When a pregnant lasts because that 42 main or an ext it is referred to as a post-term pregnancy. While not countless studies exist that prove why some women’s pregnant lasts for 42 weeks, medical experts believe that factors such as hormones, genetics, and even obesity deserve to be the cause.

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42 main pregnant in months

42 mainly pregnant is 9 months and also 20 days.

Your baby at week 42 of pregnancy

At 42 mainly of pregnancy, your baby is still growing. In ~ this point, friend may pick to wait until your infant comes the end or friend may choose to it is in induced. Store in mind the the chances of stillbirth as soon as a pregnant lasts much longer than 39 weeks are really high.

How large is your baby at 42 mainly pregnant?

The size of your baby at 42 main of pregnant is contrasted to that of a watermelon. It is right! once you room at 42 weeks pregnant your infant is the size of a watermelon measuring 20.3 inch (51,5 cm) and weighing 8.1 pounds (3.7 kg).

This should not be a reason to issue as you have the right to still have a quality birth.


Pregnancy mainly 42 fetal development

At 42 weeks pregnant, the fetus is still developing. In fact, studies show that post-term babies are bigger 보다 term infants and also they might weight about 4.5 kg (10 pounds).

Your human body at week 42 that pregnancy

At 42 mainly pregnant, your body might feel choose it is under strain. This is normal offered that the fetus is tho growing.

42 main pregnant belly

When a pregnancy lasts longer than 39 weeks, the ship at this allude is rather stretched. Your belly may most likely feel substantial and heavy.

42 main pregnant symptoms

Postterm pregnancy means that you space over 9 month pregnant and this deserve to bring about some physical and emotional changes. Some of the transforms you are most likely to experience once you room 42 weeks pregnant include:

Swollen feet and ankles.You may even experience foot cramps. Walking or standing because that too lengthy may be difficult.Your vulva an ar may it is in swollenand you may experience a emotion of heaviness in your pelvis area. This is expected given that the baby could be weighing 4.5 kg and also is positioned down low ready to get out.You may uncover that you are urinating frequentlybecause the baby is putting pressure on your rectum and also lower bowel. This means that there is hardly any room for the urine to accumulate.You may an alert that your vaginal discharge is bloody.This is since your cervix is prepare itself because that the delivery. So friend may notice some slim spotting, however not heavy bleeding. If you an alert heavy bleeding, you should seek instant medical help as it can be a authorize of other serious.You may have actually trouble sleeping at night.Insomnia is an extremely common in women who have prolonged pregnancies. The lack of sleep can be because of the physical discomfort you might be experiencing. Being worried, moody, stressed, frustrated, and also anxious may also cause insomnia.You might experience earlier pain. This is fairly normal as your human body prepares for delivery.

42 mainly pregnant ultrasound

When you are 42 weeks pregnant, see the ultrasound picture of her unborn baby may be exciting. In the photos, girlfriend will be able to see the your baby is totally developed. All of your baby’s organs, at this stage, are functioning and also he or she is all set to make it through on your own.

Your baby’s skin at 42 main may appear thin and dry. This is due to the fact that your infant has currently shed the vernix caseosa or vernix, which is a waxy-like substance that covers the baby’s skin.

42 main pregnant lifestyle and diet

It is vital that you preserve a healthy diet because that the services of yourself and the baby. However, try to avoid foods that may reason constipation or bloating such together dairy products and also red meats.

Stick to eating white meat, fruits and vegetables. Also, protect against eating junk food and instead, snack ~ above fresh fruit or vegetables.

Sex at week 42 of pregnancy

It is feasible to have sex once you space at week 42 of your pregnancy. However, offered the size of her protruding belly and the symptoms that are connected with post-term pregnancy, it might be a little bit difficult. But if you have the right to wing it, then don’t let anything stop you.

