For numerous of us—including those of us who favor our blood sugar to remain fairly stable—doughnuts room a once-in-a-while treat. Room they nutritionally bankrupt? Sure. But fried dough laced v every sort of flavor, from chocolate to bacon, is also delicious. You might even pick to indulge just in honor of nationwide Doughnut Day, i beg your pardon is observed every year on the an initial Friday that June.

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Curiously, a 2nd National Doughnut work pops up just five months later, on November 5. Us don"t have two Thanksgivings, 2 Halloweens, or also two National warm Dog Days. So why carry out doughnuts acquire to insurance claim two dates?

It helps to know just how the June day originated: During world War I, volunteers that wanted to support troops to be charged through preparing food to supply to soldiers ~ above the prior lines in France. The Salvation military dispatched more than 250 females there, who discovered that battle-tested helmets were perfect because that frying up to seven doughnuts in ~ a time.

In 1938, the Salvation army decided come honor these proclaimed "doughnut lassies" by recognizing an yearly pastry holiday the could additionally raise awareness (and money) for their charitable efforts. Nationwide Doughnut Day to be born.

Cover of the Salvation military Magazine "War Cry" from November 9, 1918, showing "Doughnut Dollies," the American volunteer serving in France.Wikimedia Commons // publicly Domain

Its calendar doppelgänger is harder come trace. Follow to food holiday historian John Bryan Hopkins, that cataloged numerous fringe holidays because that his site Foodimentary beginning in 2006, mentions of the November Doughnut Day could be found as beforehand as the 1930s in duplicates of Ladies" house Journal. Hopkins speculated the the November 5 date is close sufficient to Veterans day on November 11 the a sleeve outlet likely introduced the day to recognize their service.

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While no all doughnut chains (or connoisseurs) celebrate both dates, brands prefer Dunkin" and Krispy Kreme have actually been known to offer doughnuts away on both dates. However considering June"s date has a proven—and noble—lineage, many world consider the the an ext official that the two holidays.

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