January 1, 2022 8:00 am - 12:00 pmThe climbed Parade route begins at the corner of green Street and Orange Grove Blvd. In Pasadena, California.

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The 2022 increased Parade gift by Honda begins at 8 to be on January 1, 2022, and also will function floral floats, spirited marching bands and high-stepping equestrian devices along the 5 1/2 mile route down Colorado Blvd. Experience—in person—the magic of new Year’s day in an unmatched celebration, exclusive come the roads of Pasadena!


Ticketed Seating: reserved grandstand seating for the rose Parade is available for acquisition through sharp Seating Company, the main Grandstand Seating Provider, v December 31, 2021. Every person must have actually a ticket to sit in the reserved grandstands. The only exemption is for youngsters two years of period or younger who have actually the choice of sit on one adult’s lap, otherwise, castle must also have a ticket. Call Sharp Seating agency at (626) 795-4171.


Please note that ~ above January 1, before the start of the climbed Parade, the foot traffic flow on Orange Grove Blvd. Between Colorado Blvd. And Green St. Will be closed as result of parade activities.

Non-Ticketed Seating: Curbside the town hall is also accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. Pasadena city ordinance allows the occupancy the curbside room along the parade route start at noon on the day prior to the parade. Because that tips and also rules about curbside viewing, visit the Pasadena Convention and Visitors bureau website and download the visitor Hotline Handbook.

Accessible viewing Area: three sidewalk or street-level locations on the climbed Parade course are reserved for people whose disabilities make coping with crowds or stand difficult. Admission is free and each disabled human being may bring up to four guests. To request an are at an obtainable viewing area, you re welcome complete and submit this form.

Official tour Packages: Visit PRIMESPORT come secure your official tour package, consisting of local Pasadena accommodations, official Rose Parade and/or increased Bowl video game tickets, exclusive tours and more.


The 5 1/2-mile increased Parade route begins at the corner of eco-friendly Street and also Orange Grove Blvd. In Pasadena, California. The parade travels north on Orange Grove in ~ a leisurely 2 1/2-mile per hour pace and then turns east onto Colorado Blvd., whereby the majority of the parade viewing takes place. Near the finish of the route, the parade transforms north ~ above Sierra Madre Blvd. And concludes in ~ Villa Street.

Reserved parking because that automobiles, buses and recreational vehicles is easily accessible for purchase through spicy Seating agency (626) 795-4171; Colorado Blvd. Parking (858) 692-0868 or (949) 295-6537; City the Pasadena (626) 744-6470; LAZ Parking (626) 578-1705; straightforward Parking company (626) 286-7576 and also AP Parking (858) 692-0868. Payment parking is likewise offered ~ above a first-come, first-served communication at various lots and parking structures near the parade route. Overnight parking ~ above Pasadena streets begins at noon the day prior to the parade, for that evening only. All “No Parking” areas and red curb zones remain off-limits, and vehicles in violation will certainly be topic to impound and also a fine. There is no parking permitted on the parade route itself. Illegal parked vehicles will certainly be impounded. An ext information ~ above RV parking, limos and also buses can be found in the Parade day Guide.



Metro will run 24-hour company on metro Rail, likewise on the Silver and Orange currently on the night of December 31 v the morning that January 1. In addition, Metro will certainly offer magnified service top top the subway Gold line to accommodate large numbers of suspect riders on January 1. Setup your expedition below.

Metro will also administer regular bus service to areas near the rose Parade, increased Bowl Game and also Post Parade areas. Buses will originate from areas throughout the county.

For real-time details on metro service, follow
metrolaalerts ~ above Twitter.

For much more info, speak to 323-GoMetro (323) 466-3876 or visit metro.net.


The Metrolink will administer special business on the mountain Bernardino and Antelope valley Lines, specifically for individuals to enjoy the climbed Parade. Examine metrolinktrains.com because that schedule information or call (800) 371-5465 for much more information.

Drop-off/Taxis/Rideshare Services right into the Pasadena area are additional options for your consideration.


The Pasadena Police Department, supported by the tournament of Roses Association and City Officials, will be closing the increased Parade route at an early stage to vehicular website traffic to improve public safety and security measures. Route closures will take effect beginning at 10 afternoon on December 31 through 2 afternoon on January 1, follow me Colorado Blvd., native Orange Grove Blvd. Come Sierra Madre Blvd., and northbound ~ above Sierra Madre come Paloma St.

Please read an ext about climbed Parade security tips and guidelines on our Parade security Guidelines page. Security tips and also guidelines space also detailed by the City the Pasadena.

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