Beware of bogus statistics the inflate such numbers.

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Published26 December 2019

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This meme, which appears to have originated on the website Hardnox and Friends, rehashed an oft-repeated false rumor about illegal immigration. In June 2018, because that instance, a comparable claim circulated on social media holding the “illegal immigrants” had actually killed 63,000 American citizens because Sept. 11, 2001 (and was False). The number of Americans allegedly killed in this way was changed from 63,000 in simply under twenty years to end 83,000 in solitary year in an additional variation of this claim:


This rumor was additionally false.

One reason these memes can’t seem come agree top top the numbers is since they appear to be pulled from thin air. They space not based upon scientific studies, census data, or news reports.

When us look at accessible information ~ above homicide rates related to illegal immigration, we discover the number in the previously mentioned cases to be grossly exaggerated.

According come a report indigenous the the U.S. Immigration and also Customs Enforcement (ICE) because that fiscal year 2018, simply over 1,600 homicide convictions were on the criminal documents of civilization arrested by ice for gift in the nation illegally. Ice cream reported a similar variety of homicide convictions (1,531) the vault year. This is well listed below the 10,150 asserted in the viral meme.

We likewise found the viral statistic no mesh with what us know around the nationwide murder rate. The FBI’s Uniform Crime reporting (UCR) Program uncovered that an estimated 16,214 murders occurred in 2018. If the statistic in the famous meme were accurate, that would median illegal immigration was responsible for more than 60% of all murders. Yet those number don’t include up. Not only do together immigrants just make up approximately 3% of the total U.S. Population, studies show they are much less likely come commit crime 보다 their native-born counterparts:

The vast bulk of study finds that immigrants carry out not increase local crime rates and also that they are less likely to reason crime and also less most likely to be incarcerated 보다 their native-born peers. Over there is much less research top top illegal immigrant criminality, but what research there is mirrors that illegal immigrants have actually lower incarceration rates nationwide and in the state of Texas relative to native-born Americans, back they have the same prices of re-arrest in Los Angeles County. Regular with those findings, immigrant enforcement programs targeting illegal immigrant criminals have actually no effect on regional crime rates, which shows that castle are about as crime vulnerable as various other residents.

In addition to grossly exaggerating the variety of Americans eliminated via illegal immigration in 2018, the viral meme also botches the variety of people killed in mass shootings. No set meaning exists because that “mass shooting,” for this reason statistics ~ above the number of deaths indigenous mass shootings vary from outlet come outlet. However, we have actually come throughout no credible reporting that states “194” human being died throughout mass shootings in 2018.

According to mom Jones, which offers a strict definition of mass shoot (“indiscriminate rampages in public locations resulting in 4 or much more victims eliminated by the attacker”), 80 human being were killed throughout mass shootings in 2018. Follow to the gun Violence Archive, which uses a looser definition, around 370 deaths indigenous mass shootings emerged in 2018.

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