The use of Facebook has become component of our routine. Us don’t even an alert it anymore. We choose up our phones, or open up ours laptops, and go right to on facebook to check out what’s walk on. In fact, on facebook has entered our lives so effortlessly, that at this allude it’s tough to imagine a life before Facebook. Whether it’s national politics or our personal lives, Facebook has made info sharing simpler than it ever before was before. Ns mean, just how else would certainly you connect with her friends? Or share her stories? Or know what occasions to go to? Or…there is for this reason much much more that we rely on facebook for. Undeniably, on facebook connects an ext people than any agency ever has in the past. And, businesses understand this too. The popular of society media, and in specific that the Facebook has actually made brands rethink your marketing strategies and also how they attend to customers. And now, countless businesses roughly the civilization rely on on facebook to connect with people. That’s why it’s crucial that businesses, and also precisely marketers continue to be ahead that Facebook patterns in stimulate to do the most out of their marketing efforts. 

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Here’s a perform of facebook statistics that you have to know around in 2021:

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1. Just how Many world Use Facebook?


Facebook has actually 2.80 billion monthly energetic users (Facebook, 2021). If that number doesn’t blow you away, it additionally has 1.84 billion customers that are visiting the society networking site on a daily basis. This way that customers were visiting at least one the Facebook’s core products – which consists of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and also Messenger. 

Facebook first hit the one billion monthly energetic users note in October 2012 and crossed the two billion energetic users mark virtually five years later in June 2017.

Facebook has actually reached such a enormous audience that it’s come to be impossible because that marketers come ignore. And also since so numerous Facebook users visit the website on a everyday basis, it makes them a an excellent potential audience for her digital marketing efforts. 

Facebook’s mantra has always been about bringing the world closer together, and also in the 17 years due to the fact that its launch, it has actually not only achieved that, but it has exploded in popularity.

2. Facebook - The King of society Media


When it comes to social media, facebook is the undefeated champion. Based upon recent statistics, facebook is the leading society platform, reaching 59.0 percent of society media customers (eMarketer, 2020).

Since its creation, Facebook has actually ruled the people of society media, and also it seems prefer there’s no protecting against the giant. Though there space many solid competitors like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and several others that are trying come compete, on facebook still stands strong among the competition. 

Facebook has the most number of active individuals out of every the social media platforms and also people spend hours a work scrolling with their facebook feeds. For many of them, facebook isn’t simply a social media platform, it’s a means of life. 

One that the reasons Facebook has actually been maybe to keep its staggering growth is its capacity to accomplish users’ needs. End the years, Facebook has surpassed every expectations and also has evolved to fulfill the requirements of its growing user base. 

Its willingness to it is adapted to the latest trends and also changes is also why Facebook continues to reign as the industry leader. 

Here’s a guide to social media marketing that have the right to teach you exactly how to advertise making use of social media.

3. Facebook proclaiming Revenue


With Facebook’s enormous reach and popularity amongst marketers, it’s no wonder the the mass of Facebook’s revenue originates from advertisements. 

In the 4th quarter of 2020, the company brought in $27.2 billion in advertisement revenue (Facebook, 2021). The puts its median revenue per user at $10.14. Not only does its advertisement revenue do up practically all (96.8 percent) of its $28.1 billion revenue because that the entire quarter, it’s additionally a 31 percent year-over-year increase. 

In fact, facebook earned significantly more in advertisement revenues in 2020 보다 it go the previous year. Totaling $84.2 billion because that the year, that’s 21 percent more than in 2019.

This is even much more impressive considering Facebook experienced a “significant” autumn in ad demands at end of the very first quarter of 2020 as a an outcome of the coronavirus pandemic. This was obvious in the greater seasonal loss in advertisement revenue indigenous the final quarter of the previous year come the first quarter of the complying with year.

