The tour de France is cycling"s most renowned stage race, occurring over the food of three weeks every July (unless, the course, it’s a crazy year like 2020).

The elite load of cyclists will certainly cover thousands of miles and also climb hundreds of meters the elevation as they roll through various parts of France. However how lengthy will castle ride, exactly?

The answer relies on the year, and what metric you’re making use of to measure length. Honestly, if you"re do the efforts to describe the tourism de France come a brand-new fan, it have the right to feel a small confusing. Here, we’re feather at all the different ways to think about the length of the tourism de France.

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How long is the tourism de France last on average?

The tourism de France is commonly 23 work long and split right into 21 stages—days of riding—with a couple of rest days spread out throughout the event. Depending on how the dates are organized, though, part years it’s been run with only 20 stages, while other years have as plenty of as 25 stages, and also the first two Tours ever before run in the early 1900s only had actually six stages.

Seriously, how long is the tourism de France on average?

In general, the total mileage the the 21 stages an unified tends to hover roughly 2,200 miles end the 21 days of racing, i m sorry averages to roughly 100 miles of racing most days (via

Reminder: America is just one of the only locations that uses miles to measure. Distance deserve to be tricky as soon as it comes to the tour de France due to the fact that so much of the race coverage is from european outlets, for this reason whenever you check out a number that seems rather high, it’s most likely in kilometers. For the services of ease, in this write-up we’re using miles, yet feel complimentary to convert our miles to metrics v a basic Google search.

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Is every phase the exact same length?

Not at all! step in the tourism de France differ wildly in size so that part days involve 180-plus mile lengthy races and also others space 30-mile fast and also furious short stages. The layouts of racing also change: part stages are individual time trials, others room team time trials, and most are standard roadway races that take location with a fixed start. (Here’s exactly how the 2021 stages are damaged down.)

What’s the shortest tour de France stage?

In 1988, it was the shortest gyeongju of the contemporary era, with the shortest time trial and also flat stage, and the second-shortest complete distance in history at just 2,042 miles. The one-kilometer separation, personal, instance time trial from the prologue that the 1988 tour de France is the shortest race ever run during the Tour, and also it to be won in 1 minute and 14 secs by Guido Bontempi (and must have been incredibly painful). The 1988 race also contained the shortest flat stage, i beg your pardon was only 23.6 miles. The stage, by the way, to be won through Adri valve der Poel in 46 minutes and 36 seconds. Ardent cycling fans can recognize Adri as the father of multi-time cyclocross people champion, road and mountain bike superstar Mathieu van der Poel.

What to be the shortest tourism de France?

Depends top top what you average by the shortest! The 2nd Tour de France ever before run—back in 1904—was just six stages long—but it extended 1,483 miles, so part stages it is long for virtually a complete day. In the last two decades, the shortest Tour remained in 2002 and covered 2,035 miles across 20 stages.

What was the longest tourism de France?

That would certainly be the 1926 tour de France, which covered 3,569 mile in an effort to ride around the border the France... Yet close behind that is the 1919 tour de France, which likewise has the dubious honor of gift the slowest tour de France in miles-per-hour.

Despite the truth that it was almost 200 miles shorter than the 1926 route, the was only a couple of hours quicker in overall ride time because that the winner. It additionally had the longest one-day stage—265 miles—and it supposedly took the winner practically 19 hrs to finish it. The year’s Tour likewise only had 10 finishers the end of 69 starters, the lowest number of Tour finishers ever. Yes, 1919 was rough.

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What around elevation gain?

Remember, a many the step of the tourism de France go up and down mountains, so not just are riders completing with 100-plus mile work in the saddle, they’re climbing thousands of feet in the process. In 2020, one stage had 14,435 feet the climbing end the course of 118 miles. That"s a half-Everest in a single stage.

How rapid do riders go?

In recent years, the median speed has actually hovered roughly 24.8 miles per hour (40 kilometers every hour), despite it changes a little from year come year relying on the riders, the elevation gain, the temperature, and also the length of the stages. Yet it stays reasonably close to that 25 MPH speed.

What’s the deal for 2021?

The 2021 tourism de France starts on June 26 with a path that is just over 2,100 miles. The shortest phase is 16 miles and also the longest stage is 136 miles.