According come the United countries Office top top Drugs and Crime"s worldwide Study top top Homicide 2019, 464,000 world were murdered in 2017—more than 5 times as numerous as were eliminated in armed conflicts throughout the very same period.

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The report defines that many socioeconomic factors can drive homicide rates. These factors include sex stereotypes, society inequality, unemployment, political instability, firearms possession (just over half of every homicides space committed via firearms) ... And especially gangs, organized crime, and the medicine trade.

In fact, the report approximates that "an average of approximately 65,000 killings annually were associated to arranged crime and gangs over the duration 2000–2017, and also that up to 19% of every homicides recorded globally in 2017 were associated to arranged crime and also gangs."

Top 10 countries with the greatest Murder rates (per 100k people) in 2017:*

El Salvador (61.7)Honduras (41.0)Venezuela (49.9)United claims Virgin islands (49.3 <2012 data>)Jamaica (56.4)Lesotho (43.6 <<2016 data>> per 100k people)Belize (37.8)Saint Vincent and also The Grenadines (36.5 <2016 data>)Saint Kitts and also Nevis (36.1 <2012 data>)South Africa (35.7)

*Scroll down for a fully updated and ranked list of every country with accessible murder price data.

While 2017"s an international murder price was 6.1 (per 100k people), murder prices varied widely throughout the globe.

Central America and also the Caribbean were worldwide hotspots, with countries such together El Salvador (61.7), Honduras (41), and also Jamaica (56.4) posting murder prices up to 10 times higher than the global average. The southern American countries Brazil (30.8), Venezuela (49.9), and Colombia (25) adhered to close behind. Also with the rest of south America and North America posting reduced rates, the as whole average for the ameri as a whole rose come 17.2.

Africa"s rate came in at 13.0, yet with the major caveat that "the life statistics for many countries room not available." Similarly, Oceania posted an impressive rate that 2.8, however official homicide reports "tend to deviate significantly from info on violence contained in hospital records," suggesting that countless homicides might be walking unreported to the police.

Finally, Europe (3.0) and also Asia (2.3) shown rates of less than half the global average.

Factors recognized to add to reduced murder rates and decreased crime overall include the wide range of a nation, the efficiency of its legislation enforcement, the access of tools (especially firearms), and also the severity the punishment because that committing murder. Because that instance, Japan is a fairly wealthy nation with an extremely strict regulations concerning gun possession and murder is punishable by hanging.

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Top 10 nations with the lowest Murder prices (per 100k people) in 2017:

Japan (0.2)Singapore (0.2)Hong Kong (China) (0.3)Luxembourg (0.3)Indonesia (0.4)Norway (0.5)Oman (0.5)Switzerland (0.5)United Arab Emirates (0.5)China (0.6)

Below is a list of every country"s homicide price (number the murders per 100,000 people). Note that inadvertently deaths and also cases the "self-inflicted murder", more commonly referred to as suicide, room not had in this statistics.