We’re finding out a lot about the Duggars this season the Counting On. While pan are already familiar with Jinger’s move to Los Angeles, Jessa’s bear to her 3rd baby, and also Jana’s condition as a solitary woman at virtually 30 year old, us don’t listen too much from Jim Bob and Michelle anymore. When TLC an initial started special the Duggars ~ above TV, it was the famous couple who remained in the spotlight the most. Yet now the their youngsters have take away over, they’re more in the lift than ever before.

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Recently, Michelle’s challenging past entailing miscarriages come up while she was talk to Josiah’s wife, Lauren. And she consoled Lauren by speaking up around her multiple failure pregnancies the the past. Here’s what Michelle told she daughter-in-law throughout their heart-to-heart.

Michelle Duggar miscarried a kid after her daughter, Josie


Michelle Duggar and also Jim Bob Duggar show up on NBC News’ ‘Today’ present | Peter Kramer/NBCU photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty photos via Getty Images

Those who’ve to be watching the Duggars because the 19 Kids and also Counting days might recall Michelle’s ultra-difficult bear to she 19th child, Josie. Josie to be born prematurely but is ultimately thriving currently that she’s 9 year old. She wasn’t Michelle’s last pregnancy, however. We can’t forget that the mother of 19 to be with son after Josie, however the baby didn’t do it.

People notes Michelle was 19 weeks into her pregnancy as soon as the baby’s heartbeat could no longer be detected. “On Dec. 3, i felt a small uncomfortable yet I believed it was simply something I’d eaten. It might have to be the beginning of something going wrong. I had actually my blood attracted yesterday, and also it confirmed that my progesterone levels had actually dropped for this reason something was not best ,” Michelle said.

This point out Michelle’s 2nd miscarriage, too. The mom has also talked around how she miscarried as soon as on dental birth manage after she son, Josh, was born. Because that this reason, she abstained native birth manage after that.

Lauren Duggar opened up about her legacy on ‘Counting On’

Love doing life through you! . . . Btw I’m ready for fall, Siah is still in summer . .#date #blessed

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There have been multiple Duggar women to miscarry, and it’s clean they’ve looked come Michelle for she guidance and support while grieving. Newly on Counting On, we saw Lauren, Josiah’s wife, open up up come Michelle about how difficult her miscarriage has actually been. And also Lauren has likewise posted around it on her Instagram.

“You have the right to imagine the was terrible to the both that us. Our expectation of setting up a baby room, hear the love beat, emotion the baby’s an initial kick in mommys tummy, holding our small one and getting to to check out our priceless baby were – Shattered,” she created on Instagram. “Gone. Right prior to our eyes.”

On Counting On, Lauren satellite down through her mother and also Michelle to talk about her miscarriage, together both the them have actually been v it. “It’s really nice to have actually their support and to … simply kind … have them together someone to lean on during a difficult time choose that,” Lauren said.

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Michelle speak to Lauren about her lot of miscarriages top top screen

Life is such a gift and something ns cherish more now, through all that we have actually gone through this previous year. This pregnant hasn’t been easy. I treasure every moment and also I to be reminded everyday that life is truly a miracle from God. #blessed #lifeisagift #donttakelifeforgranted

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While Michelle sat down with Lauren and Lauren’s mom, she opened up up about the obstacles of both of her miscarriages. Michelle described that her an initial miscarriage was to her baby Caleb, and also she noted, “We offered that area of our life come the lord, and right ~ that, he offered us twins.” man David and Jana were born ~ Caleb’s passing, and Michelle saw this together a authorize that together God’s work.

Michelle then discussed the legacy of she 20th baby, whom she and Jim Bob called Jubilee. And Jim Bob joined Michelle in talking to the cameras. “It was a really traumatic time because that us and then we had actually to come home and also tell every the kids what had happened,” he claimed of finding out Jubilee had actually no heartbeat.

Michelle likewise explained come Lauren the she didn’t feel choose she could really talk about her miscarriages, i m sorry Lauren also identified with. In the end, Michelle described that when she can’t totally understand Lauren’s pain, she can entirely empathize — and it seems Lauren is thankful to have actually such an knowledge support system.

We’re looking front to a bright future because that Lauren and Josiah and also even much more insights indigenous Michelle together the season progresses!