Your finish guide to Every Pet holiday in 2021!

August 26th is National Dog day — you"ve probably heard that it. But have friend heard of Fancy Rat and also Mouse Day on November 12th, or just how about National pet Bird Day on September 17th?

Here in ~ Time come Pet, that feels choose every work is a pet holiday! We obtain pretty excited about celebrating our pet (and the pets our customers are taking treatment of) whenever we can. A many of civilization are acquainted with the major pet holidays prefer the aforementioned National Dog Day, PSI"s Take your Dog to job-related Day, National pet Day, and Adopt a sanctuary Pet Day, yet there room many more pet holidays come celebrate. We"ve make a big list (over 150) the pretty much every pet vacation there is!


But pet holidays aren"t only around dancing about the home with her cat that happens to be dressed like a pirate—National Meow prefer Pirate Day, September 19th. They space also an excellent opportunity for pet treatment businesses to make some great content for their blogs, emails, and social media channels. If friend are ever running the end of cute pet images to write-up on your Instagram or facebook (highly unlikely, us know), you can constantly share a pets holiday! You could want to bookmark this calendar and also check it the end every month. Because that more good info on an enhancing your digital presence, examine out our blog short article on regional SEO For her Dog Walking and also Pet sit Business.

Here is our perform of over 150 pet holidays to celebrate in 2020!




Start the brand-new year off with some fun! check out this January pet holidays, like nationwide Dress Up your Pet Day and also National Answer her Cat’s concern Day!

January 2nd - national Pet Travel security DayJanuary 24th - change a Pet"s Life Day




February might be best known for Valentine"s Day, yet there space some other an excellent opportunities to present your pets part love through all these great holidays!

Dog Training education MonthNational Cat wellness MonthNational stop a Litter MonthResponsible Pet owners MonthFebruary 7th -14th - have actually a Heart because that Chained dog Week




Did you the Saint Gertrude of Nivelles is the patron saint of cats? have you ever before wondered what it would be choose if pets had actually thumbs? examine out every these good pet holidays in March!

Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig MonthMarch 14th - nationwide Spider DayMarch 30th - take a go in the Park Day



April is action packed v over 20 pets holidays! If you live throughout the pond, it"s nationwide Pet Month!

National Pet very first Aid Awareness MonthApril 6th - nationwide Siamese Cat DayApril 8th - national Dog Fighting Awareness DayApril 11th - national Pet DayApril 24th - Hairball Awareness DayApril 26th - nationwide Kids and also Pets DayApril 26 - national Pet parental Day



Responsible animal Guardian MonthMay fourth -10th - Puppy Mill action Week.May 10th - national Dog Mom’s DayMay 14th - global Chihuahua evaluation DayMay 30th - international Hug her Cat Day



June is all around the cats! It"s Adopt-a-Cat Month, with various other special cat days like national Garfield the Cat Day and Cat civilization Domination Day!

June 7th with 13th - Pet appreciation WeekJune ninth - people Pet Memorial DayJune 19th nationwide Garfield the Cat DayJune 24th - Cat world Domination Day.


Adding cat sitting to the services you market is good way come attract new business! If you"re looking to increase your cat sitting an abilities during Adopt-a-Cat Month, check out ours blog write-up on Cat sitting Tips for pet Sitters!



The fourth of July could be her pet"s least favorite holiday through all the fireworks, yet the rest of the month is all about celebrating them!

Dog residence Repair MonthJuly 4th - freedom Day - A ruff day because that pets! The loud noise of fireworks can cause dogs come panic and also sometimes run away. Store your pet calm and safe!July 5th - pet Remembrance DayJuly 10th - nationwide Kitten DayJuly 11th - All-American Pet photograph Day.July 16th - human being Snake DayJuly 16th - Guinea Pig appreciation DayJuly 26th - national Dog Photography day - UK

Take a look at our blog post on Pet sit on the 4th of July because that info around how to collection your fees and policies.



With nationwide Dog job on august 26th, DOGust is guaranteed to be a great month!

August first - DOGust global Birthday for sanctuary DogsAugust fifth - occupational Like a Dog DayAugust 10th - Spoil your Dog DayAugust 17th - national Black Cat evaluation DayAugust 22nd - national Take her Cat to the Vet Day



Welcome Fall and get all set to party! September is packed full of pet holidays like nationwide Hug your Hound Day and also the World’s largest Pet Walk!

Happy Cat MonthNational pet Insurance MonthResponsible Dog ownership MonthSeptember 1st - Ginger Cat appreciation DaySeptember 13th - nationwide Hug her Hound DaySeptember 19th - nationwide Meow like a Pirate DaySeptember 20th - 26th - national Dog Week. Last complete week in SeptemberSeptember 20th - 26th - hearing deactivated Dog Awareness Week. Last full week in September



There is plenty come celebrate in October! You have the right to party through your pets all month and also then dress up favor them ~ above Halloween! What kind of dog does Dracula have? A bloodhound!

National animal Safety and Protection MonthNational Pet health MonthNational Pit Bull Awareness MonthOctober 1st - national Fire Pup DayOctober 1st - national Black Dog DayOctober 31st - Halloween. Funny costumes because that everyone!


Have friend thought about volunteering at a neighborhood shelter or rescue? Volunteering is a great way to give ago and spread the word about your pet treatment business! inspect out our blog post on Volunteering 101 for Pet Sitters!



There space some an excellent November pet holidays come celebrate if you"re acquiring ready because that the Thanksgiving Holiday!

November first - National chef for her Pets DayNovember fourth - 10th - National pet Shelter appreciation Week. By The Humane society of the joined States. First full mainly of NovemberNovember 7- nationwide Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day

With Thanksgiving and also the December holidays comes up, it"s a great time to testimonial your vacation rates and also policies.

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Take it a look in ~ our Academy great on developing Your holiday Fee plan for some advantageous info!



There room a lot of person holidays to celebrate in December, however don"t forget about the pets! check out these great pet holidays!

December ninth - international Day of veterinary MedicineDecember 15th - national Cat Herders DayDecember 21st - Underdog DayDecember 31st - new Year’s night - watch the end for fireworks!


Celebrating her pet doesn"t need to be booked for a holiday. Right here at Time come Pet we think that any type of day is a great day come celebrate them!