts).

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Throughout 80 years, Newport Creamery has actually been a part of the Southern new England landscape, continually focusing its attention towards providing quality food and service in ~ a reasonable price.