A victory Monday night against Ohio State significant Alabama"s sixth nationwide championship under Nick Saban, tie Saban with Bear Bryant because that the most won by any solitary Alabama coach.

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Including his victory at LSU in 2003, Saban was standing alone together the only coach in the modern background of the bowl Subdivision to win seven championships.

Beginning in 2009 and also continuing through the university Football Playoff era, Saban-coached Alabama has stood alone together the undisputed empire of the 21st century.

One means to qualify the Crimson Tide"s supremacy of the sport is to compare the routine to the remainder of university football. By that math, beating the Buckeyes gives Alabama as plenty of championships in the critical dozen years together the rest of the FBS combined.

With the latest in the books, here"s exactly how Saban"s 6 championship teams at Alabama rank:

1. 2020

This year"s team might not have had actually the same protective stinginess as those teams in the at an early stage 2010s, but that"s less a statement around Alabama 보다 a representation of how the sport has changed in the previous decade. Currently offense rules, and this year"s team walk offense much better than any type of group in regime history. (And over there was never a group better than the three-headed device of Mac Jones, DeVonta Smith and also Najee Harris.) together proven in the championship game versus Ohio State, this offense was unstoppable.

2. 2011

This team has actually a place in program and SEC background despite no winning its very own division — a fact we"ll hold against the 2017 team, in fact. However anyone that witnessed 2011 Alabama can attest come its place amongst the best in regimen history. A defense that smothered every enemy on its schedule, culminating with a 21-0 shutout that LSU for the championship, certainly ranks in a historically upstream group.

3. 2012

The 2012 team isn"t much behind. While there to be a loss, to Johnny Manziel and also Texas A&M, the tide were improved offensively behind quarterback AJ McCarron and also typically stingy top top defense. After sneaking previous Georgia to victory the SEC, Alabama ripped past Notre Dame 42-14 to insurance claim the 3rd championship under Saban.

4. 2015

Whether Alabama could win another title appeared in doubt after very early conference loss. The Tide easily put those doubts to rest. The birds won their last 12 games, all however one by double digits, and topped Clemson 45-40 in the very first of 4 meetings in a row in the rivalry. In all, Alabama winner eight games against ranked competition. 

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5. 2009

Alabama it s okay points because that being the lone untouched team that the Saban era before this season and for having actually the an initial Heisman Trophy winner in program history in running back Mark Ingram. The defense was outstanding, holding six opponents to solitary digits, and also the birds beat four ranked groups on the road. Yet there to be a couple of close calls, notably a 12-10 win against Tennessee sealed by a blocked field goal in the last seconds.

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6. 2017

The 2017 team failed to success the SEC West, like the 2011 version, and were on the ropes against Georgia in the championship game prior to Tua Tagovailoa paced a second-half comeback. The tide were leading in spurts but not rather up the standard set by the remainder of the Saban-led champions. The bar has been collection very high.