A U.S. Border Patrol agent stands in ~ the U.S. - Mexico border fence on November 17, 2016 in san Luis, Arizona.

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The Trump management wants to develop a 30-foot-high border wall that looks great from the north side and also is difficult to rise or cut through, according to a pair the contract notices post to a government website more detailing president Donald Trump's promise to build a "big, beautiful wall" at the mexico border.

The notices to be made public so late Friday by Customs and also Border Protection, the Homeland security Department company that will oversee the project and eventually patrol and also maintain the wall. The suggest are because of the government by march 29.

One of the CBP contract request calls for a hard concrete wall, when the various other asks because that proposals for a see-through structure. Both require the wall surface to sunk at the very least six feet right into the ground and also include 25- and also 50-foot automated entrances for pedestrians and vehicles. The proposed wall must likewise be built in a together a method that it would certainly take at the very least an hour to cut through it with a "sledgehammer, automobile jack, choose axe, chisel, battery operated affect tools, battery operated cutting tools, Oxy/acetylene torch or other comparable hand-held tools."

The government will compensation a contract based upon 30-foot-wide sample walls that space to be constructed in mountain Diego.

This is the latest action in the Trump administration plan to develop a border wall. Last month CBP placed out a contact for "concept papers" to design and also build prototypes by in march 10.

Trump has actually bragged in current days the the wall surface is front of schedule, despite it's unclear native the recent contract notices if any kind of firms have submitted wall surface proposals or if any type of such submissions have been rejected.

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The federal government has not said where the wall will it is in built, despite the contract notices suggest some piece of a brand-new wall can replace existing fencing the stretches over around 700 mile of the roughly 2,000-mile border. The current fencing of blended construction, consisting of 15-foot steel posts collection inches personal that are designed come keep world from cross and much shorter posts that space intended come block cars. Border Patrol agents space constantly repairing holes in the structure.

Trump has long promised the Mexico would certainly pay for the wall, i m sorry he has actually said is essential to prevent the circulation of immigrant crossing the border illegally and drug smugglers.

This mainly the president sent a budget proposal to conference that consisted of a $2.6 billion under payment because that the wall. The total cost for the task is unclear, however the federal government Accountability Office approximates it would certainly cost about $6.5 million a mile for fence to store pedestrians from crossing the border and about $1.8 million a mile because that a automobile barrier.

Congressional Republicans have said Trump's wall would cost between $12 billion and also $15 billion and Trump has argued $12 billion.

An inner report all set for Homeland protection Secretary man Kelly estimated the expense of building a wall along the whole U.S.-Mexico border at around $21 billion, according to a U.S. Government official that is affiliated in border issues. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the report has not to be made public.

That report proposed an early stage phase the would extend fences 26 miles and also a 2nd wave that would add 151 miles, add to 272 "replacement" miles wherein fences are currently installed, according to the official. Those 2 phases would expense $5 billion.

It is unclear just how soon Congress could act on that request or how much money lawmakers will eventually approve because that the wall. Democrats and some Republicans have actually said a border-long wall surface is unnecessary.

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The department of Homeland protection reported earlier this month that the number of border arrests dropped about 44 percent indigenous January to February, the lowest monthly tallies since at the least the begin of the 2012 budget plan year.