The moose is the largest of all deer species, standing around five to six and a half feet tall. Males (called bulls) are automatically distinguishable by your iconic antlers, which have the right to spread practically two metres long. In the autumn males and females bellow loudly to each other. Females provide birth come one or 2 calves, weighing around 30 pounds each, in the spring.

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Where go this types live?


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Around the world, moose have the right to be found throughout northern Europe and also Asia, and also throughout phibìc America. In Canada moose have the right to be discovered in virtually every region, not included the Arctic and also Vancouver Island, with an abundance in Newfoundland after ~ a few pairs were presented to the island in the beforehand 1900s. Moose have tendency to live close come water sources such as the lakes, muskegs and also streams of the boreal forest. In the winter, they will certainly occupy forests with diminished snow levels to much more easily find food.

What carry out moose eat?

In the winter, moose will snack on various shrubs and pinecones. They frequently use your hooves to scrape eye in areas with mosses and lichens, to fulfill their herbivore diet. Due to their height, moose like to browse in greater grasses and also shrubs since lifting and also lowering your head can be strenuous when feeding. In the summer, moose feeding on aquatic tree both on and also below the water’s surface. Despite their large size, moose are an excellent swimmers and also have to be observed maintaining afloat for number of miles at a time. In enhancement to swim to find food, moose will certainly swim come beat the heat in the summer.

What is the species" conservation status in Canada?

Although they are amongst the largest mammals in Canada, moose populaces are threatened by habitat loss and also degradation. As breakthrough moves deeper right into wilderness areas, it breaks up the big tracts the the moose’s habitat. The moose population is abundant in some areas of Canada such as new Brunswick and Newfoundland, but is intimidated in mainland Nova Scotia.

What is NCC law to protect habitat because that this species?

Despite a healthy moose population of much more than 29,000 in brand-new Brunswick, moose are taken into consideration endangered on the neighbouring mainland Nova Scotia. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has actually embarked in a task to help wide-ranging types such as moose take trip from brand-new Brunswick come Nova Scotia.

The Chignecto Isthmus, a narrow stretch that land the is the just route for species to move in and out the Nova Scotia, has become a pivotal variable in the rehabilitation the the species. Together of December 2015, NCC has right now secured close to 20 nature in the Chignecto Isthmus to ensure moose can travel safely between provinces. Ensuring the opportunity for moose movement between NB and also NS by protecting land and removing the possibility of land conversion is one of the strategies forced for ensuring moose have a future in NS.

How you deserve to help

Moose is among 25 types or landscape options that can be symbolically adopted through NCC’s presents of Canadian Nature gift-giving program, that contributes to critical conservation work across the country.

Your gift will help care for habitat that moose and also other types rely ~ above for your survival.

You will obtain a taxation receipt for her donation, and you will help protect our country’s herbal areas and also the varieties they sustain—for today, tomorrow and for generations come come.

Symbolically embrace a moose today.

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What"s in a name?

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