MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There have actually been a complete of 218 homicides this year in Memphis together of September 17, 2021. In the past 7 days, there have been virtually a dozen killing in the city. Investigators believe Memphis is on monitor to have an additional record year once it comes to murder.

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"When the numbers go up that adds to her stress and exhaustion level yet it’s sort of something we obtain used to and we simply keep working with it and also just keep pushing v it," claimed Lt. Tony Mullins, Memphis Police Department.

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Mullins has spent an ext than 15 years working as a homicide investigator and also supervisor. He to be an investigator when the documentary present "First 48" was filming in Memphis. It verified a behind-the-scenes look at how detectives identify and developed suspects.

Mullins stated that when it comes to murders in Memphis, no much has changed. Random murders room rare, Mullins says, most victims know their murderer in one means or another.

Officers room on the step of a shooting in ~ Person and also Ely. One male victim was situated inside that his vehicle and also pronounced dead at the scene. Prelim info indicates that the shoot stemmed indigenous an argument at one more location v a recognized male suspect. No arrests in ~ this time.

— Memphis Police Dept (

"Domestics, gang activity, medicine activity, robberies these things don’t really change. Homicide is a crime that passion many of the time. And we do have actually homicides that occur randomly choose robbery or burglary, yet most of the time it’s human being that understand each other. No one deserve to push your buttons prefer the civilization that recognize you," stated Mullins.

A examine of the Memphis "Data Hub" reflects murders occur in almost every part of the city. Data Hub papers revealed the Memphis Police investigated an ext than 1,500 killing in a 10 year span.

Mullins said that last spring, the department boosted the number of homicide investigators by a third to save with demand.

MPD"s clearance price is sit at 65 percent, i beg your pardon is tho slightly greater than the nationwide average.

"It takes longer maybe to acquire a instance solved 보다 it supplied to because we don’t have actually the manpower to throw at it and also it happens also fast," claimed Mullins

Mullins said it"s hard to decide one reason the murder rate is rising but adds debates or disputes are regularly at the center of it. His advice, instead of saying with someone, simply walk away.

"Is that worth losing your life? Or walking to jail for the rest of her life? Is it that necessary of a case or is it something girlfriend walk far from," claimed Mullins.


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