42 main pregnant checklist

When you space experiencing a post-term pregnancy, you can keep a checklist ~ above what you have the right to do come feel less uncomfortable. Below are a few things you may consider adding to your checklist:

take an ext walkshave sexdiscuss the threats of your prolonged pregnancy through your doctorrelax more.

42 main 1 work pregnant

At 42 weeks and also 1 job pregnant, girlfriend may choose to be induced. However, if friend would rather wait till the infant is all set to come out on that is own, try and take lengthy walks.


42 mainly 2 work pregnant

At 42 weeks and also 2 work pregnant, there is still a an excellent chance that you deserve to have a quality birth. But only if girlfriend are all set to it is in induced if the baby is no showing any kind of signs of comes out.

But if a vaginal bear is not possible at this stage, your doctor may imply a cesarean section as a distribution option after ~ you have been induced. If you desire to continue to wait until your boy is ready to come out, the is necessary that you take it walks, however avoid was standing for also long.

42 main 3 days pregnant

At 42 weeks and also 3 job pregnant, you can pick to have a voluntary birth together it is still feasible or girlfriend can choose to be induced. If you choose that you would fairly wait 보다 be induced, make certain that girlfriend eat a healthy well balanced diet.

Eat lot of of fruits and vegetables. Take it walks, however avoid any kind of strenuous exercise. If your legs, feet, and also ankles room too swollen, this might make walking difficult. Instead, rest more and try to usage compression stockings.

42 main 4 days pregnant

At 42 weeks and 4 days pregnant, your possibilities of having actually a spontaneous bear are much lower. Your doctor may suggest inducing labor. However if you space still ready to wait until your infant is prepared to come, make certain to eat a well-balanced diet through plenty the fruits and vegetables.

At this stage, walking may not be feasible as your feet and also ankles may be exceptionally swollen. You may additionally experience leg mouse making it difficult to also take a quick walk.

So remainder more. Shot to protect against feeling worried, anxious, frustrated or depressed. Stay optimistic and try to engage in things to take her mind off the pregnancy.

42 mainly 5 work pregnant

At 42 weeks and also 5 days pregnant, your doctor might recommend inducing labor, however this go not mean that you have to undergo a C-section. However, the chances of having a spontaneous birth at this point are quite low.

If you choose to wait until your infant is ready to come out, taking much more rest might be advisable. The course, in ~ this stage, the symptoms may bring an ext discomfort, but try to carry out what you deserve to to stay comfortable. Stick come a diet the fruits, vegetables and other foods that execute not cause constipation or bloating.

42 mainly 6 days pregnant

At 42 weeks and also 6 work pregnant, your physician may much more than most likely offer an induction. But if you room not ready to be induced, then your medical professional may indicate that you take it a lot of bed rest.

42 main 7 job pregnant

At 42 weeks and also 7 work pregnant, it may be advisable to it is in induced come avoid losing the baby. Studies show that fetal mortality boosts with post-term pregnancy. While labor induction in ~ this stage comes with some risk, if you desire your infant to survive, it may be the method to go.

Your doctor may also advise against waiting for the baby to come as this may boost maternal morbidity placing your life and also that the your kid at risk.

What to ask your doctor?

If you room experiencing a prolonged birth, this may reason you part concern. The trouble with post-term pregnant is the it comes v some risks and complications.

When you room 42 weeks pregnant, the symptoms are an ext severe and also you might experience a lot an ext discomfort. I m sorry is why the is recipient to ask your health care provider all concerns on labor and also delivery that bother you.

It is additionally important that you discuss with your health care provider on exactly how to control postpartum anxietyand just how to stop postpartum depressiononce her baby is born.

Some women after providing birth endure postpartum depression or stress which can impact the baby’s health as well as that of the mother’s.

If girlfriend have any kind of concerns around labor induction, speak to your doctor. Make certain that prior to you room induced, your physician has explained the dangers that come v labor induction.

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Lastly, remain positive. Maintaining a positive perspective can walk a long means in helping you cope v the delivery and birth of her child.