The state of Virginia has actually 27 army bases. Every single service branch has at least one base in VA. Learn more about each base below.

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Air force Bases

Finance facility Coast Guard base in Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake, Virginia armed forces Bases

Finance center is an institution spreading approximately the United states of America, however operated by the unified States coast Guard. It has multiple offices and centers, yet the headquarters is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. That is the most vital funds administration unit in the US shore Guard and also spreads over an ext than 65,000 square feet. <…>

National Maritime facility is among the main establishments in the unified States coastline Guard. The center provides credentials to all the mariners who space up to pursuing a prolific career in this equipped force. The US coast Guard has actually served the understanding of the United states of America for approximately two century already, taking care of <…>

The nationwide Pollution Funds facility is located in Arlington, Virginia and is managed by the joined States coastline Guard. The facility was developed to screen and assist with the transportation of oil throughout American waters. The national Pollution Funds center has the capacity to respond come spills with the require assets 24hrs a day everywhere <…>

Navigation facility operated by the unified States shore Guard doesn’t need too much introduction. The center provides the most advanced techniques and technologies when it comes to navigational systems. It supports all the missions conducted by the US coast Guard and also it is the most progressed center that its type in every the military pressures <…>

Portsmouth is a historical place located in the southeastern part of Virginia that hosts multiple military installations, consisting of one that belongs come the joined States shore Guard. The location is excellent for the renowned mission that this equipped force in the country. Sector Hampton Roads is one of the relatively brand-new military installations in <…>

Telecom systems Command is one of the systems the unified States coastline Guard is responsible for. It faces all the informational and also computerized equipment of this armed force. The command has multiple centers spread throughout the United says of America. The headquarters is located in Alexandria, in the northeastern component of Virginia. This side <…>

Training center Yorktown represents the most crucial training site for the troops in the united States coastline Guard, however only because that Virginia. However, even when it concerns the nationwide system, that is still amongst the most important ones. Over there are only two similar facilities in the United claims of America. Among them is <…>

Henderson room is a army installation in the United states of America. It is located in the closeness of the Pentagon, the local national cemetery and also a different military facility – fort Myer. The basic is situated in Arlington, Virginia. It diffusion over more than 20 acres and hosts multiple facilities, such as the united <…>

Base contact Information maritime Corps base Quantico basic Operations: (703) 784-2121. DSN: 278-2121 DEERS, ID card Center: (703)-784-2750 security Office: (703)-432-3964 Geography and Area information Marine Corps basic Quantico is located at 38°30′7″N 77°18′21″W near Triangle Virginia and is spread across three various counties. The 64,000 acre (100 square mile) facility falls in the southeastern <…>

The marine Corps Air facility Quantico is situated within naval Corps basic Quantico, Virginia and also was constructed in 1919. The squadron HMX-1 right now flies the president of the United claims under the assignment of the current commander william C. Pacatte. The waiting facility’s nickname is Turner field, named after Colonel thomas C. Turner, a veteran <…>

Naval Amphibious Base little Creek is the most vital military installation the Amphibious forces in the Atlantic Fleet have the right to rely on. The base is under the jurisdiction that the United claims Navy and covers four various locations, spread over three various states. Altogether, castle count almost 50 square kilometers. The little Creek installation covers nearly <…>

Naval surface ar Warfare center Dahlgren represents a NSWC division located in the city with the very same name, in the eastern part of Virginia. Both the armed forces installation and the human neighborhood it is situated in are named after john A. Dahlgren, one of the United states Navy leaders and also heroes. That led the forces throughout <…>

Naval terminal Norfolk is a army base own by the United says Navy. That is responsible because that the operations held in the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is at this time the largest naval facility in the world. Its build includes 11 hangars for storing aircrafts and 14 piers because that the ships. <…>

Located in Portsmouth, in the southeastern part of Virginia, Norfolk naval Shipyard is a army station established and also operated by the United says Navy. The commercial installation is the largest of its type in the us Navy, no to mention about the variety of changes it has been through over the history. The current name <…>

Naval Air station Oceana is a military base located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Among its airfields is called Apollo Soucek Field, called in honor of sublieutenant Apollo Soucek who served as a navy Test Pilot in the 1930s. That was constructed in 1943 and also by the 1950s, that was expanded to understand Jet base <…>

Naval Weapons station Yorktown is one of the multiple military framework owned and operated by the United claims Navy in Virginia. The installation spreads end two different counties – James City and also York – and is in the prompt proximity that Camp Peary. It is surrounding by amazing organic landscapes and benefits indigenous a substantial <…>

Joint Expeditionary Base-Fort Story, a sub-installation of fort Eustis, is located alongside the Chesapeake Bay in ~ Camp Henry in the city the Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fort Story is the only United States army Base of its kind, as it is composed of numerous unique types of terrain helpful for army training grounds, spread over more than <…>

Medical center Portsmouth is among the most essential health treatment places in the United says of America. It is situated in Portsmouth, in the southwestern next of Virginia. The hospital is operated by the United claims Navy and represents the oldest continuously functioning clinic in this branch. The officials and also management team describe this <…>

Located in the city v the same name, naval Support activity Norfolk is right now the most important military basic operated by the United says Navy because that the Atlantic Fleet. The base is established inside the a bigger facility in the exact same city – Naval terminal NS Norfolk. This tenant is run by Charles P. Melcher. <…>

Although the operates as an independent base and is often provided as one, navy Support activity NSA Northwest Annex is in reality an nearby military base. The is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. That is in the prompt proximity of the boundaries with north Carolina. The basic is large enough, yet it is under the jurisdiction that <…>

Surface Combat Systems center Wallpos Island is located on the island with the very same name, in Accomack County, on the eastern shores of Virginia. The is an progressed military installation own by the United claims Navy. The center works in a tight teamwork with the flight center of NASA, i m sorry is situated in the instant <…>

The navy Support task Hampton roadways is situated off Terminal Blvd. In Norfolk, Virginia. It has actually the largest concentration that fleet headquarters an interaction facilities. Tenant regulates such as, us Fleet forces Command, Joint staff Hampton Roads, U.S. Marine Corps pressures Command, naval Submarine Forces and also Naval Reserve pressures Command and nearly 6000 personnel are <…>

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