The January 6 insurrection at the nation"s Capitol structure prompted regulation enforcement officials to speak to in extra help, specifically as the presidential inauguration approached and with a brand-new administration acquisition over.

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The Washington national Guard was one team to answer that call. Nearly five months later, as D.C. Has grown fairly quiet, they"re quiet there through riot gear, just in case.

"It"s no the craziness that it was and we"re thankful that it isn"t," claimed Sgt. Kyle Conley through the Washington national Guard. "We"re simply all happy to be below to support the Capitol Police, however we"re also looking forward to coming back."

Sgt. Conley has been a member of the nationwide Guard for eight years. He recently hit a couple of milestones: began a job at a Kirkland-based trucking company; bought a house; gained a brand-new puppy. Yet instead of spending time v those milestones, Conley is amongst a few hundred nationwide Guard members that were activated and also sent come D.C.

It"s merely the most recent activation in one "unpresented" year because that the Washington national Guard that has actually sent members to every little thing from wildfires to the nation"s capitol.

“It"s just been about eight month now, and also this is one of many activations (for me)," Conley said. "It’s sort of unheard of.

"To placed in a various way, in mine eight years, 7 of those (activations) have been occasional activations, or standby because that an activation. And then suddenly, it"s prefer you"re getting your whole eight year worth in one year."

Historic year

The deployment come Washington, D.C., is simply the tip of an activation iceberg. In a common year, the guard activates around 150 members to tackle wildfires, floods, or election security.

After the pandemic struck in 2020, the Guard has consistently activated at least 1,000 members at a time, through a peak of 4,500 activations in June.

On optimal of the usual support for natural disasters, the guard was caused for civil unrest, and a range of pandemic needs: food banks, Covid trial and error sites, contact tracing, and also mass inoculation sites. When the state"s Employment security Department was faced with overwhelming unemployment cases (and substantial fraud), the safety was sent to help there, too.


When 2021 come along, Covid instance numbers appeared to it is in lowering (at the time) in Washington state. That"s when a revolt struck the nation"s Capitol Building, prompting the nationwide Guard come send that members across the country.

From Washington state to Washington, D.C.

The Washington national Guard activated 400 members come deploy to D.C. Soon after January 6. Castle were originally sent as support as D.C. Prepared for a presidential inauguration. The Guard has maintained a presence ever since and also are slated to stay until mid-May.

Units have actually been switched out, but 135 members indigenous Washington remain in D.C.


“We"re in ~ the among the Senate buildings near the Capitol, and we"re just standby," Conley said. "We"re there, physically present, all set to respond in instance anything to be to happen.”

Being ~ above "standby" is precisely what the sounds prefer — waiting in case the Capitol police contact on them for assistance.

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“We have riot equipment near united state in situation we should put that on and go out," Conley said. "We try to fill up the moment with training. Through that riot control stuff, there"s several processes and whatnot … therefore we"re no twiddling our thumbs every day.

"We"re right here to support the Capitol police till it"s understood that we"re no much longer needed."