LeBron James has actually lived approximately the hype in his NBA career and also has verified worthy of gift in the GOAT conversations. The King has actually reached NBA Finals a whopping ripe times in his career, including eight times in a row from 2011-2018.

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While LeBron’s 3-6 Finals record doesn’t look at all that impressive, all those casualty aren’t on him. He has actually actually been quite spectacular in numerous of his Finals defeats. And, the course, he has been the driving force behind three championships, consisting of the historic 2016 title through the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Let’s rank LeBron James’ ripe NBA Finals appearances.

9. 2011 vs. Mavs (Heat lost 4-2)

2011 to be LeBron James’ first trip to the NBA Finals after taking his talents to south Beach. Regrettably for James, he and also the remainder of the Miami Heat’s big Three were outclassed by Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks, v the Mavs upsetting the warm in six games.

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After being under 3-1, The King muscled his method to back-to-back 41-point performances in gamings 5 and 6 prior to eventually to win it every in game 7, featuring his remarkable chase-down block that Andre Iguodala in the waning moments. LeBron showcased yet another all-around performance throughout the series, together he achieved arguably among the best success in his skilled career and also his finest Finals performances ever.