Kansas City will end this year with more homicides than ever, wrecking the ahead 1993 record. In 1993, there to be 153 homicides. 2020 had actually 174 homicides.

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City will finish this year with much more homicides than ever, smashing the ahead 1993 record.

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In 1993, there were 153 homicides. 2020 had 174 homicides.

“There’s no street coating it. It was a very violent year. This is for sure the highest number of homicides we’ve ever had,“ claimed KCPD Sgt. Jake Becchina.

Homicides in Kansas City are up 28% from critical year.

The significant Cities Chiefs Association reflects a 29% rise nationwide.

Kansas City has actually 10 compare police departments which are comparable in size and also demographics.

Most that those department show similar trends or even worse. Two cities did not present an increase.


Criminologists space still debating why 2020 to be so violent but several components are obvious- coronavirus produced economic hardships and uncertainties. Professionals also allude to civil unrest in big cities sparked by George Floyd’s death.

“We’ll it is in unpacking this for years, if not decades,” criminologist Ken Novak said.

Novak points the end Kansas City was currently peaking prior to 2020’s violence wave.

“We were already high and also then we maintained on pace with the nation! us shouldn’t forget that. Us shouldn’t forget Kansas City is a particularly violent city,” Novak said.

KCK likewise saw an incredible spike in homicides this year. However, that did no break the vault record set back in 1994.


Non-fatal shootings

Non-fatal shootings have increased in KCMO. However there’s no clear nationwide picture. Many departments bump non-fatal shootings in v aggregated assaults.

Kansas City saw a 21% increase from critical year.

“Someone that shoots an additional person doesn’t decide whether or not they are intending to kill them. Sometimes they live due to the fact that of medical treatment or proximity come a hospital or great or poor luck,” Sgt. Jake Becchina said.


Criminologist Ken Novack agrees non-fatal shootings are essential to track.

“It’s vital to look in ~ NFS together a separate classification from aggravated assaults because in a lot of of means they were just a much less successful homicide,” Novak said.

Novak claims for every homicide there space generally 4 non-fatal shootings.

KCPD clearance price is up.

KCPD had a little bit of good news in this violent year. The homicide clearance rate is increase from 55% come 72%.


It’s the opposite pattern for many larger department which resolved fewer cases. Plenty of blamed the coronavirus and the ability to command in-person interviews. Police departments additionally struggled with staffing as officers and also detectives were compelled to quarantine.

Suspect to know was stormy in a year where many human being were masked in public.

Sgt. Becchina credits brand-new staffing patterns for Kansas City’s improved clearance rate.

“We included 20% to each of our homicide squads. We went native 6 to 8 in every of those squads,” said Becchina.

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