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I"m really having a time obtaining into a 00 ~ 02 e320 wagon. I"ve have no referral for what to suppose mileage-wise from these years if correctly maintained. I"ve checked out a couple of of this years for sale with 120,000 ~ 140,000 miles (from private owners) with the alternatives I want. Native what I"ve read in the forums, these space not the inline 6 engines. I would buy among those without 2nd guess (minus the harness issue of course) in ~ 150,000 miles since I recognize they"d last an additional 150,000 mile atleast if effectively maintained. Any kind of info anyone?

Not indigenous my own experience yet a co-worker the mine owns a 00 E320 (not a wagon) 4Matic and right now he is at 213,000 miles. He has actually not encountered any major issues at all various other than the normal w210 persons (window regulators, IC pixels, cats) and also its worth stating that he alters the oil every 3K miles.

If appropriately maintained, i think you have the right to expect to acquire at least 250,000 miles from a W210. Regardless of the existing mileage, I would certainly buy one that comes with the service history if possible.
There was a object on this not long ago, you could want to search. Musikmann is most likely on target. The V6 appears to hold up simply fine.
230k & quiet on the road somewhere in rural Tennessee. "94 C220 through 93k totalled 10/06 by struggle & operation broadsiding monster truck: not a scratch or bruise for me
thanks guys for the feedbackI appreciate the information. I"m now more at ease getting into one because that a day-to-day driver (provided i get business history.) thanks again.
There space OM606 engines running about with nearly fifty percent a million mile on them.Regular oil transforms are care and also attention should conveniently see that.

We just bought our V6 E320 last October, and it had about 70K miles on it at the time. Mine expectation is to keep the car until it access time 200K miles. Over there is no factor to think that the M112 engines are going come be any kind of less dependable or long-lasting 보다 the M104 engines. The M112 has been in use now for virtually 10 years, for this reason there space bound to be numerous high-mileage examples out there. My issue isn"t the engine failing, the the remainder of the car approximately the powertrain. This is whereby MB has had actually the real top quality control problems (rust, electronics, etc). If I acquire anything past 200K miles I"ll take into consideration it a bonus.

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My 98 E320 has 180K now, it was 40K once I bought the 4 year ago. Things do go wrong, however not choose I don"t suppose them: cat converter, window regulator, tensioner, home window regulator, and an ext window regulator (I can adjust it in 10-15 min now, after functioning on it 4 time
) The infectious diseases world fashion rebuild task last year, and the cat conv instead of this year space two major repairs (apx $2k/each), but other 보다 that, oil readjust every 10K mile, and that"s all. Auto pull solid & ride stable as the day ns bought it, for this reason can"t complain. I have not had actually one single problem w/ the engine, amazing exactly how the M112 is built. I"ve driven many other car, and also still prefer the W210 over most (both watch & ride). No rattle whatsoever. Most of the Detroil-made junk rental that I need to drive once I walk on travel feel together if they have actually 5 million mile on them. Now that my commute is also longer (160 mile/day), I have to hit 200K in no time. I"m looking forward to having actually the vehicle last past that.
We just bought our V6 E320 last October, and also it had about 70K miles on it in ~ the time. .........If I get anything past 200K miles I"ll think about it a bonus.
Pix of mine taken in ~ 175K mile, i don"t think so many vehicle out there host up this welll after the majority of mile