Oakland"s 100th homicide of 2020 occurred Monday evening, noting a deadly year the city has actually not seen since 2012, police said.

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Three human being were shot in the violence reported at 7:49 p.m. From MacArthur Boulevard and Enos Avenue close to Mills College. The shooting take it place surrounding at MacArthur and Green Acre Road, follow to police.

Officers with the Oakland Police Officers" association say that City hall is skip the surge in violence.

“How around paying part attention and responding come the significant levels of violent crime in ours community?" OPOA chairman Barry Donelan said. "And, sustaining a crime arrangement to deal with the violence."



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Mayor Libby Schaaf said, "Every life lost is a tragedy the rocks our neighborhood with grief. Our neighborhood worked too tough to cut gun violence in fifty percent and us cannot backslide in the direction of the trauma of that era ever before again.

"We are doubling down v our violence prevention teams and also with our law enforcement partners to conserve every priceless life in Oakland and end the violence," Schaaf said, there is no going right into details.

Oakland reduced gun violence by 50% between 2012 and 2019 when homicides dropped from 126 to 68 and also nonfatal shootings dropped to 277 indigenous 561. But 2020 has actually seen a return of deaths and also shootings. 

Homicides are currently up 47% from last year with three weeks left in the year.

Despite the surge, police claimed City Hall has actually been silent.

City Council president Rebecca Kaplan has advocated for having actually police trace guns, saying because she stated so numerous gun crimes room committed by human being possessing weapons illegally. City board of directors members have also made violence prevention a peak priority now for police.

The OPOA stated that police have taken an ext than 900 weapons off the roadways this year and also officers have actually responded to more than 500 shootings.

Oakland interim police cook Susan Manheimer said at optimal times 60 come 80 or much more gunshots deserve to be heard in parts of the city.

The OPOA additionally expressed issue over a shooting the wounded a child and also one that can have killed or wounded two California Highway Patrol policemans in Oakland.

A boy was shot in ~ 1:05 a.m. Monday at an Oakland housing Authority property in the 2100 block that 25th Avenue, OHA spokesperson Greer McVay said. The kid was shooting in the leg and also is intended to do a full recovery. Nobody else to be wounded.

"The shots came v the glass door" and also hit the child inside the home, McVay said. "Our hearts go out to the child and the family and the community."

She said it"s tragic the something choose this has actually happened right now of year and repeatedly referred to as for the violence in the city to end.

Crime Stoppers that Oakland is providing a prize of approximately $7,500 for information leading come an arrest in case, a police spokeswoman said.

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Last week, two men were charged because that allegedly shooting at two California Highway Patrol officers in east Oakland. No officer was wounded.