For instance, Facebook’s 2020 first-quarter advertisement revenues dropped 15.9 percent native the $20.7 billion created in 2019’s fourth quarter. In comparison, 2019’s first-quarter ad revenues dropped just 10.4 percent native the ahead quarter.

4. Businesses use Facebook


There are more than 200 million little businesses approximately the world using Facebook’s devices (Facebook, 2021). 

One the its most famous tools is the on facebook Page, whereby businesses can publish and share their business information prefer address, call details, and a description of the products or solutions that lock offer. Through this, brand can considerably increase their online presence. 

There are countless benefits to utilizing Facebook Pages. With them, businesses deserve to reach among the world’s biggest communities. Castle can also build an audience and also connect with people who room interested in what they have to offer. 

Customers can short article questions to facebook Pages, come which businesses have the right to respond, which saves time and streamlines communication. In short, a Facebook service Page is a free opportunity because that your service to rise brand awareness and also promote optimistic word-of-mouth.

If you’re spring to obtain started, right here are 19 easy steps to setting up a killer Facebook business Page.

5. How many Americans usage Facebook?


Out the the U.S. Population aged 12 and above, 63 percent case they usage Facebook (Edison Research and also Triton Digital, 2020). That’s an estimated 178 million Americans.

Facebook proceeds to be amongst the most widely provided social media platforms among U.S. Consumers. And also just to show how leading Facebook is, the same survey shows that 80 percent the this same group use society media. Through this facebook statistic, it’s safe to say that there are means more american who usage Facebook 보다 those who don’t. 

Facebook is additionally the many widely-known social media platform. In fact, 95 percent the the U.S. Populace know what facebook is, an interpretation that it’s much more well-known than its closest rivals like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and also Pinterest. 

Age appears to it is in a separating factor for users when it involves Facebook usage: 74 percent that Facebook users in the U.S. Are in between 35 and 54 years old. This falls to 64 percent because that those between 12 and also 34 year old, and also just over fifty percent of those 55 and older use Facebook. 

Knowing the wanted social media communication of the U.S. Population can provide valuable information because that marketers looking to target this market.

6. Young Adults prefer to use Facebook


Contrary to renowned belief, facebook still stays the leading social media platform because that young adults. 65 percent of on facebook users are under the age of 35 (Statista, 2019), which means that they fall under the period demographic the Millennials and Generation Z. This on facebook statistic additionally shows united state that for the most part, young adults prefer to use comparable social media communication to connect with others their age.

Despite other social media platforms such together Snapchat gaining popularity amongst young adults, facebook still has the fist of Millennials and also Gen Z. Expertise Facebook demographics helps to drive her brand’s virtual presence and also guides friend on just how your organization can advantage from marketing with the ideal channels. Gaining to recognize what platform her target industry is using most of the time helps to determine which platform renders the many sense for your company to utilize. This brings you a step closer to boosting engagement v your target audience rather of wasting your marketing initiatives by promoting on platforms that your target audience isn’t active on.

7. Facebook Users select Mobile over Desktop


One of the reasons Facebook has become such a vast social network an international is its mobile accessibility. Unrestricted access through multiple mobile apps as well as its cell phone website has given Facebook an leaf over competitors without a mobile-first approach. 

98.3 percent of on facebook users access the society media communication via your mobile gadgets (DataReportal, 2021). That means that just 1.7 percent of Facebook customers log in specifically on your desktops or laptops.

Due to Facebook’s with on mobile devices, the comes as no surprise that it ranking as among the most-downloaded apps worldwide. For instance, in the Google pat Store, on facebook Messenger, Messenger Lite, and Facebook typically rank among the most famous apps. 

This on facebook statistic additionally helps come emphasize how essential it is to optimize your contents for cell phone devices. Through user comfort coming to be the primary goal, mobile availability is something the marketers can’t afford come ignore.

8. Average Time invested on Facebook


When it pertains to time invested on Facebook, the recent Facebook statistics present that users spend an mean of 19.5 hrs on the social media application each month (DataReportal, 2021). 

