The model/TV personality – who’s expecting her 2nd child part time in loss – newly took come Instagram come showcase her pregnant body and growing bump.

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She captioned the photo with a post to critics, saying simply: “Why need to I need to watch my weight once I’m pregnant?”


On the one hand, we’re definitely on board with what us think is the emotion behind this – Blac’s pregnant and there’s no means she should be meant to look at a particular way.

Because, obviously, obtaining weight during your pregnancy is entirely normal, so of course your body will change.

And it’s never cool for world to make the type of comments she’s had to deal with throughout she pregnancy.

But if we’re taking her comment literally, us reckon it is important to ensure you’re gaining a healthy lot of infant weight, so because that that factor only, it is precious watching.

To it is in fair, it looks like Blac’s currently doing just that.

She formerly posted one more Instagram snap – this time reflecting herself top top the scales.


Last month, Blac joked on Snapchat that she’s planning to completely enjoy she pregnancy, according to E! Online.

 “My goal is to gain like 100 pounds this pregnancy,” she stated in a video to she fans.

“I’m going come tear it up and also then i’m going come snap back.”

This baby will be Blac’s first child v fiancé plunder Kardashian. She also has a 3-year-old son, King Cairo, with rapper Tyga.

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Images: Instagram/Blac Chyna

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