This means that, aside from gift the most popular social media platform, it’s also the most popular social media mobile app. Even if it is it’s scrolling down a newsfeed while waiting in line to purchase groceries, top top the train come work, or that last scroll prior to bedtime, it’s clean that facebook plays a far-reaching role in consumers’ day-to-day lives.

Compared come other large social apps, civilization spend practically the exact same amount that time on WhatsApp, in ~ 19.4 hrs per month. This is complied with by Instagram, on i m sorry users invest 10.3 hours per month. Incidentally, WhatsApp and also Instagram are additionally owned by Facebook.

For marketers, it’s essential to recognize the time spent on social media apps matters because the more time civilization spend on these apps, the greater their possibilities of gift exposed to advertisements. This is likewise why it helps to recognize Facebook statistics favor the ideal time to post on Facebook. 

From a user’s perspective, this on facebook statistic is interesting because Facebook introduced a tool in 2018 that allows them track exactly how long they’ve spent on Facebook. It additionally lets them set a time limit and receive an automatic reminder once they exceed their allocated time.

9. Marketers Love making use of Facebook


Being the greatest social media website out there, facebook gets its fair share of fist from marketers as well. For instance in the us 86 percent that marketers room using on facebook for declaring (Emarketer, 2018).

Regardless of the size of her business, on facebook is a great place to begin your social media marketing efforts. Nearly all varieties of content works well when it concerns sharing top top Facebook, which renders it easy to get started on. Through Facebook not only do marketers reach out to your target audience, however they can additionally use the society media communication to communicate with your customers and enhance their partnership with them. On facebook advertising also helps marketers usage the info they have to refine your strategies and also target your audience in a more cost and also time-efficient manner. Examine out this facebook ads because that beginners video to discover more.

10. Commodities Discovery via Facebook


Facebook is connecting civilization to brands and products. In fact, 78 percent that American consumer have uncovered retail assets to purchase via facebook (Kleiner Perkins, 2018). The survey suggests that an ext than half of the people have used Facebook to proactively look because that products, through the majority of lock discovering brand-new products ~ above Facebook’s News Feed, Pages, and also Groups.

Facebook is coming to be increasingly important as a exploration platform. Users don’t just spend time top top the platform to get in touch with others, or come share an ext about your lives, but likewise to browse, research, and also find inspiration. This information can likewise be of value to marketers, in order to help them boost the client journey. Expertise what the client is feather for have the right to lead come marketers make it simpler for people to discover assets on mobile and as a an outcome businesses driving an ext sales.


That’s a wrap for the optimal 10 facebook Statistics because that 2021. It’s for sure to say that in this day and also age her audience is utilizing Facebook, and your competitors are too. In stimulate to continue to be on optimal of trends, you have to make sure that your on facebook strategy is up-to-date. Specifically with the usage of facebook evolving over the years, it’s vital for marketers to step up their video game in irradiate of these on facebook statistics because that 2021. If done right, Facebook have the right to be a game-changer because that you and your business.

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Summary: on facebook Statistics

Here’s a review of the facebook statistics you require to recognize in 2021:

2.80 billion monthly active users use Facebook. It additionally has 1.84 billion customers that space visiting the society networking site on a everyday basis. On facebook is the leading social media platform, getting to 59.0 percent of society media users. Facebook brought in $27.2 billion in advertisement revenue in Q4 2020. Much more than 200 million small businesses approximately the people use Facebook’s tools. Much more than 6 out the ten (63 percent) the the U.S. Population aged 12+ case to use Facebook.  65 percent of facebook users space under the age of 35. 98.3 percent of facebook users accessibility the social media platform via cell phone phones. Facebook users spend 19.5 hours per month using the facebook app. 86 percent of united state marketers are using on facebook for advertising. 78 percent the American consumers have discovered retail assets to to buy via Facebook.

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